Global Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics (GJPAM)



Volume 13  Number 9  (2017)





Security Improvement for Web Based Banking Authentication by Utilizing Fingerprint
pp. 4397-4404
D. Suganthi Sharmila and L. Lakshmanan

Coefficient Estimates for a New Subclass of Meromorphic Bi-Univalent Functions Defined by Al-Oboudi Differential Operator
pp. 4405-4414
Amol B. Patil and Uday H. Naik

On unified integral associated with the generalized Mit451ag-Leffler function
pp. 4415-4424
Waseem A. Khan, Idrees A. Khan and B.M. Singh

Location Domination Number of Graph obtained by the Fusion of Single Vertex
pp. 4425-4436
G. Rajasekar and K. Nagarajan

Soft linear pq-functions and soft ß kernel in Vector Soft Topological Spaces
pp. 4437-4450
Tresa Mary Chacko and Susha D.

Classes of Multivalent Functions Defined by Linear Operator Lp,a q,s (a1, a2, . . . , aq; ß1, ß2, . . . , ßs) and Sandwich Theorems
pp. 4451-4460
Ranjan S. Khatu and Uday H. Naik

Fixed Point in Modified Semi-linear Uniform Spaces
pp. 4461-4476
Amani. Rawashdeh1 and Abdalla Tallafha

Generalized Form of Continuity by Using Dß-Closed set
pp. 4477-4491
Purushottam Jha and Manisha Shrivastava

Spectra of some New Product of Graphs and its Applications
pp. 4493-4504
Renny P. Varghese and Susha D.

On Product of Disemigraphs
pp. 4505-4514
Mathew Varkey, T.K. and Susan Ray Joseph


Solving Fully Fuzzy Assignment Problem Using Branch and Bound Technique

pp. 4515-4522

Dr. S. Muruganandam and K. Hema

A New Approach of the Generalized ( G'/G ) - Expansion Method to Construct Exact Solutions for the Generalized Fractional Modified Benjamin-Bona-Mahony (BBM) Equation With Variable Coefficients
pp. 4523-4537
Yagoub A. S. Arko, S.K. Elagan and M.Sayed

Solving the Fractional Convection-Diffusion Equation by Means of the Optimal q-Homotopy Analysis Method (Oq-HAM)
pp. 4539-4554
K. Bettaieb, E. Edfawy and M. Riahi

Edge – Even Graceful Labeling on Circulant Graphs With Different Generating Sets
pp. 4555-4567
K. Ameenal Bibi and T.Ranjani

A Study on Star Chromatic Number of Some Special Classes of Graphs
pp. 4569-4593
L.Jethruth Emelda Mary, K. Ameenal Bibi and A. Lydia Mary Julietterayan

Ranking Method of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Numbers
pp. 4595-4608
S. K. Bharati

Dynamic Navigation of Query Results Based on Hash Based indexing using Improved Distance Page Rank algorithm
pp. 4609-4618
R.M.Dharani Krishna, C.AnilKumar, K.Jeevan Pradeep and N.Papanna

Jacobi Spectral Collaction Methods for Abel-Volterra Integral Equations of Second Kind
pp. 4619-4638
Mahesh Boda and V. Dharmaiah

On Intuitionistic Fuzzy y Generalized Closed Sets
pp. 4639-4655
Prema S and Jayanthi D

Novel System for Face Recognition Based on SVD and GLCM
pp. 4657-4670
Essam Haider Mageed, Hind Rustum Mohammed and Asaad Norri Hashim

To Obtain Initial Basic Feasible Solution Physical Distribution Problems
pp. 4671-4676
K. Dhurai and A. Karpagam

On Fuzzy Automata Homotopy
pp. 4677-4693
K.Saranya and B.Amudhambigai

The Generalized Hyers-Ulam-Rassias Stability of Cubic Functional Equations generalized by an Automorphism on Groups
pp. 4695-4707
Dongseung Kang and Hoewoon B. Kim

Proof of Beal’s Theorem
pp. 4709-4711
Viktor Petrovich Baryshok

Reliable-Instance Huge Information Reasoned Design for Big- Extent Conception Based On Plan Slash Pattern
pp. 4713-4721
K.Pavan Kumar, K.Khadhar Basha, K.Bhaskar Naik and E.S.Phalguna Krishna

Time Dependence of EoS Parameter in Brans-Dicke Framework
pp. 4723-4734
Sudipto Roy

New Method to Solve Partial Fractional Differential Equations
pp. 4735-4746
M. Riahi, E. Edfawy and K. El. Rashidy

Solving multi objective Assignment problem using Tabu search algorithm
pp. 4747-4764
Abdul Munaam and Kadhem Hammadi

A Combined Genetic Algorithms-Modified Local Search scheme for Nonlinear Programming problems
pp. 4765-4786
Moustafa M. Salama, A. A. Mousa, and M. A. El-Shorbay

Design and Development of Non-Invasive Kiosk for Self-Care Health Management
pp. 4787-4794
R.Annes Gladia and G.Kavya

Fuzzy n-Normed Space and Fuzzy n-Inner Product Space
pp. 4795-4812
Mashadi and Abdul Hadi

Development of an Optimal Inventory Policy for Deteriorating Items with Stock Level and Selling Price Dependent Demand under the Permissible Delay in Payments and Partial Backlogging
pp. 4813-4836
S.R.Singh and .R.Singh


Normalized hamming k-Nearest Neighbor (NHK-nn) Classifier for Document Classification and Numerical Result Analysi
pp. 4837-4850
Swatantra Kumar Sahu, Bharat Mishra, R. S. Thakur and Neeraj Sahu

Irreversibility Analysis of MHD Mixed Convection Channel Flow of Nanofluid with Suction and Injection
pp. 4851-4867

A Common Fixed Point Result in Complex Valued b-Metric Spaces under Contractive Condition
pp. 4869-4876
Sultan Ali

A Fixed Point Result in D*-Metric Spaces
pp. 4877-4888
M. RamanaReddy

Stagnation Point Flow of MHD Micropolar Fluid in the Presence of Melting Process and Heat Absorption/Generation
pp. 4889-4907
Mamta Goyal, Vikas Tailor, and Rajendra Yadav

Deformation of Viscothermoelastic Semi Infinite Cylinder with Mechanical Forces and Heat Sources
pp. 4909-4925
Dinesh Kumar Sharma, Himani Mittal and Inder Prakash

MHD Boundary Layer Nanofluid flow of Heat Transfer over a Nonlinear Stretching Sheet Presence of Thermal Radiation and Partial Slip with Suction
pp. 4927-4941
B.Sreekala, K.Janardhan, D.Ramya and I.Shravani

Edge-Odd Graceful Labeling of Sum of K2 & Null Graph with n Vertices and a Path of n Vertices Merging with n Copies of a Fan with 6 Vertices
pp. 4943-4952
G. A. Mogan, M. Kamaraj, and A. Solairaju

Fekete-Szego inequality for subclasses of analyticfunctions bounded by chebyshev polynomial
pp. 4953-4958
C.Ramachandran and K. Dhanalakshmi

Iterative Algorithm to Find the Solution of Multiparameter Matrix Eigenvalue Problem
pp. 4959-4967
N. Bora and A. K. Baruah

Distance based indices of bipartite graphs associated with 3-uniform semigraph of cycle graph
pp. 4969-4982
V.Kala Devi and K.Marimuthu

Some Properties on Connected Accurate Domination in Fuzzy Graphs
pp. 4983-4993
A. Nagoor Gani and A. Arif Rahman

The Advantages of Elliptic Curve Cryptography for Security
pp. 4995-5011
S. Vasundhara


Using stepwise regression to investigate customers’ propensity to change cellular phone providers

pp. 5013-5020

Mohammad Aljarrah and Yousef Al-Jarrah


Using Laplace transform method for obtaining the exact analytic solutions of some ordinary fractional differential equations

pp. 5021-5035

Gihan E. H. Ali, A. A. Asaad , S. K. Elagan, El Amin Mawaheb and M. Saif AlDien


Integral Transforms and Fractional Integral Operators Associated with S-Generalized Gauss Hypergeometric Function
pp. 5037–5047
Sanjay Bhatter and Richa Sharma

Location-2-Domination in Simple Graphs
pp. 5049–5057
G. Rajasekar and A. Venkatesan

Markovian Ration Model – Two commodities perishable inventory system
pp. 5059–5066
C. Periyasamy and I. Paulraj Jayasimman

On Fractional Time-Scale Differentiation
pp. 5067–5082
Mark Allien D. Roble and Randy L. Caga-anan

Decoding of the Seven-Error-Correcting Binary Quadratic Residue Codes
pp. 5083–5099
Renuka Sahu and B.P. Tripathi

Applications of Double - Framed Soft Ideal Structures over Gamma Near-Rings
pp. 5101-5113
R. Jahir Hussain, K. Sampath and P. Jayaraman

Comparing Different Estimators of three Parameters for Transmuted Weibull Distribution
pp. 5115-5128
Saad Ahmed Abdulrahman

On G−Banach Bessel Sequences in Banach Spaces
pp. 5129-5142
Ghanshyam Singh Rathore and Tripti Mittal

k-Regular and k-Duo Γ-Semirings
pp. 5143-5154
R.D. Jagatap

A Protected and Proficient ID-Based Cumulative Mark Format for Information Centers
pp. 5155-5172
T.Satish Kumar Reddy and D.Ganesh

Global Exponential Stability for Impulsive Functional Differential Equations
pp. 5173-5182
Sanjay K. Srivastava, Neeti Bhandari and Neha Wadhwa

Fixed Point Theorem in Hilbert Space using Weak and Strong Convergence
pp. 5183-5193
Mamta Patel and Sanjay Sharma


Heat Source and Soret Effects on Megneto- Micropolar Fluid Flow with Variable Permeability and Chemical Reaction
pp. 5195-5212
Bhupendra Kumar Sharma, Vikas Tailor and Mamta Goyal

Submersion of Semi-invariant Submanifolds of Contact Manifolds
pp. 5213-5224
Vibha Srivastava and P.N.Pandey

Cubic Graceful Labeling
pp. 5225-5234
Mini.S.Thomas and Mathew Varkey T.K

Subclasses of spirallike functions defined by certain fractional integral operator
pp. 5235–5244
Jae Ho Choi

Optimal Joint Total Cost of an Integrated Supply Chain Model for Deteriorating Inventory Items with backorder through Just in Time; A Fuzzy Approach
pp. 5245-5264
J. Jayanthi and M. Maragatham

Analysis Of System Reliability Using Markov Technique
pp. 5265-5273
S.Kalaiarasi, A.Merceline Anita and R.Geethanjalii

A Note on Clamped Simpson's Rule
pp. 5275-5285
R.Chiranjeevi and Uma Dixit

The Dynamics and Optimal Control of a Prey-Predator System
pp. 5287-5298
Sadiq AL-Nassir

An Efficient Class of Exponential Estimator of Finite Population Mean Under Double Sampling Scheme in Presence of Non-Response
pp. 5299-5313
Yater Tato

Study On Watter Pollution Control Based On Fuzzy Cognitive Maps (FCM)
pp. 5299-5305
G.Jenitha, Shenbaga Ezhil and A. Kumaravel

Advanced Approximation Method for Finding an Optimal Solution of Unbalanced Fuzzy Transportation Problems
pp. 5307-5315
A. Edward Samuel and P.Raja

Skew Chromatic Index of Cycle Related Graphs
pp. 5317-5332
Joice Punitha M. and S. Rajakumari

Optimizing Transportation Problem with Multiple Objectives by Hierarchical Order Goal Programming Model
pp. 5333-5339
Kiran B. Jagtap and Sunil V.Kawale

Radiation and Chemical Reaction Effects on Unsteady MHD Free Convection Flow Past a Linearly Accelerated Vertical Porous Plate with Variable
Temperature and Mass Diffusion

pp. 5341-5358
V.Srihari Babu and K. Jaya Rami Reddy

Comparison Count Regression Models for the Number of Infected of Pneumonia
pp. 5359-5366
Mohammed Jasim Mohammed Hussein and Hanan Ali Hamodi

Combined effect of slip velocity and surface roughness on the ferrofluid based squeeze film lubrication in double layered porous circular plates
pp. 5367-5380
Yogini D. Vashi, Rakesh. M. Patel and Gunamani. M. Deheri

On Complement Of Intuitionstic Product Fuzzy Graphs
pp. 5381-5392
Y. Vaishnaw and Sanjay Sharma

On Binary Soft Separation Axioms in Binary Soft Topological Spaces
pp. 5393-5412
S. S. Benchalli, P. G. Patil, Abeda S. Dodamani and J.Pradeepkumar

Generalization of Uniqueness of Meromorphic Functions Concerning Differential Polynomials
pp. 5413-5426
Harina P. Waghamore and Naveenkumar S. H.

Exact solution of some linear fuzzy fractional differential equation using Laplace transform method
pp. 5427-5435
Asim Kumar Das and Tapan Kumar Roy

Aggression Monitoring In Speech Using Semantics and Pitch
pp. 5437-5445
S.J.Priscilla and M.Vanithalakshmi

HSAOR Iteration for Poisson Image Blending Problem via Rotated Five-Point Laplacian Operator
pp. 5447-5459
Eng Jeng Hong, Azali Saudi and Jumat Sulaiman

On [31, 28, 3] Hamming Code and [7, 4, 4] MDS Code over GF(5)
pp. 5461-5468
Tarun Lata

Roughness in G-modules
pp. 5469-5478
Paul Isaac and Ursala Paul

On Intuitionistic Fuzzy 2-absorbing Ideals in a Comutative Ring
pp. 5479-5489
Douaik Ahmed, Youssfi Elkettani and Abdulbakee Kasem


On Semi Generalized ωα-Closed Sets in Topological Spaces

pp. 5491–5503
Rajeshwari K., T. D. Rayanagoudar and Sarika M. Patil

Some characterizations of Inversely Open and Inversely Closed maps via Ideals
pp. 5505–5512
Nitakshi Goyal and Navpreet Singh Noorie

Thermodynamics of the black hole in the Grand statistical ensemble
pp. 5513–5524
Laid Dhahbi and Mohammed Tayeb Meftah

Vertex Odd Divisor Cordial Labeling for Vertex Switching of Special Graphs
pp. 5525–5538
G. V. Ghodasara and D. G. Adalja

p-Compactness and C-p.Compactness
pp. 5539–5550
Vinitha T. and T.P. Johnson

On extended generalized ф-recurrent LP-Sasakian manifolds
pp. 5551–5563
Jay Prakash Singh and Saroja Devi Mayanglambam

Transient Analysis of bulk arrival general service retrial queueing system with priority, optional service, balking, Bernoulli and extended vacation, random breakdown, delayed repair and stand by server
pp. 5565–5591
G. Ayyappan and P. Thamizhselvi

Common Fixed Point of Four Mapping with Contractive Modulus on Cone Banach Space via cone C-class function
pp. 5593–5610
Arslan Hojat Ansari, R. Krishnakumar and R. Krishnakumar

Operations on Accurate Edge Domination Number in Graphs
pp. 5611–5623
Venkatesh S.H, Venkanagouda M. Goudar and Venkatesha

Oscillation of a Functional Differential Equations of Second Order
pp. 5625–5634
Abhay Kumar Sethi

Features Contribution for Detecting Attacks of an Intrusion Detection System
pp. 5635-5653
Shilpa Bahl and Deepak Dahiya

Algorithm: Three Dimensional Finite Volume Numerical Grid Technique
pp. 5655-5671
Parag V. Patil, Pravin N. Bhirud and J. S. V. R. Krishna Prasad

A Mathematical Model for the Effect of TRH Using Fuzzy Reliability Analysis
pp. 5673-5686
A. Venkatesh and S. Elango

Flow features of a conducting visco-elastic fluid past a vertical permeable plate
pp. 5687-5702
Rita Choudhury and Bamdeb Dey

Common Fixed Point Theorem on Compatibility and Continuity in Complex Valued Metric Spaces
pp. 5703-5716
Rajesh shrivastava and Vipin kumar sharma

On Regular *– Open Sets
pp. 5717-5726
S.Pious Missier, M.Annalakshmi and G. Mahadevan

On Invariant Best Approximation in Modular Spaces
pp. 5227-5233
Salwa Salman Abed

pp. 5735-5759
R. Murali, Sandra Pinelas and V. Vithya

Deterministic and Stochastic Optimal Control Analysis of an SIR Epidemic model
pp. 5761-5778
Gani S.R. S.V.Halawar

Higher Separation Axioms via Semi*regular open sets
pp. 5779-5791
S.Pious Missier, R.Krishnaveni and G. Mahadevan

On Einstein Finsler Space with Generalized (α,β)-Metrics
pp. 5793-5803
Chandru K. and Narasimhamurthy S. K.

A Statistical Approach for Estimating the Fuzzy Reliability of the Web Server
pp. 5805-5811
R. Neelambari

Numerical Approach to Differential Equations of Fractional order Bratu-type Equations by Differential Transform Method
pp. 5813-5826
Mukesh Grover and Arun Kumar Tomer

Schultz index, Modified Schultz index, Schultz polynomial and Modified Schultz polynomial of alkanes
pp. 5827-5850
Haneen Kareem Aljanabi

An analysis of Fractional Explicit Method over Black Scholes method for pricing option
pp. 5851-5870
Aasiya Lateef and C.K.Verma

Some Fixed Point Results In Banach Spaces
pp. 5871-5890
Shefali Vijayvergiya and Sonal Bharti

On Some Double Integral Transformation of H -Function
pp. 5891-5899
Yashwant Singh and Harmendra Kumar Mandia

Time Series Models With Pearson Type III Marginal
pp. 5901-5912
Etienne O. J. Ouιdraogo, Pierre Clovis NITIEMA and Simplice Dossou-Gbιtι

Approximate controllability of stochastic functional differential inclusions of Sobolev- type with unbounded delay in Hilbert space
pp. 5913-5933
R. Nirmalkumar and R. Murugesu

Solar Energy Harvesting using Hybrid Photovoltaic and Thermoelectric Generating System
pp. 5935-5944
Y.Jeyashree, P.Blessy Hepsiba, S.Indirani, A.Dominic Savio and Y.Sukhi

Einstein-Cartan Relativity in 2-Dimensional Non-Riemannian Space
pp. 5945-5960
L. N. Katkar and D. R. Phadatare

Semi-ergodic Transformations
pp. 5961-5964
Nanang Susyanto

Effect of partial slip and convective boundary condition on MHD mixed convection flow of Williamson fluid over an exponentially stretching sheet in the presence of joule heating
pp. 5965-5975
K. Sharada and B. Shankar

A Cost Minimization Inventory Model for Deteriorating Products and Partial Backlogging under Inflationary Environment
pp. 5977-5995
Gopal Pathak, Vipin Kumar and C.B.Gupta

A New Form of Nano Locally Closed Sets in Nano Topological Spaces
pp. 5997-6006
A.Jayalakshmi and C. Janaki

Degree Splitting of More Heronian Mean Graphs
pp. 6007-6018
S.S. Sandhya, E.Ebin Raja Merly and S.D.Deepa

MHD radiative stretching surface of micropolar nanofluid flow with chemical reaction and heat source/sink
pp. 6019-6028
Srinivas Maripala and Kishan Naikoti

Approximate Fixed Points and Summable Almost Stability
pp. 6029-6040
Komal Goyal and Bhagwati Prasad

A study of * -frames in Hilbert Spaces
pp. 6041-6049
G. Upender Reddy and D.Kalyani

Notions of Convergence and Limits in Sequence Spaces
pp. 6051-6060
Kusheshwar Prasad and P. Chandra

Heat transfer in a Viscoelastic Fluid over a Stretching Sheet with Frictional Heating and Work due to Deformation
pp. 6061-6080
V. Dhanalaxmi

Interval Valued Anti Fuzzy Ideals of -Near-Rings
pp. 6081-6092
T. Nagaiah, K. Vijay Kumar and T. Srinivas

The Growth of Iterated Entire Functions in Terms of Order
pp. 6093-6106
Ratan Kumar Dutta and Nintu Manda

Graphical Interpretation of various BSM Formulas
pp. 6107-6112
S. J. Ghevariya and H. V. Dedania


Soret and Dufour effect on the Peristaltic Transport of Third Order Fluid in a Channel with Variable Viscosity
pp. 6113-6127
N. L. Bhikshu, Y. V. K Ravi Kumar, T. V. A. P. Sastry and M. V. Ramana Murthy

On Designs arising from Corona Product H = G ο Km

pp. 6129-6132
Sumathi M. P. and Anwar Alwardi

An approximation algorithm to find a Dom-chromatic set and the Dom-chromatic number of a graph
pp. 6133-6141
M. Poobalaranjani and S. Krithika

Permuting tri- (σ,τ)- Generalized Derivations in Prime Near-Rings
pp. 6143-6154
C. Jaya Subba Reddy and K. Subbarayudu

On gβ*  I  -closed sets in Ideal Topological Spaces
pp. 6155-6165
Jessie Theodore and V. Beulah

Prediction of Seasonal Rainfall Data in India using Fuzzy Stochastic Modelling
pp. 6167-6174
P. Arumugam and S.M. Karthik

μ- More Adjacency in Intuitionistic Fuzzy Graphs
pp. 6175-6183
A.Nagoor Gani and H.Sheik Mujibur Rahman

An Efficient Class of Exponential Estimator of Finite Population Mean Under Double Sampling Scheme in Presence of Non-Response
pp. 6185-6199
Yater Tato


On Optimal Solution of a Transportation Problem


Reena G. Patel, Bhavin S. Patel and P. H. Bhathawala

Hyper Algebraic Structure Associated to Convex Function and Chemical Equilibrium
pp. 6209-6220
Aryani B Gangadhara and A. D. Lokhande

A Symmetric 4-(σ ,)-Generalized Derivation in Prime Rings
pp. 6221-6240
Maryam K.Chitheer and Abdulrahman H. Majeed

Deleting Components and Regions for Gray Images using Symmetric group Sn
pp. 6241-6250
Hind Rustum Mohammed and Maani Abdul Munem Saeed

Mathematical Wavelet Compression by Using Dimensions in Haar Technique
pp. 6251-6268
P.Jeyanthi and S. Suganyadevi

Solution of Modified Kuznetsov Model with Mixed Therapy
pp. 6269-6288
Saad Naji AL- Azzawi, Fatima Ahmed Shihab and Maha Mohammed Al-Sayyid

Mathematical Route Optimization Based Probabilistic Broadcast for Reducing Energy Efficient and Routing Overhead in Manet
pp. 6289-6302
S. Rajeswari and V.Anuratha

Products of Composition Multiplication and Differentiation between Hardy Spaces and Weighted Growth Spaces of the Upper-Half Plane
pp. 6303-6316
Zaheer Abbas and Pawan Kumar

Investigation of Standalone PV Fed Switched Reluctance Motor Drives Using C Dump Converter
pp. 6317-6326
S. Sujitha

Some Common Fixed Point Theorems in Fuzzy Metric Spaces by using (CLRg) property
pp. 6327-6341
Kamal Wadhwa and Ashlekha Dubey

Interval Oscillation Criteria for Forced Fractional Differential Equations with Mixed Nonlinearities
pp. 6343-6353
Velu Muthulakshmi and Subramani Pavithra

A Survey and Analysis of Mathematical Algorithms on Stereo Images and Its Techniques
pp. 6355-6366
V. Kavitha and G. Balakrishnan

Solving Transportation Problem with Generalized Hexagonal and Generalized Octagonal Fuzzy Numbers by Ranking Method
pp. 6367-6376
Kirtiwant P. Ghadle and Priyanka A. Pathade

MHD Radiative Boundary Layer Flow of Nanofluid Past a Vertical Plate with Effects of Binary Chemical Reaction and Activation Energy
pp. 6377-6392
S.Anuradha and M.Yegammai
ON SUPER (a, d)-ANTI-EDGEMAGIC OF Cm okn, Cn oK1, (n, 2) – Kite AND K2 U Cn
pp. 6393-6408
Mallikarjun Ghaleppa and Danappa G Akka


On a Semi-Symmetric Metric Connection in Generalized Sasakian Space Forms
pp. 6407–6419
Abhishek Singh and Shyam Kishor

On Certain properties of Convolution conditions with q-derivative operator
pp. 6421-6428
N. Ravikumar

On Common Fixed Points of three Maps in Generalized Metric Space
pp. 6429–6436
Latpate Vishnu and Dolhare U.P.

Effectiveness of the Extended Kalman Filter Through Difference Equations
pp. 6437–6444
Parveen Banu M

On Einstein velocity addition under some Pseudo-fields
pp. 6445–6454
Akhilesh Chandra Yadav

Perfectly β Generalized Continuous Mappings in Intuitionistic Fuzzy Topological Spaces
pp. 6455-6465
Saranya M and Jayanthi D

Homotopy Analysis to Heat and Mass Transfer in a Visco-Elastic Fluid Flow over Exponentially Stretching Sheet through Porous Medium
pp. 6467-6481
Hymavathi. T and B.Akkayya

MHD Nanofluid flow of a Convection Slip over a Radiating Stretching Sheet with binary chemical reaction and activation energy
pp. 6483-6492
S.Anuradha and K.Sasikala

On Controlling the Nonlinear Response of Vibrational Vertical Conveyor under Mixed Excitation
pp. 6493-6509
Y. S. Hamed, M. Sayed and R. A. El-Awad

Characterizations of semigroups in terms of (∈
Δ, ∈ΔVqΔ)-fuzzy generalized bi-ideals
pp. 6511-6523
Pongpun Julatha and Manoj Siripitukdet

A Study on Vertex Degree of Cartesian Product of Intuitionistic Triple Layered Simple Fuzzy Graph
pp. 6525-6538
L. Jethruth Emelda Mary and R.Rajalakshmi

Fractional Order Theory of Thermal Stresses to A 2 D Problem for a Thin Hollow Circular Disk
pp. 6539-6552
J. J. Tripathi, S. D. Warbhe, K. C. Deshmukh and J. Verma

Two-Step Iteration Scheme with Errors for Asymptotically Quasi-Nonexpansive Mappings in Convex Cone Metric Spaces
pp. 6553-6569
R.A. Siddiqui and B.P. Tripathi

Numerical solution of second order delay type differential equation by collocation method via first Boubeker polynomials
pp. 6571-6582
Muhammad Bilal, Norhayati Rosli, Iftikhar Ahmad and Safi Ullah

A New Intuitionistic Fuzzy ELECTRE II approach to study the Inequality of women in the society
pp. 6583-6594
A. Victor Devadoss and M.Rekha

Fuzzy type-2 in Shortest Path and Maximal Flow Problems
pp. 6595-6607
Barraq Subhi Kaml


The Effect of Chemical Reaction on Heat and Mass Transfer MHD flow with Ag, TiO2 and Cu Water Nanofluids over a Semi Infinite Surface

pp. 6609-6632

Dharmaiah.G, Prakash.J, Balamurugan.K.S and Vedavathi.N


Double Layered Complete Fuzzy Graph (DLCFG)

pp. 6633-6646

J. Jon Arockiaraj and V. Chandrasekaran


A Study of Delayed Prey-Predator Model with Stage-Structure in Predator

pp. 6647–6671

Raid K. Naji and Salam J. Majeed


Neighborhood Sigma Algebras of Middle graph, Total graph and Join of Two Graphs

pp. 6673–6680

Jisna P. and Raji Pilakkat


Cayley Bipolar Fuzzy Graphs Induced By Loops

pp. 6681-6693

Neethu K.T & Anil Kumar V.


Pricing formula for power quanto options with each type of payoffs at maturity

pp. 6695-6702

Youngrok Lee, Hyeon-Seung Yoo and Jaesung Lee


Explicit Representation and Some Integral Transforms of Sequence of Functions associated with the Wright type Generalized Hypergeometric Function

pp. 6703-6712

Snehal B. Rao


Mathematical User Profiling Algorithms for Web Recommendation Based on PLSA and LDA Model

pp. 6713-6721

Padma Priya. G and M. Hemalatha


On Soft JP Continuous Mappings

pp. 6723-6736

S. Pious Missier and S. Jackson


Study on Modified Unit Time Method

pp. 6737-6754

S.Shanmugasundaram and V.Mathan Kumar


Best Approximation Results via Common Fixed Point for cq* - commuting mapping Mappings in Hyperbolic Ordered Metric Spaces
pp. 6755-6767
Savita Rathee and Reetu

On the Local-in-time Solution to Primitive Equations for the Ocean with Free Surface
pp. 6769-6800
Hirotada Honda

Extended VIKOR Method and its Application to Farming using Pentagonal Fuzzy Numbers
pp. 6801-6826
Pathinathan, Johnson Savarimuthu and Mike Dison

A Report On GRADED Rings and Graded MODULES
pp. 6827–6853
Pratibha, Ratnesh Kumar Mishra and Rakesh Mohan

Proposed methods to construct different categories of Radon measure manifolds - An analytical approach
pp. 6855–6905
S. C. P. Halakatti and Soubhagya Baddi

Inventory Model with Different Deterioration Rates for Imperfect Quality Items under Price and Time Dependent Demand
pp. 6907-6918
B.T. Naik and Raman Patel

A Mixed Asymmetric Laplace Moving Average Process
pp. 6919–6928
Bindu Krishnan and Dais George

Relation-theoretic fuzzy Banach contraction principle and fuzzy Eldestein contraction theorem
pp. 6929–6939
Bhavana Deshpande and Sajad Ahmad Sheikh

Common Coupled Fixed Point Results for two Hybrid Pairs of Mappings Under ψ − ф Contraction on Modular Metric Spaces
pp. 6941–6962
Bhavana Deshpande and Shamim Ahmad Thoker

A Luzin and Lipschitz condition for the Primitive of Henstock Integral
pp. 6963–6972
Recson G. Canton and Julius V. Benitez

A general voltera-type integral equation associated with an integral operator with the H-function in the kernel
pp. 6973–6978
P. Harjule, M. K. Bansal and R. Jain






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