International Journal of Advanced Mechanical Engineering (IJAME)



Volume 7  Number 2  (2017)





Utilization of Low Cost Automation (LCA) by Implementing Electro- Pneumatic System in Industries for Printing Codes and Dates on Manufactured Bottles for Better Production Rate and Reduction of Labour Work
pp. 71-75
Sree Vani Yabaluri, C. Mukul, Mude Murali Mohan Naik, A. Manish and Chalivendula Srikar Rao

Isomorphism among Kinematic Chains and Distinct Mechanisms
pp. 77-85
Dr. Ali Hasan


Theoretical Study of Some Thermal Properties of Group-III Nitrides

Tanran Zhao


Speed Variation in Savonius Rotors with Respect to Overlap

Bingyu Jin


Construction Dispute Resolution Framework Based on Extrinsic and Intrinsic Factors Influencing Arbitral Decision Making

Junkang Chen


A Low-Cost Novel Converter Topology to Improve Speed Range of Spindle Brushless DC Motor

Bo Xu


Construction of Third Order Slope Rotatable Designs Using Balanced Incomplete Block Designs

Jeong-In Go


Optimizing the coefficients of Multiple Regression Linear Model for classification of different attribute datasets using Genetic Algorithm(GA)

Do-Hyung Kim


Optimization of a Truss Structure Using FEA and Surface Response Method

Jae-Sang Park


Development of Regression Equation for Defluoridation by Continuous Flow Electrocoagulation

Yihong Hong


Heat and Mass Transfer Study of Liquid Desiccant with Heat Exchanger by Solar Cooling Technology

Yihong Hong


Modelling and Forecasting of Detention Period of Coal Rakes in Low Capacity Thermal Power Plants

Wenjuan Yao






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