Global Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics (GJPAM)




Volume 19  Number 2 (2023)





Various Forms of Cubic Transmuted Rayleigh Distribution and Its Properties
pp: 229-254
Sakthivel. K.M. and Vidhya. G

Balanced Rank Distribution Labeling of Crown and Wheel Graphs
pp: 255-269
P.Hemalatha1 and S. Gokilamani

On Connection of Fuzzy Entropy Like Functional with Generalized Fuzzy Values and Similarity Measures
pp: 271-279
Rohit Kumar Verma and M. Bhagya Laxmi


Multi - decomposition of Complete Bipartite Graphs into Stars and Bowties of Size l
pp: 281-301
P. Hemalatha and K. Ramya

Evaluation of Vaccine Efficacy and Snail Control on the Transmission of Schistosoma Haematobium
pp: 303-318
Francis Agana, Ferdinary Obeng -Forson, William Ohene -Ayeh and Emmanuel Armah -Agyeman

Some Multiplicative Indices of Unitary Cayley Graphs
pp: 319-328
Syeda Asma Kauser


Magneto-hydrodynamic Flow of an Incompressible Fluid in a Collapsible Elastic Tube with Mass and Heat Transfer
pp: 329-353
Victor Kaigalula, Jeconia Okelo Abonyo, Samuel Mutua and Onesmus Muvengei


Some Interesting Examples of Group Rings Structure R[G]
pp: 355-360
Hiteshwar Singh and Dhananjay Kumar Mishra

Estimate of Number of Zeros of Random Polynomials
pp: 361-368
Sima Rout and P. K. Mishra

Expected Number of Roots of Random Orthogonal Polynomials
pp: 369-386
Pralipta Rout and P. K. Mishra


MODA Method - A Revised Version: For Optimality Testing and Optimizing a Solution in Transportation Problems
pp: 387-404
Dr. R. Murugesan


Approximating Fixed Points for Suzuzki’s Generalized Nonexpansive Mapping in CAT(0) Space via New Iteration Process
pp: 405-419
Samir Dashputre, Rakesh Tiwari and Jaynendra Shrivas

Variants of the Gamma Function and Logarithmic Spirals
pp: 421-452
Darrell Cox

A Comparison of Approaches to the Riemann Hypothesis
pp: 455-476
Darrell Cox and Deep Bhattacharjee

A Goal Programming Approach: Multi-objective Optimization
pp: 477-498
Nirma Narayan and M.G.M. Khan

Research on Linear Codes Related to Geometric Configurations
pp: 499-513
Lvping Huang

A Family of Ternary Cyclic Codes with Minimum Distance Four and Their Duals
Shenghan Lei

Optimal Control Strategies for Crime in Developing Countries
pp: 523-546
Bilali Mataru, Jeconia Okelo Abonyo and David Malonza

Quantum Algorithm for Knapsack Problem by Shor’s Fourier Transform with RAM on QCEngine
Toru Fujimura

Wind farm layout optimisation on complex terrain using the depth-averaged method
pp: 555-578
Anna Avramenko, Jari Hamalainen, Jiann-Fuh Chen,

Some Results on Uniqueness of Certain Type of Difference Differential Polynomials Sharing a Small Function
pp: 579-594
Harina P. Waghamore and Roopa M.

Derivatives of Riemann’s Zeta Function and Epsilon Function
pp: 595-616
Darrell Cox

The Derivatives of Riemann’s Epsilon Function and an Integral Involving a Theta Function
pp: 617-640
Darrell Cox


Quantum Algorithm for 3-SAT Problem by Quantum Fourier Transform with CCCNOT Gate (= Control Toffoli Gate) on QC Engine
pp. 641-650
Toru Fujimura

Barnes G-Function and the Derivative of the Integral of a Theta Function
pp. 651-676
Darrell Cox

Two Generalized Zeta Functions
pp. 677-702
Darrell Cox

The Sum of Three Cubes Problem and the Distribution
of the Primes
pp. 703-716
Darrell Cox

Superabundant Numbers and Maxima and Minima in Subsets of the Natural Numbers
pp. 717-726
Darrell Cox


A Note on the Loop Product Difference Technique for Optimizing the IBFS of a Linear Transportation Problem
pp. 727-743

Dr. R. Murugesan

Common Fixed Point Theorems in S-Metric Spaces Using the Property E.A. with an Application
pp. 743-751

Surabhi Bhatt, Rashmi Tiwari, Kamal Wadhwa


An Approximate solution of Nonlinear Differential Equations with Variable Coefficients by using Modified-Laplace Variational Iteration Method
pp. 753-768


The C-Transformation of a Variant of the Riemann Zeta Function
pp. 769-783
Darrell Cox and Deep Bhattacharjee


A Gamma Function Pertaining to the Riemann Hypothesis
PP. 785-804
Darrell Cox and Deep Bhattacharjee


The C-Transformation of a Variant of the Riemann Zeta Function
pp. 805-836
Darrell Cox and Deep Bhattacharjee


ADDOBT– A New Additional Obtainable Optimal Tour Plans Generation Method to Traveling Salesman Problems
Dr. R. Murugesan and Dr. T. Esakkiammal


On Trigonometric Moments of Stereographic Reflected Log-Logistic Distribution
pp. 849-856
Y. Sreekanth and S.V.S. Girija


[j, k]-Set Domination in Cycle Graph (v19, n2, 2023)
pp. 857-865
N.Murugesan, P.Elangovan