Global Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics (GJPAM)




Volume 16  Number 6 (2020)





Some Characterizations of Intra-regular Semigroups in Terms of Interval Valued Fuzzy Ideals
pp. 749-758
Thiti Gaketem

An Inventory Management System for Deteriorating and Ameliorating items with a Linear Trended in Demand and Partial Backlogging
pp. 759-770
Dr. Biswaranjan Mandal

Spectral theory of g-idempotent matrices
pp. 771-782
B.Vasudevan and N. Anis Fathima

Dealing with a Transportation Problem with Multi Choice Cost Coefficients and Fuzzy Supplies and Demands
pp. 783-788
Jadunath Nayak and Srikumar Acharya

Natural Images Edge Detection using Prewitt Fractional Differential Algorithm via Caputo and Caputo-Fabrizio Definitions
pp. 789-809
Gustavo Asumu MBoro Nchama, Leandro Daniel Lau Alfonso and Augusto Pedroso Cosme

On Positive Periodic Solutions of a Class of First Order Neutral Differential Equations
pp. 811-818


A New Version of Catt´e-Lions-Morel Model for Image Smoothing and Edge Detection
pp. 819-842
Gustavo Asumu MBoro Nchama, Angela Leon Mecıas and Mariano Rodr´ıguez Ricard

Explicit Single–Step Rational Method for Initial Value Problems (IVPs)
pp. 843-850
Bakre O. F., Wusu A. S. and Akanbi M. A.

Modified Numerical Technique for the Solution of Fractional Delay Differential Equations via Bernoulli Wavelets
pp. 851-869
S. C. Shiralashetti and B. S. Hoogar

A Study on Properties and Goodness-of-Fit of the Logistic Inverse Weibull Distribution
pp. 871-889
Arun Kumar Chaudhary and Vijay Kumar

Generalized Focal Curves of Frenet Curves in Three-Dimensional Euclidean Space
pp. 891-913
Georgi Hristov Georgiev and Cvetelina L. Dinkova

Models of Prey-Predator Systems with Two Mutualistic Predators
pp. 915-937
Yogendra Singh and Ravinder Kumar

Soft Rough Set With Covering Based
pp. 939-946
Kedar Chandra Parida, Debadutta Mohanty and Nilaratna Kalia


Minimax and Shrinkage Estimation of Scale Parameter of Finite Range Distribution
pp. 947-960
Prof. Uma Srivastava & Parul Yadav