Global Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics (GJPAM)



Volume 11  Number 6  (2015)





Host Environment Focused Software Component Quality Ranking And Selection
pp. 3991-4004
K. R. Sekar, K. S. Ravichandran and R. Krishankumar

An Efficient Travel Recommendation system using Complex networks, Tripartite graph clustering and ACCC algorithm to overcome computational complexity
pp. 4005-4010
Srivathsav. N, Guru Sai Jaya prakash. M and Elangovan. B

Symmetric identities for Carlitz’s generalized twisted (h, q)-Bernoulli polynomials associated with p-adic q-integral on Zp
pp. 4011-4017
C. S. Ryoo

Squeezing Flow Of A Viscous Fluid Between Two Porous Disks
pp. 4019-4034
S. Sreenadh, G. Bhaskar Reddy, E. Sudhakara and D. Venkateswarlu Naidu

On The Upper Bounds of the Sub Decomposition values of the Scalark for Elliptic Scalar Multiplication
pp. 4035-4046
Siti Noor Farwina Mohamad Anwar Antony and Hailiza Kamarulhaili

Equitable Independent Saturation Number of a Graph
pp. 4047-4052
L. Muthusubramanian, S.P. Subbiah and V.Swaminathan

A Novel Technique for Series Solutions to a Class of Initial Value Problems
pp. 4053-4061
A. Wiwatwanich, D. Poltem and S. Srimongkol

Free Convection Effect on the Flow of A Dusty Viscous Fluid Past A Hot Vertical Porous Plate with Periodic Temperature
pp. 4063-4074
M. Mageswari

On the solutions for neutral fractional differential equations with state dependent-delay
pp. 4075-4089
M. Punitha and A. Santha

Kernel Polynomial of d-Orthogonal Sequence
Bouras Mohammed Cherif

Fault-Open Minded Resource Allocation Rescheduling Algorithm and Expense Minimization for Cloud Systems
pp. 4111-4117
Albert Mayan. J, Yovan Felix. A, Manideep Chintalapudi, Balaji R and Vigneshwaran R

Numerical Critical Value for a Parabolic Equation Modeling Electrostatic Mems
pp. 4119-4137
Diabate Nabongo, N’Guessan Koffi and Toure Kidjegbo Augustin

Developing Unprecedented Restlessness As The New Strong Indicator of Rice Crisis at National Level
pp. 4139-4160
Yuyun Hidayat, Ismail Bin Mohd and Mustafa Mamat and Titi Purwandari

Some identities of degenerating Boole polynomials
pp. 4161-4168
Jongkyum Kwon

Recapitulation of Coding to Enable Data Integrity Protection in Cloud Storage
pp. 4169-4175
M.Saravanan,P.Nithiya and J.S.Umashankar

Performance Comparison of Anesthesia Using Conventional PI And Fuzzy Logic Based Controller
pp. 4177-4195
Joeeta Anurag Tomer, R. P Dubey and Anurag Singh Tomer

Modelling Of Social Conflict: Socio-Energy Approach
pp. 4197-4206
Alexandr Y. Petukhov

Computation of a Multi-Choice Fuzzy Goal Programming Problem
pp. 4207–4227
Kanan K. Patro, M.M. Acharya, S. Dutta and S. Acharya

On the second kind generalized twisted (h, q)-Euler numbers and polynomials
pp. 4229-4235
C. S. Ryoo

Degenerate twisted tangent numbers and polynomials associated with the p-adic integral on Zp
pp. 4237-4245
C. S. Ryoo

Estimation of Parameters for Order Statistics of Lehmann-Type Laplace Distribution Type I and Type II
pp. 4247-4254
V.S.Akilandeswari, J.Priyadarshini, Y.Yazh devi and V.Saavithri

Properties Of Prime Ternary -Radicals In Ternary -Semigroups
pp. 4255-4271
M. Vasantha and D. Madhusudhana Rao

Blow-up for Semidiscretizations of some Reaction-Diffusion Equations with a Nonlinear Convection Term
pp. 4273-4296
Toure Kidjegbo Augustin, N’Guessan Koffi and Diabate Nabongo

Codimension one bifurcation for a multispecies nonlinear system in a toxic environment
pp. 4297-4314
Pooja Manasi Srinivas and Anita Chaturvedi

K-Medoid and Fuzzy C-Means for Cluster of District/Cities in Indonesia (Case: 497 District/Cities in Indonesia 2012)
pp. 4315-4323
Mia Syafrina, I Made Sumertajaya and Indahwati

Stable reconstruction of initial condition for fractional diffusion equations
pp. 4325-4337
Mohammad F. Al-Jamal

q-Bernoulli, q-Euler and mixed-type polynomials
pp. 4339-4348
Dae San Kim, Taekyun Kim, Hyck-In Kwon and Jong-Jin Seo

Polar Reflexivity In Locally Convex Spaces
pp. 4349-4352
Atarsingh Meena and G. C. Dubey

Solving Assignment Problems with fuzzy costs using circumcenter of centroids
pp. 4353-4364
S.Vimala and S.Krishna Prabha

Neural Network Based State Estimation of Gas Turbine Engine
pp. 4365-4374
Lakshmi K, Harsha Sunny and Ramesh Babu.N

An Effective Method for Preventing Hackers using Biometric Techniques
pp. 4375-4384
S Igni Sabasti Prabu

Use of the GARCH Models to Energy Markets: Oil Price Volatility
pp. 4385-4394
Fatima Zohra Bouseba and Halim Zeghdoudi

Stochastic Order Relationship and Its Applications in Actuarial Science
pp. 4395-4403
Meriem Bouhadjar, Halim Zeghdoudi, and Mohamed Riad Remita

Quantum Algorithm for Minimum Metric Bottleneck Wandering Salesperson Problem by Numbering Method
pp. 4405-4412
Toru Fujimura

Conceptualizing Minuet In G Major Through Mathematics And The Generalized Interval System
pp. 4413-4445
Katrina E. Belleza and Carmelita M. Loquias

Evaluation Of Total Transfer Capability Using Firefly Algorithm
pp. 4447-4456
A. Ahamed Jeelani Basha and M. Anitha

Various Assorted Cluster Performance Examination Using Video Data Mining Technique
pp. 4457-4467
D. Saravanan

Analysis of Mathematical Modeling of Vector Born Infectious Diseases
pp. 4469-4478
Naba K Goswami and Anita Chaturvedi

Product of Adjoint of a Weighted Composition Operator with a Weighted Composition Operator on the Fock Space
pp. 4479-4486
C Santhoshkumar and T Veluchamy

Solution of the fourth order Cauchy Difference Equation on free groups
pp. 4487-4499
K. Thangavelu and M. Pradeep

The uniform convergence of Schwarz method for quasi-variationnal inequalities
pp. 4501–4510
Mohammed Beggas and Mohamed Haiour

Another Proof on generalized Viviani’s Theorem
pp. 4511–4513
Poon Kin-Keung

A Characterization of Normed Algebras
pp. 4515-4518
S. Ragamayi, J. Madhusudana Rao and K. Sujatha

Some General Results on Elegant Graphs
pp. 4519-4526

Graded Weakly Semiprime Ideals that are not Graded Semiprime
pp. 4527-4532
Rashid Abu-Dawwas and Malik Bataineh

Code Certificate-A Verification Technique for Secure Data Transmission
pp. 4533-4540
Vijyendra Karpatne and A. Rengarajan

Cryptographic Mehod For Hiding Data In Genomic DNA Using Calculus
pp. 4541-4546
Rama Devi. K and Prabakaran. S

Note on degenerate tangent polynomials of higher order
pp. 4547-4554
Cheon Seoung Ryoo

Stability Analysis of Impulsive Functional Differential Equations
pp. 4555–4561
Kanwalpreet Kaur and S. K. Srivastava

A note that on the generalization of central reduced rings
pp. 4563-4570
Sangbok Nam and Hwajoon Kim

On An Contact Angle Problem of Rotating Fluid With Free Surface
pp. 4571-4586
Hirotada Honda

Black Scholes Option Pricing Model – Brownian Motion Approach
pp. 4587-4602
S Prabakaran

The Relationship between Energy Consumption, Economic Growth and Sulphur Emissions by Panel Data Approach
pp. 4603-4616
Zaidi Isa, Ahmed R. M. Al Sayed and SekSok Kun

Developing A Desired Power Series Of The Function
pp. 4617-4620
Swapnil Paliwal

Graceful and Even Graceful Labeling of Some New Graphs
pp. 4621-4628
Shushant Kumar Rout, Debdas Mishra and Purna chandra Nayak

Classifying Infection Status of Hookworm in Cats using SMOTE Support Vector Machines and Boosting Support Vector Machines
pp. 4629-4637
Winalia Agwil, I Made Sumertajaya, Indahwati and Etih Sudarnika

Rotating Fluid Flow Of An Accelerated Horizontal Plate
pp. 4639-4646
B. Vennila

Analysis of DART II based Tsunami Warning System using Stochastic Petri Nets
pp. 4647-4662
A. Ammu Qudsiya

Computation of Multi-Choice Multi-Objective Fuzzy Probabilistic Programming Problem
pp. 4663-4689
P.K. Rout, S. Nanda, and S. Acharya

Point and Interval Estimation Based on Progressive First-Failure Times Censored Samples Under Modified Weibull Distribution with application
pp. 4691-4702
Saieed F.Ateya and Mohamed M. Rizk

Optimal Control Analysis for HIV/AIDS Pediatrics Model
pp. 4703-4712
Adiveppa S. Kadi and and Sahana P. Hiremath

High Step-up Single Switch DC-DC Converter with Resonance Soft Switching
pp. 4713-4728
A.Gopi and R.Saravanakumar

Triangular reaction-diffusion systems with compact result
pp. 4729-4747
Abdelkader Moumeni and Nabila Barrouk


Approximate solutions of Abel integral equations using homotopyanalysis transform method
pp. 4749-4761
A. Y. Almousa, E. Edfawy and K. El. Rashidy

Robust Cryptosystem using Enhanced Energy Efficient Hill Cipher Algorithm with Involutory Key
pp. 4763-4769
Kalaichelvi V., Manimozhi K., Meenakshi P., Poornima M. and Sumathi A

Integral solutions of the non homogeneous quintic equation with four unknowns (x-y) (x2+y2) - (x2-xy+y2) z = 22zw4
pp. 4771-4776

Effects Of Free Convection On Steady Flow Through A Vertical Deformable Porous Layer With Constant Heat Source
pp. 4777-4787
S. Sreenadh, G. Gopi Krishna, E. Sudhakara, P. Dhana Lakshmi and K. Kumaraswamy Naidu

On the generalized partially degenerate Genocchi polynomials
pp. 4789-4799
Lee-Chae Jang, Hyuck In Kwon, Jeong Gon Lee and C.S. Ryoo

Adult Learning Mathematical Perspectives
pp. 4801-4808
Khalil AlSaadat

Uniform Order One Step Hybrid Block Method with two Generalized Off step Points for Solving Third Order Ordinary Differential Equations Directly
pp. 4809–4823
Ra’ft Abdelrahim and Zurni Omar

W-Convex subsets of a Pseudo Ordered Set
pp. 4825-4830
Shashirekha B Rai and Prashantha Rao

Optimal Strategies for Controlling the MERS Coronavirus During a Mass Gathering
Tufail M. Malik, Aliya A. Alsaleh, Abba B. Gumel and Mohammad A. Safi

The flow of fluid moving between two parallel plates represented by the Laplace transform
pp. 4867-4872
Jesun Uh and Hwajoon Kim

Morphisms Between Semi Magic Squares And Magic Squares
pp. 4873-4877
Sreeranjini K.S

Some Aspects of ij-8 Semi open sets in Bitopological Spaces
pp. 4879-4898
A.Edward Samuel and D. Balan


New Exact Solutions for the Generalized Combined Fractional mKdV, KdV Partial Differentional Equations with Variable Coefficients Using a new Fractional Sub-equation Method
pp. 4899-4910
Hussam E. Hashim and Sherif El Bendary

A Mathematical Notion Of A Package Of Level Markov-Post Algorithms For Word Processing
pp. 4911-4917
Nikolay K. KOSOVSKII and Tatiana M. KOSOVSKAYA

A Mathematics Dimension of Pilgrimage
pp. 4919-4922

Contact problem decision for airframe assembly simulation in case of non-conformal meshes in a junction area
pp. 4923-4935
A. Avramenko, O. Agafonova and H. Haario

A Review On The Comparative Roles Of Mathematical Softwares In Fostering Scientific And Mathematical Research
pp. 4937-4948
Emetere Moses Eterigho and Sanni Eshorame Samuel

Analysis of a Preemptive Priority Retrial Queue with two Types of Customers, Single Vacation and Service Interruption
pp. 4949-4968
S.Yuvarani and M.C. Saravanarajan

Hybrid Method For Moving Object Exploration In Dynamic Scene: A Study
pp. 4969-4974
Shiyamala. R, Sathyabama. R and Bharathi. B

Numerical Modelling For time fractional nonlinear partial differential equation by Homotopy Analysis Fractional Sumudu Transform Method
pp. 4975-4996
Rishi Kumar Pandey and Hradyesh Kumar Mishra

A Review On Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm And Its Devolopments
pp. 4997-5018
Dileep M V and Surekha Kamath


Correction and generalization: “Fixed points of a_admissible Meir-Keeler contraction mappings on quasi-metric spaces”
pp. 5019-5026
Mecheraoui Rachid


WZI rings and strong regularity
pp. 5027-5034
Sang Bok Nam, Hee Tae Lee, Yong Kwon Lee and Sang Jo Yun

Identities for Carlitz’s twisted (h, q)-Euler numbers and polynomials associated with p-adic q-integral on Zp
pp. 5035 - 5041
C. S. Ryoo

Odd Vertex Skolem Difference Odd Mean Labeling of Graphs
pp. 5043-5056
R. Vasuki and J. Venkateswari

Numerical modeling of flow around a wind turbine using a fast method based on depth-averaged equations
pp. 5057-5073
A. Avramenko, O. Agafonova and J. Sorvari

A Hybrid Markov Chain Model of Manpower Data
pp. 5075-5088
Rahela Rahim, Haslinda Ibrahim, Sahubar Ali Nadhar Khan and Shafawati Saad

Impact of Transmission Zeros Spectrum on the Nature of Transient Process in the Scalar Control Systems with Binomail Law of Poles Distribution
pp. 5089-5098
Dmitry Nikolayevich Demyanov

Elastoplastic Model of Deformation of Three- Dimensional Bodies in Terms of Large Strains
pp. 5099-5108
Ruslan L. Davydov, Lenar U. Sultanov, Veronika S. Kharzhavina

Constructions of generators in K* (SU(N) / SU(2)) for some irreducible representations SU(2)
pp. 5109-5119
D.V. Derkatch; E.V. Ivaschenko, V.A, Kozlov, E.N. Kumshaev and А.А.Savadova

Comparative Analysis of the Publication Activity Level of the Leading Russian Universities Conducted in Reliance on Web of Science and Scopus databases
pp. 5121-5133
Vladimir M.Moskovkin, Andrey D.Zdorovtsev, Sizyoongo Munenge and Andrey P.Peresypkin

Approximate methods for the equations with fractional differential operator
pp. 5133-5144
Anis F. Galimyanov, Valeriya L. Vorontsova and Tatiana Yu. Gorskaya

Mathematical models describing the motion of the air material flow
pp. 5145-5152
Valery Anatolievich Uvarov, Tatyana Nikolaevna Orekhova, Alex Vladimirovich Uralskij, Andrey Viktorovich Durachenko and Evgenii Olegovich Sheremet

Calculation of Incompressible Hyperelastic Bodies
pp. 5153-5162
Alisa Ilgamovna Abdrakhmanova Lenar Usmanovich Sultanov and Lenar Rustamovich Fakhrutdinov

A Novel Data Mining Approach for Intrusion Detection System with SVM & GA Model
pp. 5163-5173
S.Vijayarangam and A.Rajesh


Strong and -convergence theorems for total asymptotically nonexpansive mappings in hyperbolic spaces
pp. 5175- 5193
Ramesh Prasad Pathak, Samir Dashputre, Shailesh Dhar Diwan and Rajlaxmi Gupta

Blow up solutions for a general Gierer-Meinhardt system with m components
pp. 5195-5201
Hichem Louafi

Some Best Proximity Point and Fixed Point Theorems via Generalized Cyclic Contraction in G-Metric Spaces
pp. 5203-5222
Deepak Singh, Vishal Joshi and Jong Kyu Kim


A Wavelet based approach for Image Deblurring
pp. 5223-5232
S.Prabakaran and K.Deepa

A Survey on Algorithms in Association rule mining
pp. 5233-5240
S.Irin Sherly, S.Hemamalini, V.Mahalakshmi and T.Keerthika


Approximating the Parameters φ Through Bayes for Generalized Compound Rayleigh Distribution with Quadratic Loss
Uma Srivastava, Satya Prakash and Parul Yadav