Global Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics (GJPAM)



Volume 11  Number 5  (2015)





Statistical Investigation Of Optimization Methods For Solving Constrained Non-Linear Problems
pp. 2645-2655
Umme Maria, Radha Gupta, Rajendran D and Kokila Ramesh

Analytical Solution Of Symmetrical, Multi Point Fermat-Weber Facility Location Problems By Resolving The Weights And Reducing The Number Of Demand Points
pp. 2657-2669
Baskar A

Characterization of generalized (p, q) type of entire functions of several complex variables in Banach spaces
pp. 2671-2682
D.P.Singh and Gaurav Mishra

Line Flow Based WLS State Estimation using PSO and WIPSO Techniques
pp. 2683-2696
M. Kalpanadevi and R. Neela

Some Properties of Certain Analytic Functions
pp. 2697-2703
P. Murugabharathi and B. Srutha Keerthi

Causes of Math Anxiety in Engineering Students-An Analysis using Induced Fuzzy Cognitive Maps (IFCM) with TOPSIS
pp. 2705-2718
Kaliga Rani J, Nivetha Martin and Meenakshi M

pp. 2719-2734

Weakly o?-Lindelof
pp. 2735-2743
H. H. Aljarrah1 and K. Y. Al-zoubi

A note on the Appell-type Daehee polynomials
pp. 2745-2753
JongKyum Kwon, Seog-Hoon Rim and Jin-Woo Park

Byte Oriented Error Locating Code
pp. 2755–2772
Ambika Tyagi and Vinod Tyagi

A Computational Approach in Estimating the Amount of Pond Pollution and Determining the Long Time Behavioural Representation of Pond Pollution Model
pp. 2773-2785
Jimevwo G. Oghonyon, Solomon A. Okunuga, Nicholas A. Omoregbe and Olasunmbo O. Agboola

M/G/1 Feedback Queue with Three Types of Service
pp. 2787-2811
S. Vanitha

An Application of ? - Quasi Monotone Sequence
pp. 2813-2823
S. Sarangi, M. Dash, S.K. Paikray, M. Misra and U.K. Misra

An analytical solution for three symmetrical collinear straight cracks with coalesced yield zones: A complex variable approach
pp. 2825–2842
S. Hasan and N. Akhtar

The R-automorphism of the ring R[{ai}ni=1]
pp. 2843–2850
Basem Alkhamaiseh

On Minimum Path Cover of a Tree
pp. 2851-2866
Tilahun A. Muche

Generalized Linear Mixed Models Approaches To Modeling Panel Data: Application To Poverty In East Nusa Tenggara
pp. 2867-2875
Dimas Anggara, Indahwati and Anang Kurnia

Weighted Ensemble Hybrid In Spatial Autocorrelation Model’s For Predicting The HDI In Java
pp. 2877-2888
Sitti Masyitah Meliyana R, Hari Wijayanto, Farit Mochamad Afendi

Prevention of XML based DOS attacks for A secure web service
pp. 2889-2896

Soret and Dufour Effects on MHD Boundary Layer Flow over Stretching Sheet with Heat Source/Sink
pp. 2897-2916
B.Nagabusanam Reddy, Sudhakar Matle, B.Rushi Kumar and S.Vijayakumar Varma

Level Method For Fuzzy Assignment Problems
pp. 2917-2934
P.Pandian and K.Kavitha

Almost Contra-Continuity Via Topological Grills
pp. 2935-2951
N. Karthikeyan and N. Rajesh

A note on degenerate Boole numbers and polynomials
pp. 2953-2964
Dong-Jin Kang

Strongly Prime and Strongly Semiprime ideals in Posets
pp. 2965-2970
J. Catherine Grace John and B. Elavarasan

Regularity on S-Graphs
pp. 2971–2978
S. Jeyalakshmi, M. Rajkumar and M. Chandramouleeswaran

Connections in affine frame bundles
pp. 2979-2991
Joon-Sik Park

A Study On Significance Of Globalization Of Higher Education In India Using Fuzzy Cognitive Maps
pp. 2993-2999
N.Vijayaraghavan and B.Kumaresan

A Non Linear Programming Approach Of An Inventory Model For Time Dependent Deteriorating Items With Three Rates Of Production
pp. 3001-3008
M.Maragatham and P.K.Lakshmidevi

Generalized perfect-fluid scalar-tensor theory field equations in a reformulated total Lagrangian formalism
pp. 3009-3034
Remy Magloire Etoua and Raoul Domingo Ayissi

Numerical Solution of Stiff System by Second Order Backward Difference Formula
pp. 3035-3046
B. Sumithra and A. Tamilselvan

 Cm U K 1,r U p n is even graceful for r
≥ 0, n  ≥  2 and  m  = 3,4.

pp. 3047-3052
Amiya Kumar Behera, Debdas Mishra and Purna Chandra Nayak

Novel Control Methodology For H-Bridge Cascaded Multi Level Converter Using Predictive Control Methodology
pp. 3053-3071
R.Gopikaramanan, T.Rameshkumar, B.Senthil Kumaran and G.Ilangovan

t-Graceful Labeling (t
2) and 1 modulo t Graceful Labeling (t 3) of Even Cycles Cn with Parallel P3 Chords
pp. 3073-3080
V. Srividya, R. Govindarajan and S. Manikandan

On Bi-bi ideal and Quasi-bi ideal of Bi-Near Subtraction Ordered Semigroup
pp. 3081-3090
Firthous Fatima.S and Jayalakshmi.S

Detection of Bearing Fault of Three Phase Induction Motor by Fast Fourier Transform Using ARM Microcontroller
pp. 3091-3107
B. Rajagopal and S. Singaravelu

A Ranking And Selection Approach For Volatility In Financial Market
pp. 3109-3119
R.Seethalakshmi, V.Saavithri and C.Vijayabanu


A Study on Qualitative Properties of Stochastic Difference Equations and Stability

pp. 3121-3127

M. Reni Sagayaraj and P. Manoharan

A Survey of Advanced Logics
pp. 3129-3137
Karthik P. Chandrasekaran and Poovammal Eswaran

Symmetric identities for Carlitz’s (h, q)-tangent numbers and polynomials associated with p-adic integral on Zp
pp. 3139-3144
C. S. Ryoo

Efficiency Evaluation of Total Manufacturing Sectors of India – DEA Approach
pp. 3145-3155
B. Venkateswarlu and Subramanyam T

Interior and Closure of Fuzzy open sets in a Fuzzy Topological TM-System
pp. 3157-3164
M. Annalakshmi and M. Chandramouleeswaran

Minty’s Lemma associated with Multifunctional Valued Maps
pp. 3165-3175
Khagendra Narayan Mohanta and Prasanta Kumar Das

Retrial Queueing System with customer Impatience
pp. 3177–3188
P. Suganthi and S. Pavai Madheswari

Ordering on Vague Soft Set
pp. 3189–3193
Nedal Tahat and Feras Bani Ahmad, Khaleed Alhazaymeh and Nasruddin Hassan

Vague Soft Set Relation Mappings
pp. 3195–3202
K. A. Alzu’bi and K. Alhazaymeh and Nasruddin Hassan

Spline Based Computational Techniques for Second, Third and Fourth Order Boundary Value Problems
pp. 3203-3215
Anju Chaurasia, Prakash Chandra Srivastava and Yogesh Gupta

Optimal Investment Strategy for Asset and Liability Management Problems under the Ho-Lee Interest Rate Model and Quadratic Utility Function
pp. 3217-3228
Jingzhou Yan, Changhuan Feng, Shiqiang Feng and Xuebing Deng

On the zeros of a family of polynomials and an application in integer sequences
pp. 3229-3239
Jerico B. Bacani and Julius Fergy T. Rabago

MT-Proximal Contractions and Best Proximity Point Theorems
pp. 3239-3248
Savita Rathee and Kusum Dhingra

Analysis Of Triangle Element Approximation For Solving 2d Poisson Equations Using Qsaor Method
pp. 3249-3257
Mohd Kamalrulzaman Md Akhir and Jumat Sulaiman

The Use of Uniformative and Informative Prior Distribution in Bayesian SEM
pp. 3259-3264
Ferra Yanuar

A note on higher order mixed-type special polynomials associated with Boole polynomials
pp. 3265-3274
Jongkyum Kwon and Jin-Woo Park

An Optimal Policy for Weibull Deteriorating items with Power Demand Pattern and Permissible Delay on Payments
pp. 3275-3285
DeoDatta Aarya and Vikas Sharma

Planning The Zone Tariff Of BRT Trans Musi Using Sequential Agglomerative Hierarchical Non-Overlapping (SAHN) Algorithm
pp. 3287-3295
Sisca Octarina, Putra BJ Bangun, Eddy Roflin, and Ahmad Khoiri

Discovering Reality by Studying the System of Freedom and Proving Its Equivalence with the Universe
pp. 3297-3309
Kai Jiang

Equalizers and Intersections in the Category of Graphs
pp. 3311-3317
S. Buvaneswari and P.Alphonse Rajendran

Optimal Renewable Energy Project Selection: A Multi-Criteria Optimization Technique Approach
pp. 3319-3329
Priyabrata Adhikary, Pankaj Kr Roy and Asis Mazumdar

Structure of Vertex Order on Almost Moore Digraphs with no Selfrepeat
pp. 3331-3335
Yus Mochamad Cholily

Reliable Transmission with Flawless Power Proportion in Low defined signal Disseminate Systems
pp. 3337-3347
A.Rengarajan, S.Rajasekaran and S.John Justin Thangaraj

Cognitive Radio Implementation with GRC
pp. 3349-3359
Hemalatha M, Jagadeeswar Reddy.G, Murali.K and Nageswara Rao E

Interval Valued Intuitionistic (α, β)-Fuzzy Hv-Ideals
pp. 3361-3370
Arvind Kumar Sinha and Manoj Kumar Dewangan

Various Clustering Techniques: A Survey
pp. 3371-3375
M. Rajasekhar Reddy, Anishin Raj M M, B. Karthikeyan, Diana Baby, V. Vaithiyanathan and Ramgopalan V

Some Functors From The Category Of Fuzzy Groups
pp. 3377-3387
P. Vijayalakshmi and P. Alphonse Rajendran

Data Mining Of An Image Using Singular Value Decomposition
pp. 3389-3392
Abitha Gladis N. K, Nagarajan. V, Nagarajan. D and Sunitha. P

Performance Analysis of UMTS and WLAN Integrated Network Architecture
pp. 3393-3400
A.Bagubali, Deepika Rani sona, Kishore V Krishnan, Subhabharathi, Praneet Dutta

Modeling of branched chain reactions in political and social processes
pp. 3401-3408
Alexandr Y. Petukhov

Survey of Nontraditional optimization methods PSO, SA, PS, GODLIKE, CUCKOO, FF, FP, ALO, GSA and MVO
pp. 3409-3424
Christu Nesam David. D and S.Elizabeth Amudhini Stephen

Two Stage Flow shop Scheduling Model with Transportation Time and Job Block
pp. 3425-3436
Neelam Tyagi and A. B. Chandramouli

Cost minimization of Pressure Vessel design problem using PSO, SA, PS, GODLIKE, CUCKOO, FF, FP, ALO, GSA and MVO
Christu Nesam David. D, S.Elizabeth Amudhini Stephen and Ajay Joe,A

Impact Of Re-Branding Strategies On Customer Information Processing: A Case Of Consumer Electronic Brands
pp. 3447-3466
Rashmi Sud, Vandana Ahuja and Y. Medury

Mathematical Modelling On Pulsatile Flow In Carotid Artery Bifurcation In Reference To Atherosclerosis With Varying Frequencies
pp. 3467-3475
G. Manjunatha, K.S.Basavarajappa and V.K.Katiyar

A Comparative study of Numerical solutions and Analytic solutions obtained using Adomiandecomposition method for heat transfer over stretching surface with variable heat flux in the presence of a heat source or sink
pp. 3477-3487
Kanthavel.T and M. Kaliyappan

The Repeated Procedure IRTSS1 for Simultaneous Inclusion of Polynomial Zeros
pp. 3489-3493
Syaida F.M.Rusli, Mansor Monsi, Nasruddin Hassan and FadzilahMd Ali.

Number Theory: Backbone Of RSA Cryptography
pp. 3495-3500
Ch.JL Padmaja

A note on λ-zeta function
pp. 3501-3506
Taekyun Kim, Jin-Woo Park, Jin-Woo Park and Jongjin Seo

Symmetric identities for Carlitz’s generalized twisted q-Euler numbers and polynomials associated with p-adic integral on Zp
pp. 3507-3512
C. S. Ryoo

On Generalized Order Statistics From Marshall-Olkin Log-Logistic Distribution
pp. 3513-3528
Devendra Kumar and Mohammad Samir Farooqi

On The Limit Cycles Of The Floquet Differential Systems
pp. 3529-3542
Amar Makhlouf and Zeyneb Bouderbala

On The Evaluation of Integrals for the Solution of the Modified Helmholtz and Heat Equations
pp. 3543-3558

On Optimal Solutions of a Family of Two Jugs Problem
pp. 3559-3563
Yiu-Kwong Man

An Entropic Economic Order Quantity Model for Deterioration of Perishable Items with Cubic Demand Rate and its Fuzzy Environment
pp. 3565-3581
G.Santhi and K.Karthikeyan

A Deterministic Production Inventory Model For Buyer-Manufacturer With Quantity Discount And Completely Backlogged Shortages For Fixed Life Time Product
pp. 3583-3600
M. Ravithammal R. Uthayakumar S. Ganesh

On the degenerate Frobenius-Genocchi polynomials
pp. 3601-3613
Lee-Chae Jang, Jeong Gon Lee, Seog-Hoon Rim and Seongju Park

On certain estimates for Marcinkiewicz integrals with a rough kernel on product spaces
pp. 3615-3630
Mohammadkheer Al-Jararha

Notes on degenerate tangent polynomials
pp. 3631-3637
Cheon Seoung Ryoo

Existence of Positive Solution to a Second Order m-point Boundary Value Problem
pp. 3639-3653
M. Mohamed and M. S. Jusoh

On Rough Projective and Injective Modules
pp. 3655–3664
Arvind Kumar Sinha and Anand Prakash

Profile Hidden Markov Model For Sequence Alignment To Cancer Sequence
pp. 3665-3675
R.Sasikumar and V.Kalpana

An Alternative Method of House Financing Calculation in an Islamic Bank
pp. 3677-3686
Nur Amalina binti Shafiea and Zaidi Isa

Statistical Estimation Methods for Unconditional Finite Normal Mixture Distribution
pp. 3687-3701
Zetty Ain Kamaruzzaman and Zaidi Isa

The Medium Domination Number Of Cartesian Product Of Wheel Graph Wn And Fan Graph Fn
pp. 3703-3712
M. Ramachandran and N. Parvathi

Retrive Similarty Facial And Disguise Image From Webcam Using Unsupervised Label Refinement Technique
pp. 3713-3725
S. Rajkumar and J. Hemamalini

Interleaved soft switched current fed full bridge DC-DC converter for Fuel cell applications
pp. 3727-3741
D.Elangovan, G.Arun kumar, Abhishek Gudipalli, M.Srihari

Algorithmic Approach for Solving Transportation Problems
pp. 3743-3749
A. Akilbasha, G. Natarajan and P. Pandian

Stability of Functional Equations In MPN Space Via Fixed Point And Direct Approach
pp. 3751-3762
Roji Lather and Manoj Kumar

A Secure Image Transmission scheme based on Visual Cryptography for Commercial Platform
pp. 3763-3775
Rajesh Kumar N and Raajan N R

Multi service software components selection based on APRIORI and similarity measures
pp. 3777-3791
K. R. Sekar, K. S. Ravichandran and R. Krishankumar

Risk Estimation and Validation for Unconditional Stock Market Returns
pp. 3793-3803
Zetty Ain Kamaruzzaman and Zaidi Isa

Finite Element Solutions Using Hybrid of Block-Pulse Functions and Lagrange Polynomial
pp. 3805-3821
Murugesan Indu Bharathy and V. Prabhakar

Comparative study on multiphase flow models
pp. 3823-3835
Hyeonseong Jin

Graph critical with respect to Edge domination in Fuzzy graphs
pp. 3837-3845
S. Ramya and S. Lavanya

A 5-Step Block Predictor and 4-Step Corrector Methods for Solving General Second Order Ordinary Differential Equations
pp. 3847-3862
Jimevwo G. Oghonyon, Solomon Adebola Okunuga, SheilaA. Bishop

Global Dynamic of Einstein-Maxwell system for a perfect charged relativistic fluid in a Bianchi type I space-time
pp. 3863-3887
Remy Magloire Etoua and Raoul Domingo Ayissi

MHD Free Surface Flow Of A Jeffrey Fluid Over A Deformable Porous Layer
pp. 3889-3903
S. Sreenadh, M. Krishnamurthy, E. Sudhakara, G. Gopi Krishna and D. Venkateswarlu Naidu

A Geometrical Solution Of Fermat’s Problem
pp. 3905-3909
L. A. Avetisyan

Blow-Up For A Nonlocal Diffusion Equation With Exponential Reaction Term
pp. 3911-3925
Haijie Pei, Zhongping Li and Yang Li

Decay rate estimate of solution to damped wave equation with memory term in Fourier spaces
pp. 3927-3938
Mohamed Karek, Khaled Zennir and Hocine Sissaoui

VIRT Charts To Multiport Component Syntactic Charts Transformation
pp. 3939-3952
Vladimir M. Polyakov and Yury D. Ryazanov

Local non-similarity solution for MHD mixed convection flow of a nanofluid past a permeable vertical plate in the presence of thermal radiation effects
pp. 3953-3974
Radiah Mohamad, R. Kandasamy and Muhaimin Ismoen

Towards Secure And Trust-Worthy Sharing Of Data In Private Cloud Using Oaep Algorithm

pp. 3975-3985

S. Selvakumar and A. Rengarajan




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