Advances in Applied Mathematical Analysis (AAMA)


Volume 17 Number 1  (2022)






Computing the Square Root of an Tridiagonal Toeplitz Matrix
pp. 1-8
Awni M. Abu-Saman

High Performance Parallel Prefix Adder For Wider Word Lengths
Athanasios V. Vasilakos

Time Based Appraisal of Corner Detection Techniques
Yuichi Igarashi

Modelling and Simulation of Multi-terminal HVDC Transmission System Feeding Strong AC Networks with Firefly Algorithm Based Optimal PI Controller
Yoshiki Matsuura and Minoru Koizumi

On Regular 𝜷^- Generalized Closed Sets in Topological Spaces
Héctor A. Sánchez-Hevia

An Efficient Audio Steganographic System for MP3 Format using Multi Pattern to Embed Secret Text
Naoki Wakamiya

Acoustic Guitar Tuner and Identification of Chords using LabVIEW
Teasung Kim

Skolem Odd Difference Mean Labeling Of Trees
David Ayllón and Roberto Gil-Pita

Bayesian Techniques For Models Comparision In Phenology
David Ayllón