Advances in Applied Mathematical Analysis (AAMA)

Volume 6  Number 1  (2011)




Stability of Stratified Walters’ (Model B’) Viscoelastic Fluid with Suspended Particle in Stratified Porous Medium
pp. 1-18
Authors: V. Singh and Shaily Dixit

Modified Weighted (0, 2) - Interpolation on the Zeros of 
pp. 19-26
Authors: Pankaj Mathur

Certain Strong Differential Subordinations using Sălăgean and Ruscheweyh Operators
pp. 27-34
Authors: Alina Alb Lupaş

Boundary Layer Analysis for Quasi-Linear Convection Diffusion Differential Equations
pp. 35-42
Authors: Weiqun Zhang

An Inverse Problem for the Quasi-static Thermoelastic System in a Thin Clamped Circular Plate
pp. 43-54
Authors: Kishor R. Gaikwad and Kirtiwant P. Ghadle

On The Direct Sum and The Direct Product of Boehmians 
pp. 55-61
Authors: V. Karunakaran and R. Angeline Chella Rajathi


Convergency of Interpolatory Quintic Splines of Deficiency Two
pp. 63-71
Authors: K.S. Zeenath and Mary George

On the Application of Orthogonal Polynomial Regression to Fitting Polynomial Models
pp. 73-78
Authors: Ekpenyong Emmanuel John

Inclusion and Neighbourhood Properties of Certain Analytic Functions with Negative Co-Efficients
pp. 79-84
O. Karthiyayini and S. Latha


Sensible Lattice Fuzzy Normal Subgroup of Q-Fuzzy Lattice under Traingular Norms
pp. 85-94
R. Nagarajan and A. Solairaju





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