Global Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics


Volume 6  Number 1 (2010)



The Intuitionistic L-fuzzy BF_subalgebras 
pp. 1-6
Authors: M. Chandramouleeswaran and P. Muralikrishna

Separation Axioms in Fibrewise Proximity Spaces 
pp. 7-16
Authors: Sweety Agrawal and Sangita Srivastava

Angle Parameter Loaded Sample Matrix Inversion Based Inverse QRD-RLS
pp. 17-29
Authors: F.Z. Okwonu and N.A. Ahmad


On Signal Processing by using Fourier Analysis of Time Series 
pp. 31-44
Authors: A. Ganesh and G. Balasubramanian

A Method: Solving Nonlinear Programming Problems 
pp. 45-52
Authors: A. Ahmed and K. A. Bhat

Techniques and Analysis of Adaptive Least Squares Problem 
pp. 53-62
Authors: F.Z. Okwonu and Atinah Noor

Optimum Return on Share Market Investment through Genetic Algorithms
pp. 63-75
Authors: P. Thirunavukarasu


Global Behavior Of Solutions For A Class Of Quasi-Linear Evolution Equations
pp. 77-83
Authors: Faramarz Tahamtani

Determination of the Metric from the Connection
pp. 84-100
Authors: Richard Atkins

Generalized Twin Prime Formulas
pp. 101-116
Authors: H. J. Weber





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