Advances in Computational Sciences and Technology (ACST)


Volume 4, Number 2 (2011) Special Issue





Laboratory Experiments on Speech Analysis and Synthesis with Simulation and Real-time Implementation
pp. 127-130

Authors: Sandeep Kumar and S. Bhattacharya

Nanorobots in Medicine 

pp. 131-134
Authors: Mithra Venkatesan and Bhuvaneshwari Jolad

Dynamic Motion Planning for Autonomous Robot: A State Machine Approach.

Authors: Sunil Doiphode and M.M. Kuber

AES Encryptor Implementation on FPGA

pp. 139-142
Authors: P.S. Deshpande, P.V.S. Shastry and M.S. Sutaone

Investigating Data Mining by Semantic Principles in View of Applicability to Manufacturing Issues
pp. 143-149

Authors: A.S. More and L.M.R.J. Lobo

Fuzzy-Neural Control of Room Air Conditioning System 

pp. 151-154
Authors: T.P. Mote and S.D. Lokhande

Emotions Detection Technique in Speech Processing

pp. 155-158
Authors: Varsha Nanavare and Sonal Jagtap

Energy and Delay Optimization in Wireless Body Area Sensor Network (WBASN)
pp. 159-162
Authors: Shweta Kanhere, Vijay Wadhai and Prakash Patil

Design of Cost Effective Frequency Selective Surfaces 

pp. 163-165
Authors: V.S. Kulkarni and G.R. Patil

Smart Mouse using MEMS

pp. 167-170
Authors: Sharada Ohatkar, Arpita Kulkarni, Snehal Kshirsagar and Swapnali Jadhav

Mobile Sensor Network Modelling using OMNeT++ -MiXiM  Network Simulator.
pp. 171-174
Authors: Aditi P. Khadilkar and Nitin G. Palan

Geocast Time Stable Routing Protocol for Vehicular Communication 

Authors: Saurabh Thakur, S.A. Shirsat and Chaitanya Rajguru

Slotted E-Shape Micro Strip Antenna for Wireless Communication 

pp. 179-182
Authors: Suvarna Phule, Vrushali Thite and Rupali Patil

A New Control Scheme for Three-Phase, Four-Wire Unified Power Quality Conditioner (UPQC)
pp. 183-186

Authors: Chandrakant L. Bhattar and Vilas N. Ghate

Design and Development of Low Cost Micro-Controlled PC base Timer for Testing and Evaluation of Automobile Headlamps to Meet Road Safety
pp. 187-192

Authors: R. Rashmi, S.D. Joshi, S.N. Patil and B.V. Shamsundara

Home Automation via Internet 

pp. 193-196
Authors: Sachin Nakhate and Abhijeet Umbardand

Musical Instrument Identification using Viterbi Algorithm for Monophonic and Polyphonic Music Signals
pp. 197-200

Authors: M.V. Vibhute and D.G. Bhalke

Air Pollution Monitoring System

pp. 201-204
Authors: M.D. Vekaria and S.A. Shirsat

Target Detection and Measurement of Parameter 

pp. 205-207
Authors: Pandharinath Ghonge and M.T. Kolte

Dual Band Microstrip Antenna for WLAN Application 

pp. 209-212
Authors: T.R. Wagh and D.S. Bormane

Study and Performance Evaluation of Wavelet Packet Multi-Carrier Modulation (WPMCM) for Cognitive Radio

pp. 213-216
Authors: M.H. Naikwadi and M.M. Jadhav

Design of Microstrip Array Antenna for Wireless Applications using DGS
pp. 217-220

Authors: Meenal Jadhav and S.B. Somani

A Novel Technique for Detection and Prevention of Distributed Denial of Service Attack
pp. 221-225

Authors: Anuja R. Zade, Suhas H. Patil and Dipmal T. Salunke

Development of a Weka Filter for Reconstruction of Incomplete Data Sets using Attribute Relation Analysis

pp. 227-231
Authors: Virendra V. Dakhode and Sucheta V. Kolekar

Design and Evaluation of a Text-to-Speech System for Marathi Language

Authors: R.L. Kazi and S.D. Shirbahadurkar

Leaky Deep Submicrometer Transistor Mechanism and Itís Analytical Estimation
pp. 239-242

Authors: Ajay Borkar and Snehal Gaikwad

Auto-white Balance Algorithms on FPGA 

pp. 243-250

Authors: Amit B. Nahar and Shaila D. Apte

Gesticulation Recognition & Conversion for Digits in Indian Sign Language
pp. 251-254

Authors: S.D. Deshpande

Color Image Segmentation using Color and Texture Features 

pp. 255-258
Authors: Shilpa Kanse and D.M. Yadav

Iris Recognition using Wavelet Transform and Neural Network 

pp. 259-263

Authors: J.A. Deshpande and Meenal R. Majge

Video Encoding with Adaptive Image Scaling 

pp. 265-268
Authors: Rajeshwari M. Thadi and D.S. Bormane

Unidentifiable Data Hiding using Curvelet Transform 

pp. 269-272
Authors: K. Thamizhchelvy and G. Geetha

CBIR using Color and Texture Feature

pp. 273-276

Authors: Gauri Deshpande and Megha Borse

Detection and Removal of Cracks in Digitized Paintings

pp. 277-280

Authors: Aarti S. Deshmukh and P. Mukherji

Role of Colour-Texture Image Segmentation Framework for GIS Application
pp. 281-284

Authors: Trupti Parinchekar, Rameshwar Kawitkar and Selva Balan

Performance of Filtered-X LMS Algorithm for Noise Cancellation of Speech Signal
pp.  285-287

Authors: Sneha S. Pathade, S.D. Lokhande and M.R. Bachute

Pitch Detection based on Generalized Correlation Function 

pp. 289-291
Authors: Mahesh Manohar Kamble and M.R. Dixit

Timbre Detection of Musical Sounds 

pp. 293-295
Authors: Minakshi Atre and S.L. Sahare

A Novel Approach for Web Testing 

pp. 297-300
Authors: Dhanashri Wategaonkar and Anjali Bhatewara

90nm Deep Submicron Low Power Band Gap Reference for Battery Operated Systems
pp. 301-304

Authors: Raj Sanghavi, Madan Mali and Mangesh Bhalerao

Error Concealment in Frequency Domain on Video Coding 

pp. 305-307
Authors: A.A. Pise, R.K. Patil and A.K. Sen

Brightness Preserving Image Enhancement using Dualistic Sub Image Histogram Equalization
pp. 309-313
Authors: Ashwini Zadbuke and S.D. Apte

Detection of Epileptic Seizure using Wavelet Transform 

pp. 315-318
Authors: Manisha B. Inamdar and D.G. Bhalke





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