Global Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics


Volume 7  Number 2 (2011)




Constants of Motion Cubic in the Momenta 
pp. 121-128
Authors: Jin Yue

Generalized r-Permutation and r-Combination Techniques for k-Separable non-inclusion Condition
pp. 129-139
Authors: C. Moore and M. Laisin and O.C Okoli

Quasiparahyponormal Weighted Composition Operators 
pp. 141-145
Authors: S. Panayappan and A. Radharamani

Comparison of Torque Density for Three Phase Double Sided Slot-less AFPM Motors
pp. 147-156
Authors: S. Asghar Gholamian


On The Lattice of Convex Sets of a Connected Graph
Authors:Lavanya S. and Subramanya Bhat S.


Covering Graph for Diagram Subgroups of Two Generators of Semigroup Presentation for Words of Length Three
Authors:Kalthom Mahmood Alaswad and Abd Ghafur Bin Ahmad


Application of Picard-Padé Technique for Obtaining the Exact Solution of 1-D Hyperbolic Telegraph Equation and Coupled System of Burger's Equations
Authors:M.M. Khader and R.F. Al-Bar


A Fixed Point Theorem in Menger Space
Authors:Renu Chugh and Tamanna


Quantum Codes from Codes over Lipschitz Integers
Authors:Mehmet ÖZEN and Murat GÜZELTEPE 


N-Approximately Weak Amenability of the Second Dual of a Banach Algebra
Authors:A. Sahleh and A. Zivari-Kazempour. 


Saddle-Node Bifurcation Control for an Odd Non- Linearity Problem
Authors:A.M. Elnaggar, A.F. El-Bassiouny and K.M. Khalil







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