Global Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics (GJPAM)



Volume 11  Number 2  (2015)





Active Resource Allocation Using ARIMA Forecasting Technique For Virtual Machines In Cloud Computing

pp. 557-568

V.N.Rajavarman, T.V.Ananthan,  P.Dineshkumar,  K.Selvamani


Analysis of Non-Zero Arrivals of Batches In A Quality Control Division From An M/M/1:∞/Fifo Queueing System

pp. 569-578

S. Murali1 , K.S. Ramaswami  and S. Devaarul 


Modelling and Simulation of Multi-terminal HVDC Transmission System Feeding Strong AC Networks with Firefly Algorithm Based Optimal PI Controller

pp. 579-590

S. Seenivasan and S. Singaravelu


Graceful Labeling of Balanced Odd Double Dragons

pp. 591-600

G. Sathiamoorthy and T.N. Janakiraman


Probabilistic Analysis of General Production and Sales System With Exponential Machine Time and Manpower

pp. 601-609

P. Madhusoodhanan, P. Sekar and R. Ramanarayanan


Primary Ideals In Duo Ternary Semigroups

pp. 611-624

C. Sreemannarayana, A. Gangadhara Rao, Y. Sarala and G. Hanumantha Rao


Modeling of Shooter Position Using Gordon’s Method

pp. 625-633

Wan Nur Syazana Wan Zulkifli, Wan Rozita Wan Din and Azmin Sham Rambely


LFC For Deregulated Power Systems With GDB Non-Linearity and SMES Units Using ACS Algorithm

pp. 645-654

Ramesh Kumar Selvaraju, Ganapathy Somaskandan


Perturbation of n - Dimensional Additive Functional Equation in Banach Spaces and Banach Algebra

pp. 655-669

S. Murthy, M. Arunkumar  and G. Ganapathy


Using CUSUM Control Chart To Detect Change of Shrimp and Prawn Catch In Thailand

pp. 671-674

K. Saithanu and J. Mekparyup


Examining Municipal Solid Waste Amount of Municipalities of Thailand With Cusum Chart

pp. 675-678

K. Saithanu and J. Mekparyup


Translates of Vague Semirings and Vague Ideals

pp. 679–697

B. Nageswararao, N. Ramakrishna and T. Eswarlal


Cervical Cancer Related Knowledge And The Need For Clustering And Classification In Intelligent Screening - A Analysis

pp. 699-714

R. Vidya and Dr. G. M. Nasira


Computational Performance of Iterative Methods in Modeling and Solving Linear System

pp. 715-724

Khairul Annuar Abdullah, Zuriati Yusof and Riza Sulaiman


Cause-Effect Petri Nets (CEPN) To Analyze The Major Factors That Cause Stress To School Teachers

pp. 725-731

L.Margreat, F. Anitha Florence Vinola, T. Pathinathan3, G. Padma


High Performance Parallel Prefix Adder For Wider Word Lengths

pp. 733-743

P. Ramanathan and  P. T. Vanathi


Vanishing Theorems for 2-Balanced Harmonic Forms

pp. 745–753

ShihshuWalterWei and LinaWu


Channel Estimation In OFDM System

pp. 753-776

R.Raja Kumar and P.Indumathi.


Optimization of Friction Stir Welding Process Parameters using Taguchi's Method

pp. 777-787

Vaibhav R. Shinde, Mandar Sapre, VijayKumar S. Jatti


Optimization of Turning Process Parameters During Machining of Metal Matrix Composites Using Taguchi Method

pp. 789-799

Jval Sheth, Maneesh Gunjal, Apurv Choubey, Vijaykumar S. Jatti, Rahul Dhabale


Numerical Solution of Two-Point Boundary Value Problems via Differential Transform Method

pp. 801-806

A.A. Opanuga, S.O. Edeki, H.I. Okagbue, G.O. Akinlabi


Fuzzy Soft Hyperrings and Fuzzy Soft Hyperideals

pp. 807-823

Ganeshsree Selvachandran & Abdul Razak Salleh


Hypergroup Theory Applied to Fuzzy Soft Sets

pp. 825-834

Ganeshsree Selvachandran


Modeling And Forecasting The Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever Cases In Trat, Thailand

pp. 835-839

J. Mekparyup  and K. Saithanu


A Perishable Inventory Model Under Periodic Review with FIFO Policy

pp. 841-848

Umamaheswari and Chandrasekeran and Vijayalakshmi.C


Effect Of Heat Transfer On The Peristaltic Flow Of A Micropolar Fluid In A Vertical Asymmetric Channel With Permeable Walls

pp. 851-866

S. Sreenadh, P. Lakshminarayana, V. Jagadesh, G. Sucharitha and K. Nandagopal


sb* - Interior and sb* - Closure in Topological Spaces

pp. 867-874

A. Poongothai and R. Parimelazhagan


On Regular Generalized Closed Sets in Topological Spaces

pp. 875-886

Nitin Bhardwaj, Harpreet Kaur, B. P. Garg


Skolem Odd Difference Mean Labeling Of Trees

pp. 887-898

R.Kalaiyarasi, D.Ramya and P. Jeyanthi


On The Probability That An Element of Metacyclic 2-Group of Positive Type Fixes A Set and Its Generalized Conjugacy Class Graph

pp. 899-908

Mustafa Anis El-Sanfaz and Nor Haniza Sarmin


Some New Classes of Lobsters Exhibiting Graceful Labeling

pp. 909-930

Debdas Mishra


Orthogonal Generalized (α, β) Derivation on Semirings

pp. 931–940

N. Suganthameena and M.Chandramouleeswaran


Portfolio Optimization Theory in Computational Finance

pp. 941-948

P.K. Parida and S.K. Sahoo


Optimization of Material Removal Rate during Electrical Discharge Machining of Advanced Materials using Taguchi Method

pp. 949-961

VijayKumar S. Jatti and T.P.Singh


Overview Of Municipal Solid Waste Amount In Thailand With CUSUM Chart

pp. 963-966

K. Saithanu and J. Mekparyup


A Novel Cluster Ensemble Method Based on Partitional Algorithms

pp. 967-983

G. Hannah Grace, Kalyani Desikan


Two Dimensional Function Approximation Using Two Dimensional Fourier Series

pp. 985-995

G. K. Jagatheswari, Murugesan R, Gajanan V Honnavar


A Modified Method for Unbalanced Transportation Problems in Fuzzy Environment by Zero Suffix Method via Robust Ranking Technique

pp. 997-1011

R. K. Saini, Atul Sangal and Om Prakash


Stability of Sylvester Dynamical Systems on Time Scales

pp. 1013-1028

B.V. Appa Rao, and K.A.S.N.V. Prasad


New Type of Closed Sets via Ideal Topological Space

pp. 1029-1036

A. Thiripuram, 


B-Spline Approach For Solving Boundary Value Problems

pp. 1037-1047

Neha Pragesh, Yogesh Gupta


On Generalized Recurrent para-Kenmotsu Manifolds

pp. 1049-1059

D. G. Prakasha and B. S. Hadimani


Translates of L-Vague Groups

pp. 1061-1080

B. Nageswararao, N. Ramakrishna and T. Eswarlal


On Ternary Semi Groups Which Are Unions of A Finite Number of Principal Ideals

pp. 1081-1088

Jaya lalitha.G, Sarala.Y, Dr.Anjaneyulu.A and Madhusudhana Rao. D


Obtaining Generating Functions For The Generalized Hypergeometric Polynomials By Truesdell Method

pp. 1089-1099

Srinivasulu Tadikonda and V. S. Bhagavan


Analyse and Study of Antiplane Electro-Elastic Contact Problem with Tresca's Friction Law
pp. 1101-1116
Amar Megrous, Ammar Derbazi and Mohamed Dalah

Analysis and Study the Antiplane Electro-Viscoelastic Problem with Long-Term Memory
pp. 1117-1136
Ammar Derbazi, Amar Megrous and Mohamed Dalah

Feedback Queue With Multi-Stage Heterogeneous Services And Random Breakdown
pp. 1137-1147
Sundar Rajan B, Ganesan V and Rita S














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