Global Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics (GJPAM)




Volume 15  Number 5  (2019)





Optimal Two Parameter Logarithmic Estimators for Estimating the Population Variance

pp. 527-537

ShashiBhushan, ChandniKumari and Ratan Kumar Thakur


Bifurcation and Stability in Discrete Fractional Order Prey Predator Model with Harvesting

pp. 539-549

A. George Maria Selvam, D. Abraham Vianny and S. Britto Jacob


Modelling and Analysis of Campylobacteriosis in Human and Animal Populations

pp. 551-567

Brian Nyanaro Nyasagare, Shaibu Osman and Mary Wainaina


Numerical Solution for a Model on Cancer Growth Reduction Using both Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy

pp. 569-583

Purity Kioro Gikunda, Mark Kimathi and Mary Wainaina


Numerical Solution of a Steady MHD Boundary Layer Flow of a Nanofluid over a Porous Exponentially Shrinking Surface with Heat and Mass Fluxes

pp. 585-602

Waithanji James Gikonyo, Mark Kimathi y and Mary Wainaina


Effects of Viscosity and Thermal Conductivity on Convective Flow of Two Viscous Immiscible Dusty and Pure Fluids in a Vertical Corrugated Wall and a Parallel Flat Wall

pp. 603-613

Winfred Kaluki Musau, George Kimathi and Caroline Songa


Proof of Twin Prime Conjecture

pp. 615-622

K.H.K. Geerasee Wijesuriya


Effects of Induced Magnetic Field on Electrically Conducting Oldroyd-B Nanofluid Flow over a Perforated Linearly Extending Surface

pp. 623-636

Oyier Williss Odhiambo, Mark Kimathi and Mary Wainaina


Analysis of the Effect of Stretching Parameter and Time Parameter on MHD Nanofluid Flow in the Presence of Suction

pp. 637-648

Virginia M. Kitetu, Thomas T. M. Onyango and Jackson K. Kwanza


Analysis and Modelling of Ringworm Infections in an Environment

pp. 649-665

Teresiah Waithira Karanja, Shaibu Osman and Mary Wainaina


Proof Methods, Computational Algorithms and Applications of the Chinese Remainder Theorem

pp. 667-673

Gavin Yu


GeneralizedWeighted Ostrowski-Gruss Type Inequality with applications

pp. 675-692

Nazia Irshad, Asif R. Khan y and Muhammad Awais Shaikh


Explicit Determinant, Inverse, Minimum Polynomial and Eigenvector of a Doubly Population Projection Matrix

pp. 693-710

Wiwat Wanicharpichat


Mathematical Modelling of Extremism with Sensitization effects in Kenya

pp. 711-731

Dickson Odhiambo Aluoch, Shaibu Osman and Mary Wainaina


Partial orderings on k-idempotent fuzzy matrices

pp. 733-741

K.Muthu Guru Packiam and K.S.Krishna Mohan


On the Convex hull of Yvct-sets in graphs

pp. 743-754

R.Vasanthi, M.Perumalsamy and K.Subramanian


Vague Soft Matrix-Based Decision-Making

pp. 755-780

N. Faried, M.S.S. Ali and H.H. Sakr


On the Projective Algebra of Kropina space

pp. 781-787

Narasimhamurthy S. K, Natesh N. and Roopa.M.K






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