International Journal of Applied Agricultural Research (IJAAR)



Volume 13, Number 3 (2018)





Effects of Green Manure (Hairy vetch) Management Ways on Corn Growth and Grain Yield

pp. 179-193

Mohammad Zarif SHARIFI, Mohammad Shoaib AHMADI and Zabihullah JALALI


Management of Uterine Torsion in Goat: A Case Report

pp. 195-196

Satish Kumar Chahar, Sandeep Dholpuria and Ashok Kumar Choudhary


Effect of Some Edaphic Factors on the Population Diversity of Soil Mesofauna in Grassland area of Northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh (India)

pp. 197-204

Nisha Sharma and Hina Paewez


Population Density and Diversity of Soil Mites (Order: acarina) in Grassland: Special Reference to Soil Temperature and Soil Moisture

pp. 205-214

Nisha Sharma and Hina Paewez


Mathematical Model for Analysis of Problems Encountered by the Mango Cultivators in Konkan Region

pp. 215-221

Rajeev Sapre, Kapil Vinay Kelkar and Vinay M. Kelkar. Neware


ExperimentalResults for Ventilation System with Local Recirculation Diffusers

Xiaoye Li and Jing Yang


Effect Of Lactic Acid Bacteria In Development Of Papaya Juice Using Response Surface Methodology

Zhenlong Sun


Ecology and Archectural and Town-Planning Space

Zhenlong Sun and Jianpei Zhang




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