Global Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics (GJPAM)




Volume 14  Number 4  (2018)





Similarity Solution of Unsteady Boundary Layer Flow of Nanofluids past a Vertical Plate with Convective Heating

pp. 517534

Wafula Maurine Maraka, Kinyanjui Mathew Ngugi and Kiogora Phineas Roy


A Mathematical View of Efficient Energy Aware Mutipath Routing Transmission in Mobile Adhoc Network

pp. 535-546

N. Suresh and J. Thirumaran


Performance of IF Estimation for Variable-Slope Linear FM Signals under Color Noise using Time-Frequency Distributions

pp. 547-560

Safaa D. Al-Khafaji and Zahir M. Hussain


Effect of Chaos Parameters on Data Transmission via CSK under Gaussian Noise

pp. 561-576

Safaa T. M. Jawad and Zahir M. Hussain


Mathematical View of Secure Routing Technique for Misbehave Node in Mobile Adhoc Net

pp. 577-589



Köthe-Toeplitz Duals of The Cesro Sequence Spaces Defined on a Generalized Orlicz Space

pp. 591601

Haryadi, Supama and Atok Zulijanto


Decompositions of (μm, λ)-Continuity

pp. 603610

R. Ramesh, R. Sureshm and S. Palaniammal


On nano π g-closed sets

pp. 611618

P. Jeyalakshmi


Decomposition of (μ, λ)-Continuity

pp. 619-623

R. Ramesh, R. Suresh and S. Palaniammal







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