Global Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics (GJPAM)



Volume 13  Number 2  (2017)






Cost-Benefit Analysis of Two Non-Identical Units Cold Standby System Subject to Heavy Rain with Partially Operative after Repair
pp. 137-147
Narender Singh, Dalip Singh and Ashok kumar Saini

Metric Dimension of Some Path Related Graphs1
pp. 149-157
Maryam M. AlHoli, Omar A. AbuGhneim and Hasan Al-Ezeh

A Correlative Information-Theoretic Measure for Image Similarity
pp. 159-169
Farah M. Altufaili, Hind Rustum Mohammed and Zahir M. Hussain

Temperature distribution in Symmetric SUB-Manifold Structures of N- Dimensions
pp. 171-178
Suyash Narayan Mishra, Piyush Tripathi and Manisha Gupta

A Characterization of Uniform Extending Modules as a Finite Direct Sum of Modules
pp. 179-182
Nidhi Mishra and U.K.Khedlekar

An Application of Legendre Wavelet in Fractional Electrical Circuits
pp. 183-202
Ritu Arora and N. S. Chauhan

Intuitionistic Fuzzy Linear Fractional Programming Problem
pp. 203-214
S. Muruganandam and P. Ambika

The relation between wiener index and Nandu sequence of SM family of Graphs
pp. 215–224
Manilal K, Sreekumar K.G and Latha Devi Santhoshkumar

Numerical Analysis of High strength concrete with Cyclic loading using Abaqus
pp. 225-235
Sethuraman V.S, Suguna K and Raghunath P.N


Monitoring the Heart Rate and Body Temperature Based on Microcontroller
pp. 237-244
Nur Hudha Wijaya, Nia Maharani Raharja and Iswanto

Some identities of symmetry for q-Bernoulli polynomials under symmetric group S3
pp. 245–250
Dmitry V. Dolgy, Gwan-Woo Jang, Lee-Chae Jang, Dae San Kim and Taekyun Kim

Weak Forms of Fuzzy
g-Open Sets
pp. 251-261
C. Sivashanmugaraja and A. Vadivel

Edge Fixed Geodominating Sets and Polynomials of Centipedes
pp. 263-286
Binu Selin Thanka Raj and Vijayan Ayyakutty

Common Properties, Implicit Function, Rational Contractive Map and Related Common Fixed Point Theorems in Multiplicative Metric Space
pp. 287-303
Nisha Sharma and Arti Mishra

A note on the identities of symmetry for the generalized twisted q-Euler numbers and polynomials with weighted measure1
pp. 305-318
Nam-Soon Jung, Cheon-Seoung Ryoo and Kyung-Won Hwang

On Weighted (0,2) –Interpolation
pp. 319-329
Swarnima Bahadur and Sariya Bano


A New Class of Generalized Closed Sets in Topological Spaces
pp. 331–345
S. S. Benchalli and P.G. Patil

An asymptotic analysis of compressible twophase flow equations near initial time1
pp. 347–365
Hyeonseong Jin

Q-fuzzy ideals of regular ordered -semirings
pp. 367–376
Debabrata Mandal

Implication-Based Intuitionistic Fuzzy Subgroup of a Finite Group
pp. 377–392
Selva Rathi M and Michael Anna Spinneli J

A Unified Presentation of Generalized Fractional Integral Operators and H-Function
pp. 393-403
Sunil Kumar Sharma and Ashok Singh Shekhawat

Transient simulation of Vapor Liquid Two Phase Flow inside Single tube Evaporator using Quazi linearization approach
pp. 405-413
Sandeep Malhotra

On Commutativity of Prime Assosymmetric Rings
pp. 415-421
P. Rahira, G. Ramabhupal Reddy and K. Suvarna

Common Fixed Point Theorem for Six Mappings
pp. 423-429
Qamrul Haque Khan


Mitigation of Wormhole Attack using SOA in MANET
pp. 431-452
Vimal Kumar and Rakesh Kumar

Solving Fuzzy Assignment Problem Using Fourier Elimination Method
pp. 453-462
S. Muruganandam and K. Hema

Haar Wavelet Collocation Method for the Numerical Solution of Nonlinear Volterra-Fredholm-Hammerstein Integral Equations
pp. 463-474
S. C. Shiralashetti, R. A. Mundewadi, S. S. Naregal and B. Veeresh

Applied Mathematics and Demonstrations to the Theory of Optimal Filters
pp. 475-492
Jeidi Johanna Gómez Montiel, Ruthber Rodríguez Serrezuela and Ervin Aranda Aranda

Genetic Traits of Odd Numbers With Applications in Factorization of Integers
pp. 493-517
Xingbo Wang

Common Coupled Fixed Point Theorems for w-Compatible Mappings in Partial Metric Spaces
pp. 519–536
Jong Kyu Kim, Godwin Amechi Okeke and Won Hee Lim

Analysis of CO2 Emission, O2 Depletion and Thermal Stability in a Convective and Radiating Reactive Slab
pp. 537-563
Ramoshweu Solomon Lebelo and Oluwole Daniel Makinde

Evolutionary Game-Theoretical Models of Deterministic Fertility-Viability Selection
pp. 565-578
Paul F. Slade

Some characterisations of rectifying curves in four dimensional Galilean space G4
pp. 579–587
Mohamd Saleem Lone

Existence and stability of neutral–type BAM neural networks with time delay in the neutral and leakage terms on time scales1
pp. 589–616
Hui Zhou and Jehad Alzabut


Solution of Nonlinear Singular Initial Value Problem by Differential Transform Method Powered by Adomian Polynomial
pp. 617–625
Chandrali Baishya

Fast transition layers of weakly compressible twophase flow equations near initial time1
pp. 627–645
Hyeonseong Jin

Effect of Magnetic Field on Steady Boundary Layer Slip Flow Along With Heat and Mass Transfer over a Flat Porous Plate Embedded in a Porous Medium
pp. 647-661
K. Sumathi, T. Arunachalam and R. Kavitha

Effect of Delay in Predation of a Two Species Allelopathic System Having Imprecise Growth Rates
pp. 663-681
M.A.S. Srinivas, B.S.N. Murthy and A. Prasanthi

Mathematical Analysis of Mechanical Properties of Idol Making Stones
pp. 683-690
Gayathri A and Venugopal T

Computing Robust Measure of Multivariate Location – Data Depth Approach
pp. 691-700
R. Muthukrishnan and G. Poonkuzhali

Common Fixed Point Theorems Governed By Rational Inequalities and Intimate Mappings in Multiplicative Metric Spaces
pp. 701-711
Isha, Nisha Sharma and Kamal Kumar

Turbulence and Devaney’s Chaos in Interval
pp. 713-717
Vincent. N. S and P. B. Vinod Kumar

Optimized Template Detection and Extraction Algorithm for Web Scraping of Dynamic Web Pages
pp. 719-732
Gaurav Gupta and Indu Chhabra

Accelerated Life Testing in Interference Models with Monte-Carlo Simulation
pp. 733-748
A.N. Patowary, J. Hazarika, G.L. Sriwastav and P.J. Hazarika

Solving Fuzzy Sequential Linear Programming Problem by Fuzzy Frank Wolfe Algorithm
pp. 749-758
A. Nagoor Gani and R. Abdul Saleem

Profit Evaluation of a System having Bath-tub Curved Failure Pattern and Some Components under Warranty
pp. 759-773
Rajeev Kumar, Vinod Kumar and Reena

A Study of Service Surrender Secondary Queuing Model
pp. 775-784
L.V. Nandakishore, Aruna Sundaram and Padmapriya

Toeplitz determinant for Some Subclasses of Analytic Functions
pp. 785-793
C. Ramachandran and D. Kavitha


Hybrid Discrete Wavelet Transform -Methods of Principal Components Based Video Watermarking For Copyright Protection Using Ant Colony Optimization Techniques
pp. 795-815
Sake Anjaneyulu and Tirumala Ramashri

On the Reformulated Zagreb Indices of Certain Nanostructures
pp. 817-827
Keerthi G. Mirajkar and Priyanka Y .B

Security Framework against Denial of Service Attacks in Wireless Mesh Network
pp. 829-837
Sandeep Dalal and Seema Devi

Natural Convective Flow over moving Vertical Cylinder with Temperature Oscillations in the Presence of Porous Medium
pp. 839-855
P. Loganathan and B. Eswari

Odd Region and Even Region of 3-Regular Planar Graph with its Application
pp. 857-873
Atowar ul Islam, Jayanta Kr. Choudhury, Anupam Dutta and Bichitra Kalita





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