Global Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics (GJPAM)




Volume 15  Number 1  (2019)






Norm Inequalities on Fan Product of Matrices

pp 1–5

Mustafa özel


L (3m)- labeling on permutation graphs

pp. 7-12

H. EL –Zohny, S. Radwan and Z. Mohammed


An Improved Simulated Annealing Techniques (ISAT) for two variables Global Minimum Optimization Value Problems

pp 13-26

Paiwan Wongsasinchai and Chuanpit Mungkala


Numerical Reconstruction and Remediation of Soil Acidity on a One Dimensional Flow Domain Where the Diffusion Coefficient and Advection Velocity are Exponentially Dependent on Time

pp. 27-40

Catherine Mutheu Munene, Thomas Tonny Mboya Onyango and Cleophas Muhavini


Mathematical Modelling for Cardiovascular System, Using Arterial Tree and Lumped Parameter Models

pp. 41-54

Mr. M.V. Surseh and Dr. P.Sekar


Mathematical Modelling of MSV Pathogen Interaction with Pest Invasion on Maize Plant

pp. 55-79

Haileyesus Tessema Alemneh, Oluwole Daniel Makinde and David Mwangi Theuri


On the operational matrix for fractional integration and its application for solving Abel integral equation using Bernoulli wavelets

pp 81-101

Kailash Yadav and Jai Prakesh Jaiswal


Energy Aware Task Scheduling using Hybrid Firefly BAT and Proof of Data Possession Scheme in Cloud Storage

pp. 103-111

Sasikala M and Dr.Anuratha V






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