Global Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics (GJPAM)



Volume 12  Number 5  (2016)






Existence of solution for an elliptic problem involving p(x)-Laplacian in RN
pp. 3873–3883
Abdelmalek Brahim, Djellit Ali and Ghannem Lahcen

Eigenvalues and eigenfunctions of a non-local boundary value problem of Sturm–Liouville differential equation
pp. 3885–3893
A. M. A El-Sayed, Zaki. F. A. EL-Raheem and N. A. O. Buhalima

Modelling Childhood Disease Outbreak in a Community with Inflow of Susceptible and Vaccinated New-born
pp. 3895-3916
Timothy Kiprono Yano, Oluwole Daniel Makinde and David Mumo Malonza

Neighborhood Factor Structures
pp. 3817-3922
Anatoliy Shmyrin, Semyon Blyumin and Anastasia Kosareva

Domain Based Clustering Analysis Technique for Huge Datasets
pp. 3923–3932
M. Premalatha and K. Mohanaprasad

Multiple (h, q)-tangent polynomials and (h, q)-tangent zeta functions
pp. 3933–3940
C. S. Ryoo

A Modified Group Chain Sampling Plans for Lifetimes Following a Rayleigh Distribution
pp. 3941-3947
Aiman Fikri Jamaludin and Zakiyah Zain and Nazrina Aziz

An Isomorphism of Partitioning Hamiltonian Circuits in Complete Graphs
pp. 3949-3957
Maizon Mohd Darus, Haslinda Ibrahim and Sharmila Karim

On the reliability and stability of direct explicit Runge-Kutta integrators
pp. 3959-3975
Mohammed S. Mechee, Zahir M. Hussain and Hind Rustum Mohammed

Optimum Spatial Weighted in Small Area Estimation
pp. 3977-3989
Asfar, Anang Kurnia and Kusman Sadik

The Countably Lipschitz Integral
pp. 3991-3999
Ch. Rini Indrati and Lina Aryati

Mathematical Simulation of Indoor Wireless Networks
pp. 4001-4010
Alexander V. Gureev, Yury I. Shtern, Maxim Y. Shtern Thurain Tun and Ivan S. Karavaev

Relative Risk Estimation of Tuberculosis with Standardized Morbidity Ratio in Malaysia
pp. 4011–4019
Ijlal Mohd Diah, Nazrina Aziz and Nazihah Ahmad

Riesz Almost
(λmiμneϒkj) Lacunary Г3Rλmiμneϒkj sequence spaces defined by a Orlicz function
pp. 4021–4039
P. Thirunavukkarasu, N. Subramanian and N. Rajagopal

The sum of k distanced tribonacci numbers
pp. 4041–4055
Eunmi Choi

A note on degenerate Changhee-Genocchi polynomials and numbers
pp. 4057–4064
Hyuck-In Kwon, Taekyun Kim and Jin-Woo Park

Some symmetric properties about Carlitz’s type (h, q)-tangent zeta function
pp. 4065–4074
C. S. Ryoo

Interaction of Adjacent Isentropic Gas Flows in Prandtl-Meyer’s Wave and in The Field of Quasi-One-Dimensional Flow
pp. 4075-4087
Pavel Viktorovich Bulat and Mikhail Vladimirovich Chernyshev

Fuzzy Multi-Period Models for Optimizing an Institution’s Project Portfolio Inclusive of Risks and Corporate Social Responsibility
pp. 4089-4105
Lev Solomonovich Mazelis, Konstantin Sergeevich Solodukhin Aleksandr Dmitrievich Tarantaev and Andrey Yakovlevich Chen

Predicting Non Inertia frame related by Speed of Bobbin Compared by Speed of Rotor
pp. 4107–4114
Arief Dewanto and Totong and Valentinus Galih Vidia Putra


Well posedness and solitons stability for a 1D Benney-Luke Model of Higher order
pp. 4115–4152
José R. Quintero and O. Montoya

The solution of Black-Scholes terminal value problem by means of Laplace transform
pp. 4153–4158
Byoungook Shin and Hwajoon Kim

The method to find a basis of Euler-Cauchy equation by transforms
pp. 4159–4165
Hwajoon Kim

A Reduced Form of the Three Factor Valuation Model
pp. 4167–4181
Betiglu Mezgebu Dibessa, Philip Ngare and George Otieno Orwa

Electroviscous potential flow analysis for two bounded fluids streaming with mass and heat transfer in a porous medium
pp. 4183–4201
T. M. N. Metwaly, H.S. Bauomy and K. S. Nisar

Fidelity Issue of Engineering Analysis and Computer Aided Calculations in Sign Models of Dynamic Systems
pp. 4203-4217
Afanasy Vladimirovich Zubov, Andrei Yurievich Murashko, Leonid Gerasimovich Kolyada and Ekaterina Aleksandrovna Volkova Olga Aleksandrovna Zubova

A New Operational Matrix of Orthonormal Bernstein Polynomials and Its Applications
pp. 4219-4232
Abdelkrim Bencheikh, Lakhdar Chiter and Abbassi Hocine


Homomorphism in a Bipolar - Valued Q - Fuzzy Subring
pp. 4233-4241
Mourad Oqla Massa'deh and As'ad Mahmoud Alnaser

Queueing Delay Analysis of CDF-based Scheduling with G/M/1 Queue Approximation
pp. 4243–4251
Yoora Kim

On Elements of Split Quaternions over Zp
pp. 4253–4271
Shin Min Kang, Mobeen Munir, Abdul Rauf Nizami, Muazzam Ali and Waqas Nazeer

On T -Equivalence of Some Families of Ladder-Type Graphs
pp. 4273–4284
Young Chel Kwun, Mobeen Munir, Abdul Rauf Nizami, Waqas Nazeer and Shin Min Kang

New Statistical Test for Testing Several Correlation Matrices
pp. 4285-4298
Tareq A. M. Atiany and Shamshuritawite Sharif

Application of Fuzzy 𝑿 ̅̃−𝑺 ̃Charts for Solder Paste Thickness
pp. 4299-4315
Nur Ain Zafirah Ahmad Basri, Mohd Saifullah Rusiman, Rozaini Roslan, Mahathir Mohamad and Kamil Khalid

Quasi-controlling of chaotic discrete dynamical systems
pp. 4317–4323
Boukhalfa el-hafsi and Laskri Yamina

Numerical solution for solving scheduling problem
pp. 4325–4333
Omar Selt

Numerical Investigation of Thermal Stability in a Reactive Sphere of Variable Thermal Conductivity
pp. 4335-4347
Ramoshweu Solomon Lebelo, Oluwole Daniel Makinde and Kazeem Oare Okosun.

Numerical Treatment of a Generalized Black-Scholes Model for Options Pricing in an Illiquid Financial Market with Transactions Costs
pp. 4349–4361
Francis Agana, Oluwole Daniel Makinde and David Mwangi Theuri

Identities of symmetry for degenerate Bernoulli polynomials and generalized falling factorial sums
pp. 4363–4383
Tae Kyun Kim, Dae San Kim, Dmitry V. Dolgy, Hyuck-In Kwon and Jong-Jin Seo

Some identities of symmetry for the degenerate q-Bernoulli polynomials under symmetry group of degree n
pp. 4385–4394
Taekyun Kim, D. V. Dolgy, Lee-Chae Jang, Hyuck-In Kwon and Jong-Jin Seo

On free field realizations of affine Lie superalgebras of type B(m, n)(1)
pp. 4395–4404
Namhee Kwon

Time Complexity of K-Means and K-Medians Clustering Algorithms in Outliers Detection
pp. 4405–4418
Paul Inuwa Dalatu

Mathematical Modeling of the Robot Manipulator with Four Degrees of Freedom
pp. 4419-4429
Tatiana Victorovna Zudilova, Sergei Evgenievich Ivanov

Designing a Learning Media using Matlab for Matrix and Its Operations
pp. 4431-4441
Binur Panjaitan

A Predator-Prey Mathematical Model in a Limited Area
pp. 4443-4453
Eugeny Petrovich Kolpak, Mariia Vladimirovna Stolbovaia and Inna Sergeevna Frantsuzova

Development and Study of the Nearest Neighbors Weighing Formulae for Documentary Data Classification
pp. 4455-4466
Artem Borodkin, Evgeny Lisin, Vladimir Tolcheev and Vladislav Korkin

Symmetric identities of modified q-Euler polynomials under the symmetric group of degree n
pp. 4467–4474
Jongkyum Kwon

On the Convergence of Generalized Overlapping Domain Decomposition Methods in the Continuous and Discrete cases
pp. 4475–4493
Hanène Boussaha and Ahmed-Salah Chibi

Approximate Controllability for the Parabolic Equations of the Fourth Order
pp. 4495–4509
Rezzoug Imad and Ayadi Abdelhamid

On poly-tangent numbers and polynomials and distribution of their zeros
pp. 4411–4425
Cheon Seoung Ryoo

Balanced Biclique Polynomial of Graphs
pp. 4427–4433
Rosalio G. Artes, Jr. and Regimar A. Rasid

A Comparative Analysis on the Performance of Lehman type II Inverse Gaussian Model and Standard Inverse Gaussian Model in Terms of Flexibility
pp. 4535-4552
Ajitoni S. Amusan and Zarina M. Khalid


Mathematical Description of Fractioning Curves as a Basis for Balance Modeling of Oil Feedstock Refining Processes
pp. 4553-4568
Khusain Magamedovich Kadiev, Sergei Gavrilovich Gagarin, Natalia Vladimirovna Oknina and Malkan Khusainovna Kadieva, Alexander Evgenievich Batov

Mathematic Model for Spectral Characteristics of Respiratory Sounds Registered in Trachea Region
pp. 4569-4578
Artem Shamilyevich Bureev, Ekaterina Yuryevna Dikman, Dmitry Sergeevich Zhdanov, Ivan Yuryevich Zemlyakov and Mikhail Sergeevich Kutsov

Differential equations associated with Genocchi polynomials
pp. 4579-4585
Seonhee Kim, Byung-Moon Kim and Jongkyum Kwon

On Strongly Generalized w-closed Sets In w-spaces
pp. 4587-4595
Won Keun Min and Young Key Kim

Transitions to Chaos in a 3-Dimensional Map
pp. 4597-4611
A. Djerrai






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