Global Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics (GJPAM)



Volume 10  Number 3  (2014)





Vectorial Approximation in Convex Sets
pp. 305-320
Authors: João de Deus Marques and Lisboa

Cost-Effective Optimum Design of k-out-of-n: G Redundant System with Common Cause Failures & Fault Coverage
pp. 321-324
Authors: Dr.M. Ravi Kumar, Dr.Y.Ramesh Babu and Mr.B.Vijaya Bhaskara Reddy

Quantum Algorithm for 3-SAT Problem by Numbering Method
pp. 325-330
Authors: Toru Fujimura


Simple Partially Ordered Semigroups
pp. 331-336
Authors: P.M. Padmalatha and A. Gangadhara Rao

Fuzzy Soft Almost Continuous Mapping
pp. 337-348
Authors: A.Ponselvakumari, R.Selvi and M.Anitha

Solution of Integral Equations and Aboodh Transform
pp. 349-358
Authors: Deshna Loonker and P. K. Banerji

Fixed Point Theorem for Hybrid Contraction with Implicit Relation
pp. 359-368
Authors: U.C. Gairola and Ram Krishan

On the Diophantine Equation 24x + 27y = z2
pp. 369-372
Author: Banyat Sroysang

More on Some Inequalities for the Incomplete Polygamma Function
pp. 373-378
Author: Banyat Sroysang

More on the Ass and Mule Problem
pp. 379-382
Author: Banyat Sroysang

More on Semi-Inner Products
pp. 383-386
Author: Banyat Sroysang

On Super Beta Combination Graphs with Labeling
pp. 387-390
Author: Banyat Sroysang


Mathematical Modeling of Nutrient Uptake by Growing Root Considered as Moving Boundary Value Problem
pp. 389-394
Authors: Avhale P.S. and Kiwne S.B.

On Weakly Noetherian N-Groups and Ascending Chain Conditions on Essential Ideals
pp. 395-400
Authors: Navalakhi Hazarika and Helen K Saikia

Asymptotic Theory For a Model of Dendritic Solidification with Effect of an Oscillatory Source
pp. 401-416
Authors: Tat Leung Yee

On -Asymptotic stability for the First order Nonlinear Matrix Difference Equations
pp. 417-429
Authors: T.S. Rao and G. Suresh Kumar M.S.N. Murty

Privacy Preserving of Sensitive Data in Cloud based on Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) Technique
pp. 431-441
Authors: R.Jeberson Retna Raj and T.Sasipraba

A Novel Approach: Soft Topology
pp. 443-449
Authors: V. Srinivasa Kumar and B.V.S.T. Sai

Modeling of Photovoltaic Energy Conversion System with Integration to SubStation
pp. 451-464
Authors: Dr. K. Ravi, Mr.C. Sakthigokulrajan, C. Shilaja, J. Belwin Edward and K. Sathish Kumar

Common Fixed Point Theorem for Mean Nonexpansive Mapping
pp. 465-471
Authors: Vivek Raich, Madhvi Acharya and Madhu Tiwari

Fuzzy Hypothesis Testing based on Linear Correlation
Authors: P. Pandian and D. Kalpanapriya





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