Advances in Computational Sciences and Technology (ACST)


Volume 4, Number 3 (2011) Special Issue



National Conference on Advanced Computing and Communication NCACC11





A Novel Perspective of Common Sense Reasoning in e-Examination 

pp. 127-132
M. Nandhini, B. Bhuvaneswari and M. Thariga

Classification of Power Quality Disturbance using Neural Network 

pp. 133-138
J. Christy, X. Jeno Vedamani and S. Karthikeyan

Detection and Classification of Steel Surfaces using Machine Vision System

pp. 139-145
X. Jeno Vedamani, J. Christy and S. Karthikeyan

Content based Leaf Image Retrieval System 

pp. 147-151
B. Sathya Bama, S. Mohana Valli, M. Aysha Mariam, S. Raju and V. Abhaikumar

Extraction of Fetal ECG 

pp. 153-155
R. Parameshwari and S. Shenbagadevi

High Spatial Resolution of Cerebral Blood Flow Imaging by rLASCA using Bspline Interpolator

pp. 157-161
C. Karthikeyan and B. Ramadoss

Preventing Buffer Overflow Attacks in Application Layer using Sigfree

D. Selvi, R. Thilagavathy and P. Kannagi

Online Test Automation Process Silverlight Web Applications 

pp. 169-176
G. Appasami P. Sivaraman and J. Praveen Vimal Anand G. Barath

Cooperative Cache in Wireless P2P Network 

pp. 177-180
P. Indumathi

Implementation of Customized Greencall Algorithm for Energy- Efficient of Wireless LANs

pp. 181-186
P. Sheela Rani

Energy-Efficient Node Placement Scheme in Linear Wireless Sensor Networks

pp. 187-192
K. Muthu Lakshmi

Waterfalls Partial Data Aggregation with Minimal Delay for Wireless Sensor Networks

pp. 193-200
Ramasamy Mariappan

Secure Data Aggregation and Authentication Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks

pp. 201-205
A. Latha and Ramasamy Mariappan





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