Global Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics (GJPAM)




Volume 14  Number 8  (2018)




Optimal Inventory Policies for a Two-Warehouse Inventory Model under Time Dependent Quadratic Demand Rate

pp. 1011-1027

M. Srinivasa Reddy and R. Venkateswarlu


A Note on Fuzzy B* Sets

pp. 10291039

G.Thangaraj and S. Dharmasaraswathi


Analytic and Entire Duals of a Class of Sequence of Fuzzy Numbers

pp. 1041-1048



Transient Analysis of a Finite Capacity M/M/1 Queuing System with Working Breakdowns and Recovery Policies

pp. 1049-1065

Nneamaka Judith Ezeagu, George Otieno Orwa and Michael Johannes Winckler


Stationarity and Separability of Spatiotemporal Covariance Functions

pp. 1067-1082

Anteneh Asmare Godana, Samuel Musili Mwalili and George Otieno Orwa


Slip Flow Effects on Unsteady MHD Blood Flow in a Permeable Vessel in the Presence of Heat Source/Sink and Chemical Reaction

pp. 1083-1099

S Sushma, Nancy Samuel and G Neeraja


Hydromagnetic Jeffery-Hamel Unsteady Flow of a Dissipative Non-Newtonian Fluid with Nonlinear Viscosity and Skin Friction

pp. 11011119

Francis Oketch Ochieng, Mathew Ngugi Kinyanjui and Mark Eric Kimathi


Effects of Structural Viscoelasticity in Non-Divergence free Deformable Porous Media with Incompressible Constituents

pp. 11211147

Micheal Babatunde Oguntola, Mathew Ngugi Kinyanjui and John Agure Ogonji






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