International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 14, Number 15 (2019)



Special Issues






TensorFlow endorse to lessen the tension in Traffic management
pp. 1-5
Divya B M, Dr. Ravikumar G k

5G Technology
pp. 6-8
Mohammed Irfan

False Positive Reduction in DDoS attack lassification using ANN simulation.
pp. 9-14
Shreevyas. H M, Suthikshn Kumar, Shailesh Sonone

Comparative analysis of proposed novel Multimodal user interface and other user interfaces to relational databases A review
Mrs. D. Mabuni, Dr. M. Hanumanthappa, Dr. S. Aquter Babu

Non Linear Technique for Predicting Energy Consumption
Pandi selvi Gunasekaran, Mrs. R. Jayamala

A Secure Multi-Phase Encrypted MAC
pp. 37-40
Pavan A C, Prajwal R

Encryption Process with Block CIPHER & MAC
pp. 41-45
Pavan A C, Prajwal R

A Review on Smart Home Sensors
pp. 46-50
Joy Rakesh Y, R Kavitha

A Survey on Different Neural Network Techniques on Breast Cancer Diagnosis
pp. 51-56
Yogitha.M, Ravi.K

A Study on Anomaly Detection for Keystroke Biometrics Using Classification Technique
pp. 57-63
Mahesh S Nayak, Dr. M. Hanumanthappa, Dr. S.Kavitha

Internet of things a communication perspective
pp. 64-69
Shwetha. S and Sabarmathi G

Network Security - Importance and Types
pp. 70-73
Veda. V, Sujatha. R

A Comparative Study of Different Optimization Algorithms for Optimal Allocation of Water Resources
pp. 74-78
Sara Kutty T K, M. Hanumanthappa

Sophia Robot
pp. 79-82
Varun. B.L and Rohan. B.L

A Smart Traffic Management System for avoiding Traffic Congestion Using Internet of Things (IoT)
pp. 83-90
Divya bharathi, G,Kiran Prakash

Can Blockchain Technology be the future of Network Intrusion Detection System: A review
pp. 91-94
Shreevyas H M, C R Suthikshan Kumar, Ruhin A Shaikh

Privacy Safeguarding techniques in Unstructured Big Data Analytics
pp. 95-104
Prof.Suneetha V, Dr.Y.S.

A Novel Approach for Gene Selection based on Random Forest-Variable Importance
pp. 105-112
Mrs. K.Uma Maheswari, Dr.A.Valarmathi

Improving EarthquakeMagnitude Prediction Using DataMining with Artificial Intelligence Techniques
pp. 113-117
Mrs. R.Kavitha, Dr. AValarmathi

Blockchain Technology and its applications: A review
pp. 118-123
Ruhin A Shaikh, Nethravathi H M, Dr. Ravi Kumar

Knowledge Enrichment Through Technology
pp. 124-129
Jithin Devassy

A brief review of meshing techniques in medical images for biomedical computing and visualization
pp. 130-134
Nikhita.S, Jithy Lijo

Secured containerization for enhanced security and isolation in collaborative research cloud
pp. 135-139
Salini Suresh, M Hanumanthappa and L. Manjunatha Rao

Design and Analysis of a Hybrid Security Framework for Zero-Day Attack
pp. Dehkontee Chea Cuppah, Ambrish G., Dr. M. Hanumanthappa

A Study of an Efficient Hybrid Image compression Algorithm Using DWT
pp. Nethravathi H M., Raghavendra L R, Basuraju S

Secure Communication Using Cryptology
pp. 152-159
Veena M, Sneha C D

Future Application of Smart grid by using Fuzzy-Neural
pp. 160-161
Sh Sanjay D. Patil






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