Global Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics (GJPAM)



Volume 10  Number 6  (2014)





Quantum Algorithm for Number Place Problem
pp. 775-782
Toru Fujimura

A Fixed Point of A Self Mapping In Hilbert Space
pp. 783-786
K. Kalyani, Dr. N. Seshagiri Rao & Dr. K.V.L.N.Acharyulu

Threshold Results For A Host-Mortal Commensal Ecosystem With Limited Resources
pp. 787-791
Dr. N. Seshagiri Rao, K. Kalyani & Dr. K.V.L.N.Acharyulu

A new modified scheme for linear shallow-water equations with distant propagation of irregular wave trains tsunami dispersion type for inviscid and weakly viscous fluids
pp. 793-818
A.Boussaha , A. Laouar , A.Guerziz , Hossam S.Hassan

Controllability of Impulsive Neutral Functional Integrodifferential Inclusions with an Infinite Delay
pp. 817-834
S. Manimaran, T. Gunasekar, G.V. Subramaniyan, M. Suba,

Using Multiple Linear Regression To Predict PM10 Concentration In Chonburi, Thailand
pp. 835-839
K. Saithanu and J. Mekparyup

Unsteady Convective Nanofluid Flow past a Flat Porous Plate Moving Through a Binary Mixture
pp. 841-850


Temporal Soliton Solution of the Generalized Davey-Stewartson System of Partial Differential Equations

pp. 851-858

Dr. Nadeem Salamat ,Dr. Muhammad Mustahsan


Solving Fuzzy Constrained Three Machines Flowshop Scheduling Problems

pp. 859-868

M.Thangaraj, P.Rajendran and P.Pandian


Estimation of Ozone Concentration in Rayong Province of Thailand Using MLR Method

pp. 869-874

J. Mekparyup, K. Saithanu and S. Detudom


Some Applications of SCS Spaces

pp. 875-880

Navpreet Singh Noorie and Sandeep Kaur


Absolutely Flat Dimension of Modules

pp. 881-884

S. Mangayarcarassy


Information-psychological influence of virtual-communicative means on youth in contemporary political process

pp. 885-894

Chuprakova Natalia Sergeevna


Comparison of models of Russian state quality management system

pp. 895-904

Petukhov A.Y. and Krasnitskiy N.V.


Assessment of political stability in Russia: Measure-ment efficiency problem

pp. 905-916

Petukhov A.Y. and Krasnitskiy N. V.


A Qualitative Interpretation of The Sampling Theorem In The Time Domain

pp. 917-928

Luca Grilli and Angelo Sfrecola


Quadratic Loss Bayesian Approximation Approach for Scale δ of Generalized Compound Rayleigh Distribution
pp. 928-938
Uma Srivastava, Satya Prakash and Parul Yadav