Advances in Computational Sciences and Technology (ACST)


Volume 5, No.1  ( 2012)  Spl. Issue




Nanotechnology of Concrete: Influence on Performance
pp. 103-109
Authors: H.J. Joshi and M.A. Lulla

Biocoagulant: For Waste Water Treatment
pp. 111-117
Authors: S.A. Nikam, Jitendra P. Singh, Arnab Saha and Ashwin Dubey

Analysis of Project Monitoring in Construction Industry
pp. 119-127
Authors: V.R. Phadke, M.A. Lulla and Karan B. Sawant

Finite Strip Method of Analysis for Reinforced Concrete Deep Beam
pp. 129-143
Authors: S.S. Patil and Dr. B.R. Niranjan

Improving the Seismic Performance of Soft Storey
pp. 145-151
Authors: Harshwardhan Shinde, Minakshi Jagtap, Kalpana Patil, R.A. Dubal and Desai R.S

Fluid Viscous Damping as an Alternative for Base Isolation
pp. 153-162
Authors: A.B. Ugale and H.R. Raut

Non Linear Push over Analysis of Asymmetric Buildings
pp. 163-173
Authors: Alka Avasthi, R.S. Desai, M.A. Lulla and H.J. Joshi

Performance Evaluation of Irrigation System an Overview
pp. 175-191
Author: S.C. Deshmukh

Parametric Analysis of Steel Plate Shear Wall
pp. 193-199
Author: Snehal B. Walke

Close form Solution for Analysis of Beam with Triangular Haunches
pp. 201-207
Authors: Kalpana A. Dhavane, Hemant J. Joshi and Harshalata R. Raut

Seismic Evaluation of Flat Slab Structures
pp. 209-217
Author:Sachin Chandu Pawar

Analysis and Design of the Mumbai Monorail Guideway Structure
pp. 219-223
Authors: R. A. Dubal, Priyanka Dhumal, Kumar Saurabh, Manasa Anantha, Saily Shah, Vijay Sadanandan and Vivek Pagnis


Hydrogen: The Next Generation Fuel
pp. 225-231
Authors: Kruttika R. Apshankar and M. Latkar

Hybrid Reinforced Concrete
pp. 233-242
Authors: Sayyed G.A. Ganesh D. Indurkar, Sachin D. Athashere, Amar M. Chipade, Abhijeet V. Chavan and Bhausaheb K. Sonawane


Reuse and Recycling of Waste Materials
pp. 243-249

Authors: Prakash B. Nangare and Pankaj R. Modak


Underwater Construction: A Case Study on Bandra Worli Sealink
pp. 251-259

Authors: Jayalakshmi and Dheiveekan

Introduction to Fiber Reinforced Polymers
pp. 261-270
Author: Shweta A. Patil

Tuned Liquid Dampers: Review of Development
pp. 271-286
Authors: G.R. Patil, S.H. Saste and Dr. K.D. Singh

Geospatial Technology in Water Management: A Case Study in Groundwater Mapping
pp. 287-296
Authors: Ashutosh Rathor and Mandar Mahajan

Stabilisation of Black Cotton Soil using Admixtures
pp. 297-302
Authors: Pankaj R. Modak, Prakash B. Nangare, Sanjay D. Nagrale, Ravindra D. Nalawade and Vivek S. Chavhan


Fracture Mechanics Application to Study Crack Propagation in Concrete Gravity Dams
pp. 303-312
Authors: G.R. Patil, S.H. Mane and M. Rai Sharma

Integrated Approach to Solid Waste Management in Pimpari-Chinchwad, Pune, India
pp. 313-322
Authors: S.A. Nikam and N.W. Ingole

A Study on Network Security
pp. 323-329
Authors: Shivaji Ingawale and Ganesh Gavali

Recycling of Biooil for Biodiesel Production
pp. 331-334
Authors: A.A. Jahagirdar, P.A. Tomar and S.M. Yadav

Rheological Characterization and Modeling of Composite Propellant Slurry
pp. 335-342
Authors: B.M. Bandgar and N.S. Mujumdar

Close form Solution for Analysis of Beam with Triangular Haunches
pp. 343-350
Authors: Kalpana A. Dhavane, Hemant J. Joshi and Harshalata R. Raut

A Prospect of Chankya Niti in Modern Management System
pp. 351-359
Authors: Prem Chandra Choudhary, Praveen Kumar Choudhary and Raghav Kumar Jha

Fundamental Analysis of the Three Companies (SRF Limited, Navin Fluorine, Suzlon Energy) Listed on Stock Market (BSE, NSE) with Help of Ratio Analysis
pp. 361-372
Authors: S. Ramesh Kumar Mehtha, Pramila Pareek and Vijayshri Mehtha

Green Marketing in India
pp. 373-377
Author: Sujata S. Kate

Modeling of Wear Behavior of Copper Alumina Metal Matrix Composites Prepared by PM Route
pp. 379-389
Authors: Mahendra J. Sable and Vipin K. Tripathi

Overhead Transmission Lines Accidents Avoidance using Advance Electronics Communication Technology
pp. 391-396
Authors: Manik S. Sonawane and N.B. Sambre

Marketing Strategies and Recession
pp. 397-401
Authors: A.K. Sood, Abhijeet Pradhan and Deepali Surana

Optimization of Anycast Protocol to Minimize the Delay for Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 403-408
Authors: Rahul C. Salunkhe and R.H. Borhade

Issues and Challenges in Cluster Management of Wireless Sensor Network
pp. 409-416
Authors: Sampada S. Kadam,. T.A. Chavan and Tejashree A. Paigude

Improved Relevance Feedback for Content Based Image Retrieval by Mining User Navigation Patterns
pp. 417-425
Authors: Sarika Bhosale and S.P. Patil

Design of Mobility Management Schemes Based on Pointer Forwarding for Wireless Mesh Networks
pp. 427-434
Authors: Tejashree A. Paigude, T.A. Chavan and Sampada Kadam

Wireless Gigabit Alliance (Wi-Gig)
pp. 435-442
Authors: S.A. Abbad, S.R. Ranesankpal and S.R. Patil

Intrusion Detection System (IDS) using Lightweight Agent for Wireless Networks
pp. 443-449
Authors: Varsha S. Pimprale and S.A. Joshi

A Study of Effectiveness and Challenges in Implementing Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in Education
pp. 451-455
Authors: Dayanand V. Suryawanshi and Vaishali D. Suryawanshi

Ethical Implications to Hack & Issues in Information Security
pp. 457-460
Authors: Vaishali Suryawanshi, Reshma Mavkar and Kranti Yadav

pp. 461-468
Authors: G.S. Mate, Rohit Garud, Wilson Jose and Shiren Bhalekar


Content Based Image Retrieval Using Multiple Features
Authors: Swapnalini Pattanaik, Shabadi Seema A., D.G. Bhalke Vaishali Nandedkar and

Anil Gujar


Context Aware Meeting Room through Android Mobile Phones
Authors: M. Shaikh, Uday Shankar, Vilas Shelke and Ankuresh Pratap Singh

ZEN Tracker: An Open Source Ticket Management Tool
pp. 483-494
Authors: Anuja Zade, Savitha S.R., Nikhil Patil and Geeta Chavan

Secure Data Access Over Cloud Computing
pp. 495-501
Authors: Dipali Patil, Rakesh Bhavsar, Akshay Thorve and Abhijit Chaudhari

College Socio System & Payment Facility
pp. 503-510
Authors: Dipmala Salunke, Ashish Oswal, Manmeet Singh Chawla, Pawan Sonawane and Paras Desai

Wireless Ordering System using Android and WIFI Technology
pp. 511-519
Authors: Deepak T. Mane, Pratik Rewanwar, Tejas Navangul, Mahesh Jaiswal and Vineet Vijay


Automation of Hospital with Decision Making Ability
pp. 521-528
Authors: Seema V. Kedar, Dr. Nirmala H. Ganla, Varsha Kisan Khalate and Deepak Dattatray Aher

Mobile Video Transfer using HTTP
pp. 529-538
Authors: A.N. Banubakode, Archana Udawant and Ashwini Rathi

IP Trace Back of Denial of Service Attacks
Authors: A.N. Banubakode, Cetan Naik, Kishan Lathkar, Ankit Patil and Rohit Vibhute

ARC4 Crypt: To Protect Network Traffic
pp. 549-556
Authors: D.T. Mane, Mrunal Patil, Anuprita Sapate and Rani Nagare

New Model for Engineering Institutes
pp. 557-561
Author: P.P. Warnekar

Empirical Study of the Wealth Maximisation for the Shareholders of Andhra Sugars Limited from 1947 to Till Date
pp. 563-572
Authors: S. Ramesh Kumar Mehtha, Pramila Pareek and Vijayshri Mehtha

Micro Finance and its Risk Management Practice in India
pp. 573-583
Authors: Archana Deodhar, Meenakshi Duggal, Shikha Sahay

Study of Damage Evaluation of Prestressed Concrete Box Girder
pp. 585-594
Authors: Anuja S. Deshpande, R.S. Desai, S.L. Bhilare G. A. Sayyad and M.A. Lulla

Analysis of Railway Track Components for Train Speed Up-gradation
pp. 595-612
Authors: C.A. Badave, R.S. Desai, S.C. Potnis and H.J. Joshi

Analytical Method Development for the Separation and Analysis of DON (Deoxynivalenol) in Dry Fruit (Almond) using RP-HPLC
pp. 613-618
Authors: S.R. Kulkarni and S.P. Saptale

Technology as a Tool for Effective Education
pp. 619-629
Authors: M.A. Kadam and P.G. Bhoyar

The Role of Transformational Leadership in Organisations
pp. 631-640
Authors: Pramila Pareek, S. Ramesh Kumar Mehtha, Prem Chandra Choudhary and Meenakshi Duggal


Migration of People and its Impact on Affordable Housing
pp. 641-649
Author: Beena John


Classification of Musical Instruments using Wavelet Transform
pp. 651-661
Authors: Meenakshi Dusane, D.S. Bormane and D.G. Bhalke

Effect of Change in Compression Ratio on Performance of Diesel Engine using Karanja Biodiesel
pp. 663-670
Authors: R. Patil, Harish M. Shinde and M.J. Sable

A Review: Recent Development of Cold Formed Steel Structures
pp. 671-682
Authors: D.S. Yerudkar and G.R. Vesmawala

Feasibility Checking of SVO and Bio Diesel with Performance and Emission Characteristics in Ci Engines
pp. 683-699
Authors: Sangram D. Jadhav, Harish A. Phadtare, and M.J. Sable

Recent Developments in Performance Based Seismic Design of RC Building
pp. 701-712
Authors: P.V. Kalokhe, R.A. Dubal and S.A. Vasanwala

The Effect of Fatty Acid Composition on the Combustion Characteristics of Biodiesel
pp. 713-720
Authors: Dr. Pawar Abhay A., Wable Ganesh K. and M.J. Sable

Analysis of Railway Track Components for Train Speed Up-gradation
pp. 721-738
Authors: C.A. Badave, R.S. Desai, S.C. Potnis and H.J. Joshi

Prediction of Pressure Drop in the Exhaust System of a Highly Loaded Engine
pp. 739-750
Authors: P.R. Wani, R.P. Kakde and V. Kumar

Analysis and Design of Deep Beam by Finite Element Method
pp. 751-764
Authors: S.S. Patil and G.A. Sayyed

Lid-Driven Cavity Flow with Triangular and Square Obstruction
pp. 765-770
Authors: J.N. Yadav, S.K. Bhor and S.L. Borse

Dynamic Characteristics Evaluation of through Type Arch Bridge for Moving Loads
pp. 771-780
Authors: Milind T. Palav, R.S. Desai, S.C. Potnis and I.D. Gupta

The Transient Dynamic Analysis of Automotive Exhaust Silencer
pp. 781-788
Author: R.D. Bhosale

A Study on Performance based Seismic Design of RC Special Moment Resistant Frames
pp. 789-797
Authors: R.A. Dubal and S.A. Vasanwala

Plant Design Project: Tartaric Acid
pp. 799-805
Authors: Minal Deshmukh, Amol Lomte, Dattatray Shinde and Amey Savant

Evaluation of Seismic Pounding Effects in Buildings
pp. 807-818
Authors: G.R. Patil and Amit R. Naidu

Process Model based Software System for Steel Reheating Furnace for Energy Efficiency, Quality and Productivity
pp. 819-824
Authors: N.K. Nath and S.L. Borse

Study of Damage Evaluation of Prestressed Concrete Box Girder
pp. 825-834
Authors: Anuja S. Deshpande, R.S. Desai, S.L. Bhilare G.A. Sayyad and S.C. Potnis

Ventilation and Air Conditioning in Automobile
pp. 835-841
Author: Prof. D.V. Thakur

A Clear Water Scour around a Circular Bridge Pier for Different Opening Ratios
pp. 843-850
Author: A.R. Deshmukh

A Low Cost Wireless Controlled Irrigation Solution in Agricultural Automation
pp. 851-858
Authors: Swati D. Kale and Bharati R. Thawali

An Image based Enhanced Architecture for Inter-Network Banking Using Universal ID
pp. 859-868

Authors: R. Surendar, K. Sreekumar, S. Vetrivel and D. Yuvaraj and M.K. Vidhyalakshmi

An Improved TCP Congestion Control Technique for Wired/Wireless Networks
pp. 869-876
Authors: Nikita Bhalara and V.B. Baru

Edge-Fed Sierpinski Carpet Microstrip Patch Antennas
pp. 877-882
Authors: S.C. Wagaj, Kaustubh Damale, Abhijit Gadekar and Ajinkya Khanzode

Comparative Study of Protocols and Control Methods in Energy Efficient Building Automation Systems
pp. 883-891
Authors: Jayashri A. Bangali and Arvind D. Shaligram

Crossed Monopole Ultrawideband Antenna for Cognitive Radio Application
pp. 893-898
Authors: Shruti Khandalkar and Achala Deshmukh

Cross-Layer Architecture for Wireless Sensor Network
pp. 899-909
Authors: Smita Modi and Dr D. Y. Patil

Design and Construction of Electronic Ballast for 70W Metal Halide Lamp and Comparison with other Electronic Ballast Configurations
pp. 911-921
Authors: Satyajit S. Kukade, Deepak P. Ukey and Amol D. Rahulkar

Detail Preserving Median Filter for High Density Impulse Noise
pp. 923-931
Authors: Kiran P. Dange and R.K. Kulkarni

Detection of Exudates in Diabetic Retinopathy by Texture Segmentation Methods
pp. 933-938
Author: Kiran M Gaikwad

Detection of Parasites using Image Processing
pp. 939-946
Authors: C.V. Rane, Rujuta Vaidya, Supriya Biware and Vismaya Chhabada

Energy Efficient Traffic for Cellular Networks
pp. 947-955
Authors: Nehal Dharamshi and Bhavna Ambudkar

Fiber Optic Displacement Sensor with Improved Performance Parameters
pp. 957-964
Authors: Supriya S. Patil and A. D. Shaligram

FPGA Based Median Filter in Image Processing Application
pp. 965-970
Authors: P. Walivadekar and Dr. D. S.Bormane

Image Steganography Based on Twelve Square Substitution Cipher Algorithm
pp. 971-978
Authors: Harshal N. Warke and Kirtimalini Chaudhari

Image Steganography using LSB Technique
pp. 979-984
Authors: Sanjyoti Jagnade, Preeti Godambe Priyanka Rakshe and. S. S. Kanse

Implementation of OFDM System with Adaptive Modulation
pp. 985-994
Authors: Nita J. Borkar and D. S. Bormane

Improving the Energy Efficiency of LEACH Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network
pp. 995-1005
Authors: Rashmi Bhagwat and V. B. Baru

Investigation of Different Parameters of Dynamic Source Routing with varied Terrain Areas and Traffic Condition for Wireless Sensor Network
pp. 1007-1016
Authors: Dr. Virendra Kumar Sharma, Ravindra Prakash Gupta and Vijay Mohan Shrimal

MIMO Using Distributed Space Time Trellis Codes
pp. 1017-1023
Authors: Amina Aziz Qazi and Kirtimalini Chaudhari

Mobile Video Surveillance System of 3G Network based on ARM9
pp. 1025-1034
Authors: A.N.Paithane and A.S.Ayakar

Musical Instrument Recognition using MFCC and LPC
pp. 1035-1042
Authors: Prashant Mule, Mayur Pavale, Ajay Pawale and D.G.Bhalke

Musical Instrument Recognition using Neural Network
pp. 1043-1051
Authors: V. S. Shelar and D. G. Bhalke

Real-Time Detection of Moving object
pp. 1053-1060
Authors: Sonali Deshmukh and S.D Chavan

Slotted Patch Antennas with EBG for ISM Band
pp. 1061-1067
Authors: Priti Bhagat and V. B. Baru

Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio
pp. 1069-1075
Authors: Kritanjali T. Bonde and Dr.A.V.Kulkarni

Speech Recognition using DTW
pp. 1077-1083
Authors: S. R. Thite, D.G.Bhalke, shiprasad and S.D.Sherbahadurkar


Study of Dependence of Coverage Pattern of Ad-hoc Network on Communication Range of Individual Nodes

pp. 1085-1092
Authors: Neha R. Deshpande and A. D. Shaligram

Video Hosting Website and Android Application
pp. 1093-1097
Authors: Neethi Suresh, Soni Kumari, Ganesh BK and Swati Bhisikar




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