Global Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics (GJPAM)




Volume 18  Number 2 (2022)





Qunatum Algorithm for N-SAT Problem by Matrix Computation with Y-Axis-Rotation (-90 degrees)
pp. 401-408
Toru Fujimura

Some Common Fixed Point Theorems for Two Self-Maps Satisfying Contractive Inequality of Integral Type in Metric Space
pp. 409- 424
Jyoti Yadav and Balveer Singh

A Note on Multiplicative (Generalized) - (α, β) - ReverseDerivations on Left Ideals in Prime Rings
pp. 425-431
Dr. C. Jaya Subba Reddy, N. Subbarayudu, Chennupalle Venkata Sai Raghavendra Reddy

NILA – An Innovative Technique for Optimality Testing and Optimizing a Solution in Assignment Problems
pp. 433-452
Dr. R. Murugesan and Dr. S. Thamarai Selvi

Mathematical and Actuarial Analysis on a Deterministic SEIR Model
pp. 453-464
Hee Seok Nam

Bayesian Shift Point Estimation of Burr Type III Distribution under General Entropy Loss Function
pp. 465-477
Uma Srivastava and Harish Kumar


MODA – An Innovative Method For Optimality Testing and Optimizing a Solution In Transportation Problems
pp. 479-499
Dr. R. Murugesan


Review on Centrality Measurements in Urban Networks
pp. 501-510
Shaoli Nandi

Quantum Algorithm for Knapsack Problem by Matrix Computation with Y-Axis-Rotation (-90 degrees)
pp. 511-516
Toru Fujimura

SVS – A Two Phase Method For Solving Assignment Problems
pp. 517-533
Dr. R. Murugesan


Some Ordered Metric Spaces for Rational Type Expressions in Fixed Point Result
pp. 535-544
Mamta Lata Chouhan

Challenges to the Direct Methods in Transportation Problems and their Complete Optimal Solution Tables
pp. 545-573
Dr. R. Murugesan

Convergence of Wavelet Expansion at Generalized Continuous Points
pp. 575-581
Varsha Karanjgaokar and Namrata Shrivastav

Hydromagnetic Surface Driven Flow Between Two Parallel Vertical Plates in the Presence of Chemical Reaction and Induced Magnetic Field
pp. 583-612
Jumanne Mng’ang’a, Mathew Kinyanjui and Edward Richard Onyango


Abundant Numbers and the Riemann Hypothesis
pp. 613-637
Darrell Cox and Sourangshu Ghosh

Canonical Form of Poisson-Nambu Manifold
pp. 639-648
N. Mahoungou Moukala, I.G. Mabandza and B.G.R Bossoto

Ready-to-Utilize RCM and TOCM for Some Selected Challenging and More Challenging Transportation Problems
pp. 649-676
Dr. R. Murugesan

On Some Topological Indices of the Starphene Graph
pp. 677-686
Divyashree B. K.

Quantum Algorithm for Traveling Salesman Problem by Matrix Computation with Y-Axis-Rotation (-90 degrees)
pp. 687-692
Toru Fujimura

A Generalization of the Prime Number Theorem
pp. 693-712
Darrell Cox and Sourangshu Ghosh


Counting Kinds of Streamlines in Multi-Dimensional Orthogonal Flow in Different Planes
pp. 713-718
Dr. Hiteshwar Singh, Dhananjay Kumar Mishra and Ram Naresh Das

Traces of the Idempotent of K[G], when char K is not equal to 0
pp. 719-722
Dr. N.K. Agrawal, Dr. Hiteshwar Singh and Dhananjay Kumar Mishra

The linear codes supporting 3−Design
pp. 723-731
Min Guo

An Analogue of Lagarias’ Inequality Pertaining to the Riemann Hypothesis
pp. 735-752
Darrell Cox and Sourangshu Ghosh

Some Fixed Point Outcomes in Sb-Metric Spaces using (ϕ, ψ)-GeneralizedWeakly Contractive Maps in Sb-Metric Spaces
pp. 753-770
Duduka Venkatesh and V. Naga Raju