Global Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics (GJPAM)



Volume 8  Number 5 (2012)




Quantum Algorithm for Modified Three-dimensional RandomWalk Problem by Central Limit Theorem
pp. 501-507
Author: Toru Fujimura

Behaviour of Faber series at an analytic point of the Boundary
pp. 509-515
Authors: Al-Oushoush Nizar and Pro. Mu Le Hua


On The Hyers-Ulam stability of nonlinear differential equation Y(t)y(t)-ϐ2(t)
pp 517-520
Author: Habib Sakoory


Pseudo-Spectral Sequences On The Hyers-Ulam stability of Nonlinear Differential Equation y'(t ) = αy(t ) − βy2 (t )

pp. 521-525
Author: Habib Shakoory


Characterization Of Various G-Inverses of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Matrices

pp. 527-534
Author: Dr.T. Gandhimathi


Hermite-Hadamard type inequalities for m-convex functions1
pp. 531-540
Author: Noha Eftekhari


Quantum Algorithm for Modified Roulette Problem by Central Limit Theorem
pp. 541-545
Author: Toru Fujimura


Integral Solutions Of The Biquadratic Equation With Six Unknowns x2+ y2+ z4=u3 + v4+(z + v)w2
pp. 547-522
Authors: M.A.Gopalan. S.Vidhyalakshmi & K.Lakshmi


Generalized Codes in Free Partial Monoids
pp. 553-572
Authors: M. El- Ghali M. Abdallah and S.K. Elagan


Integral solutions of the quadratic with four unknowns (x + y)(z + w) = xy + 4zw
pp. 573-578
Authors: M. A. Gopalan and B. Sivakami


Catalan-type Fermat Numbers
pp. 579-582
Author: Pingyuan Zhou


Neighborhood Properties of Analytic Functions Involving Multiplier Transformation
pp. 583-588
Author: H N Kanthalakshmi and S Latha


Effect Thermal Relaxation Time (L-S Theory) and Initial Stress on Reflection and Transmission Ql-Waves in Piezo-Thermoelastic Media
pp. 589-607
Author: Fatimah A. Alshaikh


Quantum Algorithm for Modified Particle Size Problem by Central Limit Theorem

pp. 609-613
Author:Toru Fujimura


A maximum principle for minimal hypersurfaces
pp. 615-620
Authors: Ana Magnolia Marín, Ruben Dario Ortíz and Joel Arturo Rodriguez


Impact of Poynting-Robertson Drag on the Motion of a Geocentric Satellite: Sun-Earth System
pp. 621-634
Authors: Charanpreet Kaur


L-Approx Bayesian Estimation of Hazard Function under Precautionary Loss of Weibull Model
pp. 635-643

Authors: Uma Srivastava, and Parul Yadav