Global Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics (GJPAM)




Volume 14  Number 5  (2018)




Implicative Filters of Residuated Lattice Wajsberg Algebras

pp. 625-634

A. Ibrahim and V. Nirmala


Community Detection Framework in Large Networks Using Procedure Oriednted Framework

pp. 635-648

Saradha and P. Arul


Near– and far–field tsunami waves, displaced water volume, potential energy and velocity flow rates by a stochastic submarine earthquake source model

pp. 649-676

Khaled T. Ramadan


Codes over Dn×Ct and Dn×Dn

pp. 677-688

Sudesh Sehrawat and Manju Pruthi


Best Proximity and Fixed Point Results in Complex Valued Rectangular Metric Spaces

pp. 689-698

Gopal Meena


Study of heat transfer on an unsteady elastic stretching surface under the magnetic and ohmic effect

pp. 699-719

Kayyunnapara Divya Joseph and P. A. Dinesh


A path integral approach to Bayesian inference in Markov processes

pp. 721-731

Toshiyuki Fujii and Noriyuki Hatakenaka


On a New Subclass of Multivalant Functions Defined by Al-Oboudi Differential Operator

pp. 733-741

M.Thirucheran and T.Stalin


Applied of (G'/G) – expansion method of coupled nonlinear system of (2+1) dimensional Schrodinger equations

pp. 743-754

ZHAN Yiheng and CUI Zejian


Edge Matching with Edge Insert

pp. 755-774

Waldemar Friesen







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