Advances in Theoretical and Applied Mathematics (ATAM)


Volume 7  Number 2 (2012)





Obtaining Analytic Soliton Solutions for the Three-Wave-Interaction Equations by the Extended Tanh Method
pp. 109-123
Authors: Adeeb G. Talafha1 and Sahar M. Alqaraleh


Global Stability of the Continuous Age Structured Fish Population System
pp. 125-134
Authors: Younes Louartassi and Noureddine Elalami


On the System of Roche-Coordinates of Differentially Rotating Stars
pp. 135-143
Authors: Sunil Kumar, Rajendra Kumar and V.P. Singh


Gale-Nikaido lemma and Sperner’s lemma:A constructive analysis
pp. 145-163
Authors: Yasuhito Tanaka


On Common Fixed Points for Contractive Type Mappings in Cone Metric Space
pp. 165-170
Authors: A.S. Saluja, Devkrishna Magarde and Alkesh Kumar Dhakde


Effects of Radiation on Free Convection MHD Couette Flow with Variable Wall Temperature in Presence of Heat Generation
pp. 171-190
Authors: S. Das, S.K. Guchhait and R.N. Jana


Some Noiseless Coding Theorems on a Generalized ‘Useful’ R-Norm Information Measure
pp. 191-196
Authors: Satish Kumar


Disproof the Conjecture Related to the Pell Equation x2 – Dy2 = 2
pp. 197-207
Author: Özen ÖZER


Multiobjective Variational Problems Involving Higher Order (b,F,ρ)-Type I Functions
pp. 209-221
Author: Raman Patel






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