International Journal of Applied Agricultural Research (IJAAR)

Volume 4, Number 1 (2009)




Effect of Composted Wood Barks (CWBs) on Some Soil Physical and Hydraulic Properties
pp. 1-14
Authors: Mohammad Hasan Biglouei, Ali Akbarzadeh and Kambiz Yousefi

The Effect of Salinity on the Germination, Plant Growth and Essential Oil Content of Thymus broussonetii Boiss: An Endemic Species in Morocco
pp. 15-23
Authors: Rim Belaqziz, Abderrahmane Romane and Abdelaziz Abbad

Impact of Ph (Hydrogen ion Concentration) of Carrier Water on the Efficacy of Commonly Used Insecticides Against Tea Mosquito Bug (Helopeltis theivora waterhouse) In The Dooars Tea Plantation of North Bengal
pp. 25-28
Authors: Somnath Roy, Ananda Mukhopadhyay and G.Gurusubramanian

Field Studies of Paddy Cultivation using Organic Fertilizer produced from Fish-Protein Hydrolysate 
pp. 29-35
Authors: Chandramohan Marimuthu, Sriraj Srinivasan, Karthik Periyasamy, Krishnamurthy Muthusamy Brindha Ganesan Kathiravan Verramalai and Arjunan Annavi

Effect of Municipal Wastewater with Manure and Chemical Fertilizers on the Trace Element Contents in Soil and Corn Yield
pp. 37-46
Authors: Mostafa Heidari, Ahmad Ghanbari and Yaser Esmailyan

Phytochemical and Antioxidant Potential of Chlorophytum borivilianum (Safed musli) Under Different Agronomical Management Practices
pp. 47-55

Author: Abhishek Niranjan, S. K. Tewari and Bhagwan Das

Isolation of Ferulic Acid from Wheat Bran Using Streptomyces Isolates
pp. 57-62
Author: Prakash Kumar Sarangi, Hara Prasad Sahoo, Shashwati Ghosh, Adinpunya Mitra 

Evaluation of Drought Related Characters and Protein Pattern in Winter Rapeseed Genotypes
pp. 63-73
Authors: Mahmoud Toorchi, Mohammad Reza Amouzgar, Mohammad Moghaddam, Mostafa Valizadeh and Setsuko Komatsu

Comparative Studies on Physico-Chemical, Microbiological and Enzymatic Activities of Vermicasts of the Earthworms, Eudrilus Eugeniae, Lampito Mauritii and Perionyx Ceylanensis Cultured in Press mud
pp. 75-85
Authors: M. Jayakumar, V. Karthikeyan and N. Karmegam

Effect of Micro Nutrients Along With Growth Regulator on Growth and Yield of Onion
pp. 87-90
U.S Bose, A. Bisen, R. K. Sharma and R. Dongre




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