Global Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics (GJPAM)




Volume 13  Number 11  (2017)




Web Interaction Mining Using Adaptive Feature Selection Based Improved Extreme Learning Machine (AFS-IELM) Classifier

pp. 7695-7707

B. Kaviyarasu and A. V. Senthil Kumar


Estimation for Unknown Parameters of the Burr Type-XII Distribution Based on an Adaptive Progressive Type-II Censoring Scheme

pp. 7709-7723

Montaser M. Amein


Component Based Testing using the Software Development Cycle

pp. 7725-7734

R. Saradha and X. Mary Jesintha


Identification of Adverse Drug Reaction By Apriori Association Rule Learning

pp. 7735-7747

Deepa Lakshmi. K. M and Vijaya M. S.


Estimation of the Parameters of a Linear regression System Using the Simple Averaging Method

pp. 7749–7758

Kikawa R. Cliff and Kalema M. Billy


Parameter Identification for the Gumel-Mickens HIV Transmission Model under Missing Observable Data

pp. 7759–7770

Mercy Ngungu, Cliff Richard Kikawa and Andrew Chikondi Mkolesia and Michael Yu Shatalov


Finite Element Simulation, Characterization and Transportation of Magnetic Nanoparticles under the Impact of Magnetic Field in Blood Vessels

pp. 7771-7784

Norma Binti Alias, Akhtar Ali, Ali Taha, Sakinah Abdul Hannan and Abdullah Aysh Dahwi


Determination of Parameters on Process Capability Indices Sampling Plan

pp. 7785-7794

D. K. Gangeshwer, T. L. Verma and Manish Pandey


Generalized Polynomials IV

pp. 7795-7803

Anwar Habib


Lauricella hypergeometric and Pearson’s system of partial difference equations

pp. 7805–7818

V. Esther Arokkia Rani and J. Daphy Louis Lovenia


On marker set distance cospectral graphs

pp. 7819–7827

Medha Itagi Huilgol and S. Anuradha


Stochastic Interpretation for Whack-A-Mole Model

pp. 7829-7841

Euich Miztani


A Comparitive Study on M/M/1 and M/M/C Queueing Models Using Monte Carlo Simulation

pp. 7843-7853

S.Shanmugasundaram and P.Banumathi


Bifurcations of an economic dynamics of a modified Kaldor type in two dimensions
pp. 7855–7877
Nindjin Aka Fulgence, N’Guessan Tetchi Albin, Okou Hypolithe and Tia Thiban

S* Control Chart in Screw Quality Assessment
pp. 7879-7887
Shamshuritawati Sharif, Suzilah Ismail and Zurni Omar

Contractivity of entire functions of semigroup in the LP– spaces
pp. 7889-7904
Ahmed Himadan Ahmed

The Spatial Visual Reproduction Of Vocational High School Students To Construct Cube
pp. 7905-7920
Zuraidah and Supratman A.M

Cubic B-spline Solution of Two-point Boundary Value Problem Using HSKSOR Iteration
pp. 7921-7934
M. N. Suardi, N. Z. F. M. Radzuan and J. Sulaiman

Numerical Solution for System of Second Kind Fredholm Integral Equations by using Quadrature Scheme and HSKSOR Iteration
pp. 7935-7946
N. Z. F. M. Radzuan, M. N. Suardi and J. Sulaiman

On the Forcing Vertex Steiner Number of A Graph
pp. 7947-7954
J.John and A.Arockiamary

New fixed point theorems for tf type contractive conditions
pp. 7955–7962
A.K. Dubey, Urmila Mishra and Rita Pal

Weyl Spectrum of a Composition operators on
pp. 7963–7968
Shallu Sharma and B. S. Komal

Controllability Results for Nonlinear Higher Order Fractional Delay Dynamical Systems with Distributed Delays in Control
pp. 7969–7989
Sivabalan, M. and Sathiyanathan, K.

Positive and Associative Implicative Filters of Lattice Wajsberg Algebras
pp. 7891-7898
A. Ibrahim and Basheer Ahamed Mohideen

Two Node Tandem Queueing Model with Direct Arrivals to Both the Service Stations Having State and Time Dependent Phase Type Service
pp. 7999-8023
J. Durga Aparajitha and K. Srinivasa Rao

Numerical Investigation of a Channel Flow with Third Grade Fluid in the Presence of Magnetic Field
pp. 8025-8038
Manju Agarwal, Vivek Joseph, Ramesh Yadav and Parul Saxena


Exact Solutions for a Two-Parameter Rayleigh Distribution

pp. 8039–8051

A.C. Mkolesia, C.R. Kikawa and M.Y. Shatalov


Multivariate Gaussian Estimation: The Principle of n−Cross Sections

pp. 8053–8064

A.C. Mkolesia, C.R. Kikawa and M.Y. Shatalov


Analytical Solution of A Differential Equation that Predicts the Weather Condition by Lorenz Equations Using Homotopy Perturbation Method

pp. 8065-8074

S. Muthukumar, C. Thangapandi, S. Mahalakshmi and M. Veeramuni


New nano generalized classes of τR(X)

pp. 8075–8084

I. Rajasekaran, T. Siva Subramania Raja and O. Nethaji


αIg-Homeomorphism and α*Ig-Homeomorphism in Ideal Topological Spaces

pp. 8085-8092

S.Maragathavalli and D.Vinodhini


The Class of Absolute Square K-Paranormal Operator


S. Meena and J. Vernold Vivin







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