International Journal of Computational Intelligence Research (IJCIR)



Volume 14, Number 7  (2018)




Power Generation from Free Air Radiation

pp. 535-541

T.kalyani, K.Arunamanjusha, D.Sumanth, P.Mounika, G.Nagajyothi and M.jyothi


Performance Analysis of Table Driven and On- Demand Routing Protocol in MANETs

pp. 543-550

Jyoti Pandey and Ravi Verma


Agricultural Robot: Leaf Disease Detection and Monitoring the Field Condition Using Machine Learning and Image Processing

pp. 551-561

Vijay Kumar V and Vani K S


Natural Language Processing Using Artificial Intelligence

pp. 563-568

Aashvi Shah


A Peri-Operative Expert System using MLP for Vertebral Surgery

pp. 569-578

Satyake Bakshi and Sathya A




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