Global Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics (GJPAM)



Volume 11  Number 3  (2015)





Handling Missing Value on Meteorological Data Classification with Rough Set Based Algorithm
pp. 1147-1155
Winda Aprianti and Imam Mukhlash

The Field Oriented Control of an Induction Motor Using FPGA
pp. 1157-1170
Athul K S and N Ramesh Babu

Acoustic Guitar Tuner and Identification of Chords using LabVIEW
pp. 1171-1178
Swagat Sourav, S. Balamurugan, Marimuthu R, Sudha Ramasamy, and A. Bagubali

Elzaki Transform And Power Series Expansion On A Bulge Heaviside Step Function
pp. 1179-1184
Mohand M. Abdelrahim Mahgob and Tarig M. Elzaki

Quantum Algorithm for Isomorphic Graphs Problem by Numbering Method
pp. 1185-1192
Toru Fujimura

Results for a New Subclass of Spirallike Functions
pp. 1193-1199
Geetha Balachandar

Hermitian Weighted Composition Operators on The Fock Space
pp. 1201-1206
C Santhosh kumar and T. Veluchamy

Existence of Fuzzy Solutions for Nonlocal Impulsive Delay Differential Evolution Systems
pp. 1207-1221
R. Ramesh and S. Vengataasalam

On Homomorphic Images of Soft Subgroups
pp. 1223-1229
V. Srinivasa Kumar and K Moinuddin

Rainbow Coloring of Some Ladder Graphs
pp. 1231-1240
I. Annammal Arputhamary and M. Helda Mercy

Finite Element Method for Solving Eigenvalue Problem in Waveguide Modes
pp. 1241-1251
Tattwa Darshi Panda and K.V.Nagaraja

Numerical Formulation and Simulation of Social Networks Using Graph Theory on Social Cloud Platform
pp. 1253-1264
J.VijayaChandra, NarasimhamChalla, SaiKiranPasupuleti, K. Thirupathi Rao and V. Krishna Reddy

Identities of generalized Carlitz’s q-Bernoulli polynomials under the symmetric group of degree five
pp. 1265-1271
Jong Jin Seo and Taekyun Kim

Graceful labeling of Balanced Even Double Dragons
pp. 1273-1281
G. Sathiamoorthy and T.N. Janakiraman

A Result on the Consecutive Adjacent Degree of a Semigraph
pp. 1283-1287
S.Saravanan and R.Poovazhaki

A Back Propagation Neural Network and Genetic Algorithm for Vehicle Detection
pp. 1289-1300
K.Prakash and B. Nagarajan

An Inventory Control Model Of Deteriorating Items In Fuzzy Environment
pp. 1301-1312
Srichandan Mishra, S. Barik, S.K.Paikray, U.K.Misra and S K Indrajit

Identities of generalized Carlitz’s q-Euler polynomials under S5
pp. 1313-1318
Jong Jin Seo and Taekyun Kim

On Some Fixed Point Theorems Of Commuting Operators
pp. 1319-1330
V. Srinivasa kumar, B. Rami Reddy and TVL. Narayana

Design and Development of RTDA Controller for a SISO Pressure Process
pp. 1331-1340
K.J. Nidhil Wilfred and V.Bagyaveereswaran

Dynamic Modelling of Induction Motor and Direct Torque Control by Fuzzylogic and ANFIS
pp. 1341-1350
Rahul vijayan and Bagyaveereswaran v

Direct Permutation Graphs
pp. 1351-1362
R.SathishKumar, V.Dhanasekaran and K.T.Nagalakshmi

Application of Fuzzy Multi Objective Linear Programming In The Efficient Treatment of Communicable Diseases
pp. 1363-1377
G. Sivakumar and A. Hari Ganesh

Control Algorithms Connected Dosing Multicomponent Ceramic Mixtures
pp. 1379-1386
Andrey Vladimirovich Ostroukh, Andrey Vladimirovich Ilukhin, Alexander Markovich Kolbasin and Dinh An Ninh

Modeling For Predicting The Monthly Average Number of Influenza Cases With Weather Factors In Chonburi
pp. 1387-1391
J. Mekparyup, K. Saithanu and J. Phuangsakunsuk

Analysis of Effect of Meteorological Factors on The Number of Dengue Fever Patients With Multiple Linear Regression
pp. 1393-1397
J. Mekparyup, K. Saithanu and N. Treewong

Brinkman Flow Past An Impervious Spheroid Under Stokesian Assumption
pp. 1399-1412
D. Satish Kumar and S.Kalesha Vali

Topological Properties of Hexagonal Cage Networks
pp. 1413-1424
F. Simon Raj and A. George

Impact of Optimal Control on HIV-AIDS Epidemic
pp. 1425-1434
Adiveppa S. Kadi and Shivakumari R. Avaradi

Observations on the Quartic equation with six unknowns (x3-y4)z=(w2-p2)R2
pp. 1435-1444
Meena. K1, Gopalan. M.A2, Vidhylakshmi.S3, Shanthi.J

Performance Analysis of Relay Protocols WithAdaptive Modulation and Coding In LTE-A System
pp. 1445-1454
Raja Kumar Ramakrishnan, IndumathiPushpam, VishalKirthicSundaraRaaman, ShriBalaji Ashok Kumar and LoganathanNagarajanNavaneetham

Precise GNSS Data Processing And Analysis For Single GNSS Station
pp. 1455-1465
J R K Kumar Dabbakuti and D. Venkata Ratnam

Exactness of Higher Order Nonlinear Ordinary Differential Equations
pp. 1467–1473
Mohammadkheer and M. Al-Jararha

Kinect Games For Visually Impaired Using Real Time Sensory Substitution
pp. 1475-1482
Vaisshali.S and Swaminathan.P

On Centrosymmetric (cross symmetric) and Centroidempotent Matrices
pp. 1483-1490
Rajagopalan T

Analysis Of The Transient Solution Of M/G/1/K Queueing System Subject To Catastrophe
pp. 1491-1496
M. Reni Sagayaraj, S. Anand Gnana Selvam and R. Reynald Susainathan

Sensitivity Analysis of an Interval Assignment Problem
pp. 1497-1502
K.Kavitha and P.Pandian

An Optimal Solution Using Intuitionistic Fuzzy Number
pp. 1503-1515
P.Jayagowri and G.Geetharamani

An Efficient System For Evacuee Classification In Critical Evacuation Using Mopso Algorithm With Fuzzy Logic
pp. 1517-1522
Madhumitha S. M and Kamakshi S

Edge Pair Sum Labeling of WT(n : k) tree
P. Jeyanthi, T. Saratha Devi and Gee-Choon Lau

A NovelWay to Compute Square Root of A Real Number
pp. 1541-1555
Snehanshu Saha and Mushtaque Ahamed A

RC-Graphs and Their Fuzzifications
pp. 1557-1567
V. Dhanasekaran, R. Sathish kumar and K. T. Nagalakshmi

Generalization of Matkowski Contraction Principle in Fuzzy Metric Space
pp. 1569-1576
Ritu Arora and Mohit Kumar

Weak Equations In The Algebra of New Generalized Functions Space (A(S(R))
pp. 1577-1581
Ramadan Sabra

Optimization of Fuzzy Partial Back Ordering Economic Order Quantity Model on The Boundaries of The Fill Rate
pp. 1583-1593
K. Kalaiarasi, P.Mercy,B.KomalaDurga

Sensitivity Analysis of Mathematical Model of Coriolis Mass Flow Meter
pp. 1595-1602
P. Nancy Maria Juli, S.Muthumari, P.Aadaleesan

Dimensionality Reduction of Hyperspectral Image Using RBF-PCA and Mixed Pixel Wise HSMM Characterization Using SVM-FSK Forclassification
pp. 1603-1626
D.Regan, and.S.K.Srivatsa

Application of Fuzzy Parameterized Generalized Fuzzy Soft Expert Set In Decision Making
pp. 1627-1634
C. Sharmila Devi, G. Geetharamani and J. Arun Pandian

A Random Noise Based Perturbation Approach For Achieving Privacy In Data Mining
pp. 1635-1639
G.Manikandan, N.Sairam, N.Abitha, G.Sarada, R.Pranesh, M.Vigneshwaran

Special Pythagorean Triangles and 3-Digit Dhuruva Number
pp. 1641-1646
K.Meena, M.A.Gopalan, S. Vidhyalakshmi, E.Premalatha and R.Presenna

Design of Low Power Reduced Delay Fixed-Width Modified Booth Multiplier
pp. 1647-1653
Balamurugan S, Ravi Kumar, Marimuthu R

Self Restorative Cluster Head Selection In Heterogeneous Network
pp. 1655-1662
Nithya.S, AshaJerlin.M, Charanya.R, Jayakumar.S and Rathi.R

Union, Intersection, Product and Direct Product of Prime Ideals
pp. 1663-1667
Bindu, Sarala.Y, Madhusudhana Rao.D and.Anjaneyulu.A

Fuzzy Geometric Programming (FGP) and Its Application In Riser Design Problem
pp. 1669-1676
Pintu Das, Tapan kumar Roy

Intuitionistic Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy Process with Fuzzy Delphi Method
pp. 1677-1697
S. Rajaprakash, R. Ponnusamy and J. Pandurangan

PLC - HMI Based Pipeline Leakage Detection System In Petroleum Transfer Lines
pp. 1699-1710
A. Selwin Mich Priyadharson, Vinson Joshua. S and Senthil Kumaran. B

Determinants of Upper and Lower Diagonal Matrices
pp. 1711-1716
Rosalio G. Artes Jr. and Lovely B. Bacara




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