Global Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics


Volume 6  Number 2 (2010)




On Some New Sequence Spaces and Their Matrix Transformations 
pp. 117-123
Authors: T. Balasubramanian and A. Pandiarani

On Strongly Regular Graphs with |m2 − m3| ≤ 3 
pp. 125-132
Authors: Mirko Lepović

Heisenberg Group and Lewy Operator 
pp. 133-140
Authors: Kahar El-Hussein

A Genetic Algorithm for the Multiobjective Project Assignment Problem 
pp. 141-146
Authors: Mohammad Bagher Ahmadi and Mohammad Taghi Tahmasebizadeh

Sensitivity of Estimators to Three Levels of Correlation between Error Terms 
pp. 147-159
Authors: A.A Adepoju and J. O Iyaniwura

The form of Subgroups and on Additive Group 
pp. 161-165
Authors: Worachead Sommanee

Time Series Forecasting Method in Uncertain Environment 
pp. 167-177
Authors: K. Abdul Razak and B. Mohamed Rafeeq

Global Stability of Two-species Competing Ecological Model 
pp. 179-182
Authors: B. Bhaskara Rama Sarma and N.Ch. Pattabhi Ramacharyulu

Stability Analysis of Two -Species Competition Model with Reserve for One Species and Harvesting Both the Species at Constant Rates
pp. 183-189
Authors: B. Bhaskara Rama Sarma, N.Ch. Pattabhiramacharyulu and S.V.N.L. Lalitha

On A Subclass of Starlike Functions with Fixed Second Coefficients 
pp. 191-196
Authors: P.T. Reddy and B. Ravindar

Brownian Motion on Time Scales 
pp. 197-206
Authors: Daniel Biles and Chris McMahan

On Applications of Differential Subordination 
pp. 207-214
Authors: Rabha W. Ibrahim and Maslina Darus

The Least Value of the Gamma Function and Related Property Research 
pp. 215-218
Authors: Hui-Yi Xia and Tao Wu




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