Global Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics (GJPAM)



Volume 12  Number 1  (2016)





Inverse Perfect Domination in Graphs
pp. 1-10
Daisy P. Salve and Enrico L. Enriquez

Optimizing the Coordinates Position for Optimal Placement of ZigBee for Power Monitoring From Remote Location
pp. 11-17
Narendra B Soni, SMIEE, Kamal Bansal and Devendra Saini

Method for Assessment of Sectoral Efficiency of Investments Based on Input-Output Models1
pp. 19-32
Anton Kogan

Connection of two nodes of a transportation network by two disjoint paths
pp. 33-55
Ilya Abramovich Golovinskii

A mathematical model of thyroid tumor
pp. 55-66
Eugeny Petrovich Kolpak, Inna Sergeevna Frantsuzova and Kabrits Sergey Alexandrovich

Trigonometrically-fitted explicit four-stage fourth-order Runge–Kutta–Nyström method for the solution of initial value problems with oscillatory behavior
pp. 67–80
M. A. Demba and N. Senu and F. Ismail

Functions fixed by a weighted Berezin transform
pp. 81-86
Jaesung Lee

TravelingWave Solutions for the Nonlinear BoussinesqWaterWave Equation
pp. 87-93

On strongly left McCoy rings
pp. 95–104
Sang Jo Yun, Sincheol Lee, Sung Ju Ryu, Yunho Shin and Hyo Jin Sung

On convergence theorems for new classes of multivalued hemicontractive-type mappings
pp. 105-116
Samir Dashputre and Apurva Kumar Das

pp. 117-124
Suyash Narayan Mishra, Piyush Kumar Tripathi and Manisha Gupta

Equitable, restrained and k-domination in intuitionistic fuzzy graphs
pp. 125–145
G. Thamizhendhi and R. Parvathi

Inverse Secure Domination in Graphs
pp. 147–155
Enrico L. Enriquez and Edward M. Kiunisala

Theoretical Foundations Of Using Econometric Methods Of Time Series Forecasting
pp. 157-166
Andrey Nikolayevich Zharov, Lyudmila Leonidovna Zharova, Nadezhda Aleksandrovna Stashevskaya, Nikolay Vladimirovich Petukhov and Nadiya Il’yasovna Khairova

Applicability of Software Testing Methods to Software and Hardware Data Security Tools
pp. 167-190
Tatiana Mikhailovna Kanner

Chemical Reaction, Radiation And Dufour Effects On Casson Magneto Hydro Dynamics Fluid Flow Over A Vertical Plate With Heat Source/Sink
pp. 191-200
N.Vedavathi, G.Dharmaiah, K.S.Balamurugan and G. Charan Kumar

Mathematical Model of Fluid Filtration to Horizontal Well in Tight Heterogeneous Formation
pp. 201-212
Nurlan Tobahanovich Azhikhanov, Karlygash Tanbaevna Bisembaeva, Bagdat Mahmutovich Temirov and Nurseit Muhidinovich Zhunissov

A mathematical model of a diesel engine for simulation modelling of the control system
pp. 213-228
Aleksandr Gavriilovich Kuznetsov, Sergey Viktorovich Kharitonov and Dmitriy Sergeevich Vornychev

Specific features of the settings of a power swing control system in digital substations. Permissible values of the tap-off load of the branch under control
pp. 229-241
Lev Grigorievich Lipkin, Vladimir Grigorievich Narovlyanskiy

On the cardinality of optimal t-deletion-correcting binary codes of length 2t+3
pp. 243-251
Milanov Kolev

An Asymptotic Semi-Analytical Method for Third-Order Singularly Perturbed Boundary Value Problems
pp. 253-263
E. R. El-Zahar, A. M. N. Ebady and H. M. Habib

Design and Implementation of Gaussian, Impulse, and Mixed Noise Removal filtering techniques for MR Brain Imaging under Clustering Environment
pp. 265-272
Murugan V, Balasubramanian R, Sujatha K and Ananth K.R

On Some Labelings Of Barbell Graph
pp. 273-280
P. Agasthi, N. Parvathi and K. Thirusangu

Enhancing The Movement Of People And Goods In A Potential World Class University Using Transportation Model
pp. 281-294
Agarana M. C., Owoloko E. A. and Kolawole A. A

The (mod, integral and exclusive) sum number of graph knn-((n+2)k2)
pp. 297-307
R. K. Samal and D. Mishra

The Middle Edge Domination Of Jump Graph
pp. 309-312
M. Karthikeyan and A. Elumalai

Modeling the Heteroscedasticity in Data Distribution
pp. 313-322
Ayodele Abraham Agboluaje, Suzilah bt Ismail and Chee Yin Yip

Indication Of Competitiveness Of The Potential Of The Region Through Hurwitz And Wald Criteria
pp. 325-335
Ekaterina Vladimirovna Tsenina, Tamara Petrovna Danko, Ksenia Valeryevna Ekimova, Vladimir Dmitriyevich Sekerin and Anna Evgenevna Gorohova

Construction and Properties of New Generalized Functions Space ( ( ))  E Rn and Extended Fourier Transformation and Extended Convolution
pp. 337-342
Ramadan Sabra, Mohamed Hasan

Derivation of Block Predictor–Block Corrector Method for Direct Solution of Third Order Ordinary Differential Equations
pp. 343-351
Yahaya Aliyu Abdullahi, Zurni Omar and John Olusola Kuboye

Analytical Methods Of Research Of Convection Process In A Drop
pp. 351-360
V.N. Lesev, L.Kh. Nazarova and O.I. Bzheumikhova

ARAR Algorithm in Forecasting Electricity Load Demand in Malaysia
pp. 361-367
Nor Hamizah Miswan, Nor Hafizah Hussin, Rahaini Mohd Said, Khairum Hamzah and Emy Zairah Ahmad

Prediction Of Rapid Floods From Big Data Using Map Reduce Technique
pp. 369-373
S. Pepitta Kezia and A. Viji Amutha Mary

Amoebiasis Transmission And Life Cycle: A Continuous State Description By Virtue Of Existence And Uniqueness Fidele
pp. 375-390
Fidele Hategekimana, Snehanshu Saha and Anita Chaturvedi

On Bayes Estimates of Lindley Distribution under Linex Loss Function: Informative and Non Informative Priors
pp. 391-400
Farouk Metiri, Halim Zeghdoudi and Mohamed Riad Remita

Around Multivariate Credibility: Properties of the Covariance Matrix
pp. 401-404
Ahlem Djebar, Mohamed Riad Remita and Halim Zeghdoudi

A Simulation Model of Twist Influenced by Fibre Movement inside Yarn on Solenoid Coordinate
pp. 405-412
Valentinus Galih Vidia Putra, M. Farchani Rosyid and Guntur Maruto

A New Dietscheduling Model For Malaysian School Children Using Zero-Oneoptimzation Approach
pp. 413-419
Maselan Ali, SuliadiSufahania and ZuhaimyIsmail

0-Edge Magic Labeling Of Splitting Graph
pp. 421-426
J. Jayapriya

Displacements in Two Welded Monoclinic Half- Spaces due to a Non-Uniform Slip Along a Very Long Strike-Slip Fault
pp. 427-434
Renu Tagra, Jagdish Nandal and Anil Kumar

Generalizations of  -primary gamma-ideal of gamma-rings
pp. 435-444
Mohamed Youssfi Elkettani and Abdulbakee Kasem

Beamforming technique to reduce Interference in Relay Broadcast Channel
pp. 445-452
R.Raja Kumar

Prevention of Eavesdropping in OFDMA Systems
pp. 453-461
R.Raja Kumar

Frequency and Power Allocation of OFDM Systems with proportional rate constraints
pp. 463-471
R.Raja Kumar

On n-power-hyponormal operators
pp. 473-479
Messaoud Guesba and Mostefa Nadir

On properties of the difference between two modified Cp statistics in the nested multivariate linear regression models
pp. 481-491
S. Boonyim,J. Jitthavech and V. Lorchirachoonkul

Biogeography Based Optimization For Unit Commitment With Wind Farms
pp. 493-506
V. Vasudevan and P. Aravindhababu

Secure Restrained Domination in the Join and Corona of Graphs
pp. 507–516
Enrico L. Enriquez

Structural Effects And Their Correlation With Dielectric Responsive And Dissipative Properties Of BSN Ceramics
pp. 517-524
A.G. Abubakarov, L.A. Shilkina, L.A. Reznichenko, A.V. Pavlenko, I.A. Verbenko, M.B.Manuilov, Yu.M. Noykin and Yu.I. Yurasov

Reversible Nonlinearity, Opposite Piezoeffect, Electromechanical And Dielectric Hysteresis In "Ferroelectric-Soft" Multielement Compounds
pp. 525-532
I. N. Andryushina, L. A. Reznichenko, A. G. Abubakarov, K. P. Andryushin, L. A. Shilkina, O. N. Razumovskaya and A. A. Pavelko

Main Types Electric Drives Marine Vessels Of Russia
pp. 533-543
Aleksei Fyodorovich Burkov

Physical Model Of A Heat Mass Transfer In Condensation Surfaces And Its Compliance To Skilled Data
pp. 545-558
Pavel Aleksandrovich Khavanov and Anatoly Sergeevich Chulenyov

The Technological And Design Solutions For Energy Vortex Gas Separation Of The Ventilation And Degasification Emissions From Coal Mines Using Gradient Separators Cjsc Compomash-Tek
pp. 559-574
Valery A. Moiseev, Vladimir G. Piletskii, Vladimir G. Andrienko, Oleg V. Tailakov and Andrey V. Сhentsov

Theoretical basis of head loss definition in hydro cycle
pp. 575-584
Kuralay Ryskadyrovna Jabagiyeva, Abdumanap Abduramanov, Botagoz Kaldibekovna Zhundibaeva and Anar Karataevna Zhumadilova

Solution of problem of heating elements’ location of distributed control objects
pp. 585-602
Yury Volerevich Ilyushin, Dmitry Anatolyevich Pervukhin, Olga Vladimirovna Afanasieva, Mikhail Petrovich Afanasyev and Sergey Viktorovich Kolesnichenko

Thermal calculation of airship hull protection from snow
pp. 603-615
Aleksandr Nikolaevich Kirilin, Anna Aleksandrovna Boldyreva, Sergey Fiodorovich Timushev and Anton Vladimirovich Tsipenko

Modeling of two-dimensional supercritical flow
pp. 617-642
Viktor Nikolaevich Kokhanenko, Mikhail Fedorovich Mitsik, Olga Alekseevna Aleynikova and Elena Vladimirovna Shevchenko

Problems of measurement of high-frequency fields in linear electron accelerators
pp. 643-655
Aleksandr Evgen'evich Novozhilov, Aleksandr Nikolaevich Filatov and Vladimir Kuz'mich Shilov

Formation of a secondary current signal in electron beam welding of dissimilar materials
pp. 657-676
Dmitriy Nikolaevich Trushnikov, Vladimir Yakovlevich Belenkiy and Ekaterina Sergeevna Salomatova

Modelling of physical processes of energy conversion in automobile thermoelectric generators
pp. 677-690
Roman Aleksandrovich Poshekhonov, Alexey Sergeevich Osipkov and Mstislav Olegovich Makeev

Implementation of Soft Error Tolerant Filters for Error Detection and Correction Using ECC
pp. 691-700
S. Sri Jamiya, P. G. Kuppusamy, P. Balavenkateshwarlu and J. T. Arun Ragesh

High Speed Pipeline Architecture Using Mixture of Domino Logic Gates
pp. 701-709
A. Subasri, B. G. Gopal, P. G. Kuppusamy and J. T. Arun Ragesh

Using Proposed Hybrid algorithm for solving The Multi objective Traveling Salesman problem
pp. 711-722
Abdul-Gabbar Khaddar Bakhayt

Implementations of TSP-VRP Variants for Distribution Problem
pp. 723-732
Sapti Wahyuningsih, Darmawan Satyananda and Dahliatul Hasanah

Geo tagged Query based on Privacy Location Services with Three Levels of Security
pp. 733-740
Angel Sweety Sheeba.S and Kavitha Esther Rajakumari

Panel Data Regression Model for Case of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) in Bogor
pp. 741-746
Zamahsary Martha, Budi Susetyo and Muhammad Nur Aidi


SVC Placement for ATC Enhancement using WIPSO Technique
pp. 747-760
R. Sripriya and Dr. R. Neela

Analytical Approach to Exact Solutions for Stochastic Fractional Hirota-Satsuma Coupled KdV Equations
pp. 761-781
Hossam A. Ghany, H. E. Hussain and M. Al Qurashi


Influence of magnetic fluid through a series of flow factors on the performance of a longitudinally rough finite slider bearing
pp. 783–796
G.C. Panchal, H.C. Patel and G.M. Deheri


Lp-Convergence of Lagrange interpolation polynomials with regular symmetric exponential-type weights
pp. 797–822
Hee Sun Jung and Ryozi Sakai

An n-dimensional analysis for predicting long run behavior of stock market trend using Fuzzy Relational Maps
pp. 823-833
Kavitha G, Udhaya Kumar A and Nagarajan D

Stochastic Analysis with Simulation of Time to Hospitalization and Hospitalization Time for Diabetes with 1 out of 2 Defective Organs-Failure and Coxian-2 Observation Time for Prophylactic Treatment
pp. 835-855
Rajkumar A, Gajivaradhan. P and Ramanarayanan R

Stability Of Relative Efficiency In Dea Of Life Insurers And Takaful Operators
pp. 857-874
Rubayah Yakob and Zaidi Isa

Particle Swarm Optimized Fuzzy Control of structure with Tuned Liquid Column Damper
pp. 875-885
Salsala Abubaker, S Nagan and T Nasar

Intelligent Control of DSTATCOM for Voltage Sag Improvement Using Firefly Algorithm Optimized Fuzzy Logic Controller
pp. 887-896
Absal Nabi and N Albert Singh

Linear Sweep Algorithm for Vehicle Routing Problem with Simultaneous Pickup and Delivery between Two Depots with Several Nodes
pp. 897-908
V V Senthil Kumar and R Jayachitra

Soft Generalized Closed Sets in Soft ˇCech Closure Space
pp. 909-916
R. Gowri, G. Jegadeesan

On principally right McCoy rings
pp. 917–926
Sang Jo Yun

On quasi-reduced rings
pp. 927–935
Sang Jo Yun

An improvement of Steffensen's method for solving nonlinear equations
pp. 935-941
N. Gattal and A. S. Chibi

Survey On Accident Avoidance And Privacy Preserving Navigation System In Vehicular Network
pp. 943-949
A. Betsy Felicia and L. Lakshmanan

Beta Exponentiated Mukherjii-Islam Distribution: Mamthematical Study of Different Properties
pp. 951-964
Sabir Ali Siddiqui, Shradha Dwivedi, Peeyush Dwivedi and Masood Alam

Numerical Solutions Of Parabolic Constrained Control Problems
pp. 965-980
M. H. Farag

Tobit and Interval Censored Regression Model
pp. 981-994
Raidani, Liza Setyaning Pertiwi, Dian Yulis Wulandari and Zuhri

Truncated Regression Model and Nonparametric Estimation for Gifted and Talented Education Program
pp. 995-1002
Ferry Safriandi, Liza Setyaning Pertiwi, Aida Fitriani and Zuhri

Airline Revenue Management Under Number of No-Shows Uncertainty
pp. 1003-1012
Zuhri and Liza Setyaning Pertiwi

Symmetric Skew 4-Derivations On Semi Prime Rings
pp. 1013-1018
C. Jaya subba Reddy,S. Vasantha Kumar and S. Mallikarjuna Rao

Non-Invasive Bg Scrutinizer System
pp. 1019-1027
Simhadri Mahesh Kumar, B. Bharathi, Y. Phani Deepu, T. Venkata Jyothi Swaroop and B. Vijit Sai Goud

Operators Generating New Structures On Banach Manifold
pp. 1029-1033
S. C. P. Halakatti and Archana Halijol

Homotopy Analysis Solution of Countercurrent Imbibition Phenomenon in Inclined Homogeneous Porous Medium
pp. 1035-1052
Mahendra A. Patel and N. B. Desai

On bicontinuous functions in strongly pairwise normal spaces
pp. 1053-1060
Hernández J. M and Álvarez L. C.

A Stochastic Approach To Determine Expected Time To Cross Antigenic Diversity Threshold Of HIV Infected Using Smallest Order Statistics
pp. 1061-1068
S. C. Premila and S. Srinivasa Raghavan and S. Parvarthi

A Logical Thinking Analysis through the Euclidean Geometry
pp. 1069-1075
Akhsanul In’am

Content Addressable Memory performance Analysis using NAND Structure FinFET
pp. 1077-1084
Bhuvana. R, Prabhu. V, P. G. Kuppusamy and Bibin. M. R

On Complete Network Measure Manifold
pp. 1085-1094
S. C. P. Halakatti and Akshata Kengangutti

On Measurable Separable-Normal Radon Measure Manifold
pp. 1095-1106
S. C. P. Halakatti and Soubhagya Baddi

A Novel Algorithm For Mobility Of Wireless Sensor Network
pp. 1107-1116
K. Sowarna Lakshmi and N. Srinivasan

Total Vertex and Total Pathos Vertex Semientire Block Graph
pp. 1117-1129
Rajanna N E and Venkanagouda MGoudar

A Monotonic Sequence and Subsequence Approach In Missing Data Statistical Analysis
pp. 1131-1140
S.kanchana and Antony Selvadoss Thanamani

An Efficient Location Based QoS Prediction Mechanism for Web Services
pp. 1141-1150
Viswakarthick J and Prince Mary S

Return Level Value Modeling Of Rainfall And GCM For Extreme Rainfall Prediction In Indramayu Regency
pp. 1151-1159
Tia Fitria Saumi, Aji Hamim Wigena and Anik Djuraidah








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