Global Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics (GJPAM)



Volume 9  Number 6  (2013)




Quantum Algorithm for Knapsack Problem by Numbering Method

PP. 527-532

Author: Toru Fujimura


Quantum Algorithm for Modified Survival Time of Bacteria Problem by Central Limit Theorem
pp. 533-538
Author: Toru Fujimura

Quantum Algorithm for Perfect Matching Problem by Numbering Method
pp. 539-544
Author: Toru Fujimura

Quantum Algorithm for Traveling Salesman Problem by Numbering Method
pp. 545-551
Author: Toru Fujimura

Invariance of Topological Properties Using Almost Continuous Functions from Cofinite Space to Euclidean R^n space
pp. 553-557
Authors: H. S. Were, K. C. Sogomo and M. N. Gichuki

On Intuitionistic Fuzzy β-sub algebras of β-algebras
pp. 559-566
Authors: K.Sujatha, M.Chandramouleeswaran and P.Muralikrishna

K-Extensibility in Graph with Unique Maximum Independent Set 
pp. 567-574
Authors: K.Angaleeswari, P.Sumathi and V.Swaminathan 

Symmetries and Invariant Solutions of the Two-dimensional Variable Coefficient KdV-Burgers Equation
pp. 575-584
Authors: T. Shanmuga Priya and B. Mayil Vaganan

Reverse Super Edge-Magic Labeling in Extended Duplicate Graph of Path
pp. 585-590
Authors: S. Sharief Basha, K. Madhusudhan Reddy and MD.Shakeel


Uses of Real Options and Futures Contract to Evaluate a Palladium Mining Project Considering Pricerisk

pp. 591-599

Authors: M.A. Haque and M. A.Mamun






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