Global Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics (GJPAM)




Volume 14  Number 11  (2018)






A Three-Step Iterative Method to Solve A Nonlinear Equation via an Undetermined Coefficient Method

pp. 1425-1435

Nora Fitriyani, M. Imran and Syamsudhuha


Hybrid pairs of nonself multi-valued mappings in metrically convex metric spaces

pp. 1437–1452

Ladlay Khan


Study of pairwise ω-compact spaces

pp. 1453–1459

Ali A. Atoom


Pricing Barrier Contracts under Heavy-tailed Distributions

pp. 1461–1477

George Korir Kiprop and Ananda Omutokoh Kube


An Analytical Study of Mass Transfer in Doubly Connected Region

pp. 1479–1487

Madhura, K., Indira, R., Suma, S. P. and Jagadeesha, S.


Some Fixed Point Theorems for Self Mappings on Vector b-metric Spaces

pp. 1489–1507

Mamta Kamra, Satish Kumar and Kumari Sarita


On a solution to the mean-variance portfolio selection via the mean-variance hedging in discrete time

pp. 1509-1517

Naohiro Yoshida


Study on Axially Symmetric Vibrations of Poroelastic Solid Cylinder in Biot/Squirt (BISQ) Media

pp. 1519-1532

Manjula Ramagiri


A Discovery of the taxi –cab number 1729

pp. 1533-1537

Prem Pratap Singh







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