Global Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics (GJPAM)



Volume 12  Number 3  (2016)





More Exact Solutions of Hirota–Ramani Partial Differential Equations by Applying F-Expansion Method and Symbolic Computation
pp. 1903-1920
S. Koonprasert and M. Punpocha

The K-Exponential Matrix to solve systems of differential equations deformed
pp. 1921-1945
Ruthber Rodríguez Serrezuela, Osmin Ferrer Villar, Jorge Ramirez Zarta and Yefrén Hernández Cuenca

Portfolio risks of bivariate financial returns using copula-VaR approach: A case study on Malaysia and U.S. stock markets
pp. 1947–1964
Ruzanna Ab Razak and Noriszura Ismail

Triangular Tile Rewriting Grammars and Triangular Picture Languages
pp. 1965-1978
S. Kuberal, T. Kalyani and D.G. Thomas

Elastic and Seismic Model for the Generation of Tsunamis via Lattice Boltzmann Method
pp. 1979–1999
Sara Zergani, Z.A. Aziz and K.K. Viswanathan

Inverse Restrained Domination in Graphs
pp. 2001–2009
Teodora J. Punzalan and Enrico L. Enriquez

Application of the Basic Optimal Homotopy Analysis Method to Fingering Phenomenon
pp. 2011–2022
Dipak J. Prajapati and N. B. Desai

Modeling and Optimization of Assets Portfolio with Consideration of Profits Reinvestment
pp. 2023–2033
Irina Leonidovna Kashirina, Tatiana Vasilievna Azarnova, Yulia Valentinovna Bondarenko and Irina Naumovna Shchepina

Support for decision making in planning the personnel development
pp. 2035–2052
Yaroslav Evgenievich Prokushev and Maria Evgenievna Golub

Spectral gap of a mean field type tri-color exclusion process
pp. 2053–2065
Toumi Manel

The Role of Fuzzy -ideals in a Commutative -group
pp. 2067–2074
P. Bharathi and J. Vimala

On Clique Secure Domination in Graphs
pp. 2075-2084
Edward M. Kiunisala and Enrico L. Enriquez

Great Evaluator: An Automated Assessment System for Evaluating Regular Grammars in Automata Theory
pp. 2085–2111
Madhumitha Ramamurthy, Ilango Krishnamurthi and Stanly Mammen

A mathematical model of an intelligent information system for a comparative analysis of European qualification standards
pp. 2113–2132
Vladimir Sergeevich Eremeev and Viacheslav Vladimirovich Osadchyi, Elena Vladimirovna Gulynina and Olga Viktorovna Doneva

Main Reasons of Information Systems Vulnerability
pp. 2133-2142
Alexander V. Revnivykh and Anatoliy M. Fedotov

Average Run Length of Control Chart for ARX(1) Process with Exponential White Noise
pp. 2143-2153
Piyaphon Paichit


Representing pollution in a food chain through bifurcating solutions and spatial patterns

pp. 2155-2174

Pooja Manasi Srinivasa and Anita Chaturvedi

Behavior asymptotic solution of reaction diffusion system with full matrix
pp. 2175–2194
Moumeni Abdelkader and Mebarki Maroua

The singular lim it of weakly compressible multiphase flow
pp. 2197–2210
Hyeonseong Jin

Some results on near-rings with soft properties
pp. 2211–2217
Yong Uk Cho

The inner limit process of slightly compressible multiphase equations
pp. 2219-2241
Hyeonseong Jin

Exact Solutions and Lattice Boltzmann Method Modelling for ShallowWater Equations
pp. 2243–2266
Sara Zergani, Z.A. Aziz and K.K. Viswanathan

The Generalized Triple Difference of 3r Sequence Spaces
pp. 2267–2279
N. Rajagopal, N. Subramanian and P. Thirunavukkarasu

Ticket sales optimization in the conditions of the independent and crossover demand on the basis of economic and mathematical modeling
pp. 2281-2295
Mihail Nikolaevich Dudin and Nikolaj Vasilevich Lyasnikov, Vladimir Dmitriyevich Sekerin and Anna Evgenevna Gorohova and Natalia Victorovna Gayduk

Sensitivity and Stability Analysis of Hepatitis B Virus Model with Non-Cytolytic Cure Process and Logistic Hepatocyte Growth
pp. 2297–2312
Sanoe Koonprasert, Elvin J Moore, and Saowanee Banyatlersthaworn

On Classes of Multivalent Functions Defined in Terms of Katugampola Fractional Derivatives
pp. 2313-2321
Amjad S. Barham

Calculation of harmful impurities formation and the technology of cupola dust-and-gas emission intensive cyclone cleaning from solids and gaseous components
pp. 2323-2333
Mikhail Shmerovich Barkan and Vyacheslav Petrovich Kovshov

Equitable Dominating in an Intunionistic Fuzzy Graphs
pp. 2335-2341
J. John Stephan, A. Muthaiyan and N. Vinoth Kumar

Revisit nonlinear differential equations arising from degenerate Euler numbers
pp. 2343-2348
Taekyun Kim and Jong Jin Seo

A note on Daehee numbers arising from differential equations
pp. 2349-2354
Hyuck In Kwon, Taekyun Kim and Jong Jin Seo

Modeling and Performance Analysis of Hybrid Inverter HVAC System using Colored Hybrid Petri Nets
pp. 2355-2366
Jessie Abraham and D. Neela

Preliminary Study on Safety during Precast Concrete Installation in IBS Construction
pp. 2367-2373
Mohd Faiz Mohammad Zaki, Wan Zuki AzmanWan Muhamad, Afizah Ayob and Muhammad Qayyim Suhaimi

Hardy and Rogers type Contractive condition and common fixed point theorem in Cone 2-metric space for a family of self-maps
pp. 2375-2383
M. Rangamma and P. Rama Bhadra Murthy

On Disjoint Restrained Domination in Graphs
pp. 2385-2394
Romeo C. Alota and Enrico L. Enriquez

Formulation of the Problem of Structural and Parametric Synthesis of Electronic Document Management System of Research and Education Institution
pp. 2395-2409
Mikhail Krasnyanskiy, Andrey Ostroukh, Sergey Karpushkin and Artyom Obukhov

Application Markov Switching Regression (AR)
pp. 2411-2421
Ahmad Subagyo and Teguh Sugiarto

Common Fixed Points of Two Maps in Cone Pentagonal Metric Spaces
pp. 2423-2435
Abba Auwalu and Evren Hınçal

Additive Properties for Measurable Set on Cauntable Union Measurable Set
pp. 2437–2444
Sukoriyanto, Sisworo, and Imam Supeno

Degenerate and non degenerate parametric converter in interaction with a single two-level atom
pp. 2445-2457
E.M. Khalil

Mathematical and numerical analysis of a nonlinear diffusion model for image restoration
pp. 2459-2478
R. Aboulaich, S. Boujena, E. EL Guarmah and M. Ziani

Correctness of data security tools for protection against unauthorized access and their interaction in GNU/Linux
pp. 2479-2501
Andrey Mikhailovich Kanner

Differential equations associated with higher-order Bernoulli numbers of the second kind
pp. 2503-2511
Dae San Kim, Taekyun Kim, Jin-Woo Park and Jong-Jin Seo

Reliability Analysis of Mukherjee–Islam Distribution under three Different Prior Distributions
pp. 2513-2522
Khaliquzzaman Khan

Finite Volume Method forWind-Driven Flow Model in Shallow Off-ShoreWater with Nonlinear Bottom Stress for Various Eddy Viscosities
pp. 2523-2535
S. Koonprasert, T. Korkiatsakul

Differential equations associated with higher-order Frobenius-Euler numbers
pp. 2537-2547
Dae San Kim, Taekyun Kim, Jin-Woo Park and Jong-Jin Seo

Identities arising from differential equations for generalized Laguerre polynomials
pp. 2549-2559
Taekyun Kim, Dae San Kim, Hyuck-In Kwon, Dmitry V. Dolgy and Jong-Jin Seo

Finitness of the point spectrum of transport operator with matricial 2 × 2 potential
pp. 2561-2571
Diaba Fatma, Larribi Naima and Cheremnikh E. V.

Fuzzy inventory model with exponential demand and time-varying deterioration
pp. 2573-2589
N.K. Sahoo, Bhabani S. Mohanty and P.K. Tripathy

Optimization ofWavelet Neural Networks Model by Setting theWeighted Value of Output Through Fuzzy Rules Takagi-Sugeno-Kang (TSK) Type As a Fixed Parameter
pp. 2591-2603
Syamsul Bahri and Widodo and Subanar

Divisor Cordial Labeling in the Context of Graph Operations on Bistar
pp. 2605-2619
M. I. Bosmia and K. K. Kanani

Some identities involving modified degenerate tangent numbers and polynomials
pp. 2621-2630
Cheon Seoung Ryoo

Domination in the Unitary Addition Cayley Graphs
pp. 2631-2634
Cristopher John S. Rosero

Multistage Variational Iteration Method of Temperature Distribution for Annular Fins under PartiallyWet-Dry Surface Condition
pp. 2635-2650
S. Koonprasert and M. Torvattanabun

Optimal Feature Selection of Taguchi Character Recognition in the Mahalanobis-Taguchi System using Bees Algorithm
pp. 2651-2671
Faizir Ramlie, Khairur Rijal Jamaludin, and Rozzeta Dolah and Wan Zuki AzmanWan Muhamad

Completely Monotone and some Related Functions in Hypercomplex Systems
pp. 2673-2682
A. S. Okb El Bab, H. A. Ghany and R. Boshnaaq

Numerical Integration of Highly Oscillating Functions Using Quadrature Method
pp. 2683-2690
K.T. Shivaram and H.T. Prakasha

Some properties of special polynomials arising from p-adic integrals on Zp
pp. 2691-2704
Dae San Kim, Taekyun Kim, Hyuck-In Kwon and Jong-Jin Seo

Seasonal Constrained Vehicle Routing Problem
pp. 2705-2719
K. Vijaya Kumar, P. Madhu Mohan Reddy, C. Suresh Babu and M. Sundara Murthy

A comparison study on the harmonic balance method and rational harmonic balance method for the Duffing-harmonic oscillator

pp. 2721-2732
Md. Alal Hosen, M. S. H. Chowdhury, Mohammad Yeakub Ali and Ahmad Faris Ismail

Projective lag synchronization of the chaotic complex nonlinear systems with uncertain parameters and its applications in secure communications
pp. 2733-2744
Emad E. Mahmoud and S. Abdel-Khalek

Half-Sweep Newton-Gauss-Seidelforimplicit finite difference solution of 1D nonlinear Porous Medium Equations
pp. 2745-2752
J. V. L. Chew and J. Sulaiman

Third-order Composite Runge Kutta Method for Solving Fuzzy Differential Equations
pp. 2753-2764
A. Ramli, R. R. Ahmad, U. K. S. Din and A. R. Salleh






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