indoneGlobal Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics (GJPAM)



Volume 12  Number 4  (2016)





The Description Of Relationship Between Mathematics Charasteristic And Bugis Culture Values
pp. 2765-2775
Irwan Akib

Optimum Allocation of Resources in University Management through Goal Programming
pp. 2777–2784
Jayashree D. N and Harish Babu G. A

A Comprehensive Review of Closed Loop Supply Chain
pp. 2785–2792
P.R. Thiripura Sundari and C. Vijayalakshmi

Riesz basis property and stability of a beam equation with conjugate variables assigned at the same boundary point
pp. 2793–2808
Touré K. Augustin, Koua B. Jean-Claude and Diop Fatou N.

NRR statistic for the extensionWeibull distribution
pp. 2809–2818
W. Treidi and N. Seddik-Ameur

Symmetric properties for the degenerate q-tangent polynomials associated with p-adic integral on Zp
pp. 2819–2827
C. S. Ryoo

Simulation of Characteristics of Thermo-Hydraulic Process in Porous- Net Matrix of Rotary Heat Exchanger
pp. 2829–2838
Ronal’d Aleksandrovich Alekseev and Andrey Veniaminovich Kostukov Aleksandr Romanovich Makarov and Vladimir Gavrilovich Merzlikin

Differential equations associated with Mittag-Leffler polynomials
pp. 2839–2847
Taekyun Kim, Dae San Kim, Lee-Chae Jang and Hyuck In Kwon

On New Subclasses of Analytic Functions with Respect to Conjugate and Symmetric Conjugate Points
pp. 2849–2865
Ajab Bai Akbarally and Nurul Atikah Mohd Isa

Certain Quadruple Integral Equations
pp. 2867–2875
Rajnesh Krishnan Mudaliar and Kuldeep Narain

Stability and bifurcation synthesis in a nonlinear chemostat model
pp. 2877-2899
Hamid Boutanfit, Mustapha Serhani and Ali Boutoulout

The form of solution of ODEs with variable coefficients by means of the integral and Laplace transform
pp. 2901-2904
Hwajoon Kim

Mathematical Model for Improper Modulation Based MIMO Transceiver Under Per Antenna Power Constraint and Imperfect CSI
pp. 2905–2913
C. Manikandan, P. Neelamegam, R. Mathura Janani and P. Noor Mohammed

Differential equations associated with Peters polynomials
pp. 2915-2922
Dae San Kim, Taekyun Kim, Jin-Woo Park and Jong Jin Seo

A Criterion for (mk)-hypercyclic Operators and Weighted Shifts
pp. 2923-2933
Eunsang Kim and Tae Ryong Park

An Optical-Mechanical Analogy And The Problems Of The Trajectory-Wave Dynamics
pp. 2935-2951
Nail Talgatovich Valishin

Nested Chain Movement of length 1 of Beta Number in James Abacus Diagram
pp. 2953-2969
Eman F. Mohomme, Nazihah Ahmad, Haslinda Ibrahim and Ammar Seddiq Mahmood

On the maximum number of limit cycles for a generalization of polynomial Liénard differential systems via averaging theory
pp. 2971–2985
Sabrina Badi, Elouahma Bendib and Amar Makhlouf

Chebyshev-Halley’s Method without Second Derivative of Eight-Order Convergence
pp. 2987–2997
Wartono, M. Soleh, I. Suryani and Muhafzan

Some properties of two dimensional q-tangent numbers and polynomials
pp. 2999–3007
Cheon Seoung Ryoo

Prediction of Crude Oil Prices using Support Vector Regression (SVR) with grid search – cross validation algorithm
pp. 3009–3020
Hasbi Yasin, Rezzy Eko Caraka, Tarno and Abdul Hoyyi

Common fixed point for generalized-(ψ, α, β)-weakly contractive mappings in generalized metric spaces
pp. 3021-3035
Manoj Kumar, Serkan Araci, Anita Dahiya, Asha Rani and Pushpinder Singh

N-duo and SRB rings
pp. 3037–3042
Sang Bok Nam, Hee Tae Lee, and Yong Kwon Lee

Some Properties of Fuzzy S-posets
pp. 3043-3052
Pouyan Khamechi, Leila Nouri and Hossein Mohammadzadeh Saany


An Application of Dynamic Programming Principle for Pricing Multi-assets Barrier Options
pp. 3055–3072
Komang Dharmawan

From triangles to a square
pp. 3073–3081
Jaeyoung Chung and Min-Ku Lee

Fuzzy BP-ideal
pp. 3083–3091
Y. Christopher Jefferson and M. Chandramouleeswaran

Chi-squared goodness-of-fit test for transmuted generalized linear exponential distribution
pp. 3093–3103
K. Aidi and N. Seddik-Ameur

Dynamics of Cholera Transmission with Hyperinfectious State of Bacteria
pp. 3105–3121
Nur Rahmi, Jaharuddin and E. H. Nugrahani

Indexed Norlund Summability Of A Factored Fourier Series-Via-Local Property
pp. 3123-3131
Pankajini Tripathy, B.P.Padhy, B.B.Misra and U.K.Misra

A Mathematical Conflict Resolution Methodology using Logic Scoring of Preference sampled in a Theoretical Medical data
pp. 3133-3142
Aaron Don M. Africa

Blood Sugar Levels of Diabetes Mellitus Patients Modeling with Bayesian Mixture Model Averaging
pp. 3143–3158
Ani Budi Astuti, Nur Iriawan, Irhamah, Heri Kuswanto and Laksmi Sasiarini

NewWeak Findings Upon RSA Modulo of Type N = p2q
pp. 3159–3185
Muhammad Rezal Kamel Ariffin and Normahirah Nek Abd Rahman

Application of polynomial regression models for prediction of stress state in structural elements
pp. 3187-3199
E. Ostertagová, P. Frankovský and O. Ostertag

Methodology and Application of Savitzky-Golay Moving Average Polynomial Smoother
pp. 3201-3210
E. Ostertagová and O. Ostertag


Kleinecke–Shirokov Theorem for Derivations on Banach–Jordan Pairs
pp. 3211–3224
H. Marhnine and C. Zarhouti

Characterizations on the Mazur-Ulam theorem in non-Archimedean fuzzy n-normed spaces
pp. 3225–3237
Dongseung Kang and Heejeong Koh

On supercritical flows around airfoil with shock waves
pp. 3239–3246
Ernest G. Shifrin

To subsonic flow around the wing profile with shock waves in supersonic zones. Equation for stream function
pp. 3247-3251
Ernest G. Shifrin

Paramters Estimation of Compound Rayleigh Distribution under an Adaptive Type-II Progressively Hybrid Censored Data for Constant Partially Accelerated Life Tests
pp. 3253-3273
G. A. Abd-Elmougod and Emad E. Mahmoud

On surfaces in R3
pp. 3275-3283
Joon-Sik Park, HyunWoong Kim and Ju-Wan Han

Designing Basic Variables as Linguistic States with Multiple Channel Queueing Models and Supply Priorities In Uncertainty Environment
pp. 3285–3295
Zeina Mueen, Razamin Ramli and Nerda Zura Zaibidi

The form of solution of Dirichlet problem for the heat equation by using Elzaki transform
pp. 3297–3303
Youngsik Lee and Hwajoon Kim

Lasso and Ridge Quantile Regression using Cross Validation to Estimate Extreme Rainfall
pp. 3305–3314
Hilda Zaikarina, Anik Djuraidah, and Aji HamimWigena

Transformation of the Navier-Stokes Equations in Curvilinear Coordinate Systems with Maple
pp. 3315–3325
Surattana Sungnul

A locally convex topology and an inner product1
pp. 3327-3338
José Aguayo, Samuel Navarro and Miguel Nova

Stability analysis of a coupled system of nonlinear fractional differential equations
pp. 3339-3355
Sabah Yessaad Mokhtari and Lamine Nisse

On Almost Strongly Prime Submodules
pp. 3357-3366
Malik Bataineh, Rashid Abu-Dawwas and Khalid Bdarneh


Blow-up for Discretization of some Semilinear Parabolic Equations with a Convection Term
pp. 3367–3394
N’Guessan Koffi and Diabate Nabongo, and Toure Kidjegbo Augustin

Conditional energy stability of the zero solution to the boundary-initial value problem
pp. 3395–3400
Bahloul Tarek and Bouzit Mohamed

A Note on Heuristic Analog of Cline’s Formula
pp. 3401–3405
Anatoliy Shmyrin, Nikolay Mishachev and Eugene Trofimov

On degenerate numbers and polynomials related to the Stirling numbers and the Bell polynomials
pp. 3407–3413
Cheon Seoung Ryoo

Performance Analysis of Half-sweep SOR Iteration with Rotated Nonlocal Arithmetic Mean Scheme for 2D Nonlinear Elliptic Problems
pp. 3415-3424
M. U. Alibubin, A. Sunarto, M.K.M. Akhir and J. Sulaiman

Boundary value problems with boundary jumps for singularly perturbed differential equations of conditionally stable type in the critical case
pp. 3425-3432
Duisebek Nurgabyl, Farzana Boribekova and Gulshat Nurgabylova

Developing Character Building Learning Model Using Mobile Augmented Reality On Elementary School Student In Central Java
pp. 3433-3444
Achmad Buchori, Punaji Setyosari, I Wayan Dasna and Saedah Ulfa

Linear Reciprocating Generator - Sizing Equations and Mathematical Model
pp. 3445-3462
Vladimir Ivanovich Goncharov, Yevgeniy Viktorovich Yezhov, Vasiliy Germanovich Chirkin and Sergey Vladimirovich Shirinskii and Dmitry Anatolyevich Petrichenko

Optimal Control Feedback Nash in The Scalar Infinite Non-cooperative Dynamic Game with Discount Factor
pp. 3463-3468
Nilwan Andiraja, Rado Yendra, Ari Pani Despina, Rahmadeni and Ahmad Fudholi

Caputo’s Implicit Solution of Time-Fractional Diffusion Equation Using Half-Sweep AOR Iteration
pp. 3469-3479
A. Sunart,J. Sulaiaman and A. Saudi

“The Turkish Vector” Influence on Teaching the Exact Disciplines in Modern Educational System of Kazakhstan: on the Example of Teaching Algebra and Mathematics
pp. 3481-3491
Alma E. Abylkasymova, Zhanara M. Nurmukhamedova, Dilara M. Nurbaeva and Lyazzat D. Zhumalieva

Composite Mendeleev’s Quadratures for Solving a Linear Fredholm Integral Equation of The Second Kind
pp. 3493–3498
Ilis Suryani, M. Imran and M. D. H. Gamal

Solving Fractional Proportional Delay Integro Differential Equations of First Order by Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Space Method
pp. 3499–3516
Asma AlHabees and Banan Maayah

Quantile Regression with Elastic-net in Statistical Downscaling to Predict Extreme Rainfall
pp. 3517–3524
Tri Budi Novia Cahyani, Aji HamimWigena and Anik Djuraidah

Simulation Of Thermal Processes At Electron-Beam Welding With Beam Splitting
pp. 3525-3534
Tatiana V. Olshanskaya, Ekaterina S. Salomatova and Dmiriy N. Trushnikov

Investigation Of Dynamic Positioning Of The Elec-tron Beam On The Chemical Composition Of Weld In Electron Beam Welding
pp. 3535-3543
Ekaterina S. Salomatova, Dmiriy N. Trushnikov, Tatiana V. Olshanskaya and Vladimir Ya. Belenkiy

On systems of nonlinear functional differential equations of fractional multi-order
pp. 3545–3558
R. Sari and L. Nisse

On Cordial Labeling: Gluing of Paths and Quadrilateral Snake Graphs on Cycle Graph
pp. 3559–3567
P. Selvaraju and B. Nirmala Gnanam Pricilla

Modeling Gamma-Pareto Distributed Data Using GLM Gamma
pp. 3569–3575
Herlina Hanum, Aji HamimWigena and Anik Djuraidah and IWayan Mangku

Reduce convention for Large Data Base Using Mathematical Progression
pp. 3577-3584
D.Saravanan and A.Ronald Tony

An interactive fuzzy programming approach for the two-level linear programming problem with many leaders

pp. 3585–3600
M. Borza &A. S. Rambely

Metacognitive Skills and Grade Point Average
pp. 3601–3607
Herry Agus Susanto, Erika Laras Astutiningtyas and Veronika Unun Pratiwi

Mathematical Models of Single Population
pp. 3609–3619
Eugeny Petrovich Kolpak, Mariia Vladimirovna Stolbovaia and Inna Sergeevna Frantsuzova

Signed Chip-firing games on weighted graphs
pp. 3621–3629
J.-H. Park

A New Approach for Image Encryption in the Modified RSA Cryptosystem Using MATLAB
pp. 3631-3640
Karrar Dheiaa Mohammed AlSabti and Hayder Raheem Hashim


Computational study on convective flows in presence of chemical reaction and thermal radiation in porous/non-porous cavities
pp. 3641–3671
Sabyasachi Mondal and Precious Sibanda

Measure zero stability problem for Jensen type functional equations
pp. 3673–3682
Chang-Kwon Choi and Bogeun Lee

Humanistic Mathematics Learning Assisted by Interactive CD using SAVI approach to Increase Students’ Critical Thinking Skill
pp. 3683–3692
Rasiman, Kartinah, Dina P., and F.X. Didik

Time Truncated Group Chain Sampling Plans for Rayleigh Distribution
pp. 3693–3699
Mohd Azri Pawan Teh, Nazrina Aziz and Zakiyah Zain

Assessment of Mathematics Lecturers’ Competencies in The Application of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Mathematics Instruction in Tertiary Institutions
pp. 3701–3726
Justin J. O. Ezeugwu, Rev. Fr. Dr. G.C. Abiogu, Ebere Ibeh, Uchenna D. Asogwa, Emmanuel Nwangwu and John Egrinya Afufu

Effect of Mathematics Game-based Instructional Techniques on Students’Achievements and Interest in Algebra at Basic Education Level
pp. 3727-3744
Justin J.O. Ezeugwu, J.C. Onuorah, Uchenna D. Asogwa and Ikemsinachi Prince Ukoha

Indonesian Financial Data Modeling and Forecasting by Using Econometrics Time Series and Neural Network
pp. 3745-3757
Sukono, Yuyun Hidayat, Suhartono, Brodjol Sutijo, Abdul Talib Bin Bon and Sudradjat Supian

Induced Planar Homologies in Epipolar Geometry
pp. 3759-3773
Georgi Hristov Georgiev, Vencislav Dakov Radulov


Partially Statistical Test of Parameter Spline Truncated in Nonlinear Structural Equation Modeling (SEM)
pp. 3775-3786
Rulianaa, I Nyoman Budiantara, Bambang Widjanarko Otok,Wahyu Wibowo

Rational Block Method for the Numerical Solution of First Order Initial Value Problem I: Concepts and Ideas
pp. 3787-3808
Teh Yuan Ying, Zurni Omar and Kamarun Hizam Mansor

Rational Block Method for the Numerical Solution of First Order Initial Value Problem II: A-Stability and L-Stability
pp. 3809-3829
Teh Yuan Ying, Zurni Omar and Kamarun Hizam Mansor

Optimizationof Directional and Energetic Properies of Deffarction Antenna
pp. 3845-3864
Aleksandr Vitalievich Ostankov, Sergey Anatolievich Antipov Konstantin Aleksadrovich Razinkin

A Typology of Strategies in Solving Algebraic Equations Problems
pp. 3865-3872






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