Global Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics (GJPAM)



Volume 9  Number 1 (2013)





A Written Proof for the Four-Colors Map Problem
pp. 1-11
Author: Zhang Tianshu


Classification of Operators with the Property
pp. 13-24
Authors: Were Jamen H. and Mile Justus K.


Profit Optimization in Insurance Business Facing Customer Impatience
pp. 25-34
Authors: Rakesh Kumar, Bhupender Kumar Som, Sumeet Kumar Sharma and Sunidhi Jain


The New Integral Transform ''ABoodh Transform'' 
pp. 35-43
Author: Khalid Suliman Aboodh


Oscillation of Neutral Advanced Difference Equation
pp. 45-52
Author: A. Murugesan


Approximation by a Class of New Type Bernstein Polynomials of one and two Variables

pp. 55-71

Author: Aydın ˙Izg˙


A Study of HIV Sero-Prevalence Surveillance Survey Data Using Loglinear Model.

pp. 73-81

Authors: A.O. Adejumo and F.J. Arabi






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