Global Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics (GJPAM)




Volume 17  Number 1 (2021)





Probability Analysis and Comparison of Well-Known Integer Factorization Algorithms
pp. 1-8
Duggirala Meher Krishna and Duggirala Ravi

Quantum Algorithm for Bin-Packing Problem by Quarter Method
pp. 9-15
Toru Fujimura

Bayesian Estimation of Area Biased Rayleigh Distribution under Different Loss Functions
pp. 17-25
Arun Kumar Rao & Himanshu Pandey

On J-Conjugate Secondary Normal Matrices
pp. 27-35
B.Vasudevan and N. Vijaya Krishnan

Center-Smooth One Complement Domination of Some Graphs
pp. 37-46
A. Anto Kinsley and J. Joan Princiya

Fuzzy Wavelet Neural Network Design for Air Pollution Modeling in Mataram City, Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara
pp. 47-61
Syamsul Bahri, Syamsuddin and Mustika Hadijati

DiscreteWavelet Transform Based Feature Extraction in Electrocardiogram Signals
pp. 63-77
Asim almumri, Easwaran Balakrishnan and Sundararajan Narasimman

Harmless Delay in Mutualist, Prey and Several Predators Systems
pp. 79-88
Ravinder Kumar and Yogendra Singh


Influence of Heat transfer on Peristaltic pumping of a Prandtl fluid in a channel under the effect of a Hall current
pp. 89-112
Ravindranath Reddy G and Anjan Kumar Suram








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