International Journal of Applied Agricultural Research (IJAAR)


Volume 8, Number 1 (2013)






Cloning, expression and purification of a sesquiterpene cyclase from geosmin-producing Oscillatoria splendida
pp. 1-11
Authors: Barry K. Hurlburt, Sadari L. Fisher, Jane K. McBride and Kenneth R. Noss


Ingredients Nutrition before and after Pelleting Elephant Grass (Pennisetum Purpurium) for Animal Feed Ruminant
pp. 13-20
Authors: Winarto, Nani Erwani and Suraya Kaffi Syafura


Inhibition of Mold Growth and Pasteurization of Coffee Beans (Coffea arabica L.) by Gamma Radiation
pp. 21-32
Authors: Amira Hassan Al-Abdalall and Ebtisam Abdullah Al Talib


Development of an Absenteeism Index for Tea Plantation Workers
pp. 33-39
Authors: Ms. R.P.D. Gunathilaka and Ms. R.M. Prabodha S Rathnayaka


Surface water quality and its suitability for agricultural use in Dharamshala area, Himachal Pradesh, India
pp. 41-51
Authors: Deepika Thakur and Veena Dadwal


Responsiveness of Agricultural Productivity in India: A Study of Post Reform Period
pp. 53-59
Author: Dr. Sonali Jain


Bacteriological Load In Sarotherodongalilaeus In Ilo- Idimu River, Ota, Nigeria
pp. 61-71
Author: Taiwo, I.O. Akinyemi, A.A. and Olugbojo, J.A.


Evidence of climate change, impacts and adaptation measures: The engineering response in  Kaduna State, Nigeria
pp. 73-82
Author:  Issa, F.O., Wahab, A.A. and Ifeanyi-obi, C.C.

Assessing the Cost of Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation by Smallholder Farmers in Tanzania:The Case of Kasulu District
pp. 83-101
Author:  Agnes G. Mwakaje, Pius Z. Yanda, Claude G. Mung’ong’o and Richard Y.M. Kangalawe

Effects of Enzyme Supplementation on Instant Noodles Waste in Turkey Diets
pp. 103-111
Author:  Lala, A.O and Bamgbose, A.M










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