International Journal of Applied Chemistry (IJAC)



Volume 11, Number 1, (2015) 






Assessment of The Quality and Yield of Essential Oils From Lippia Multiflora (Gambia Tea Bush) For Use In The Cosmetic and Perfumery Industry

pp. 1-6

E. K. Oppong and R. Hanson


The Role of Microbe/Metal Interactions In The Degradation of Emulsion Paintings of Buildings In Port Harcourt,Nigeria

pp. 7-20

Oriji, O.G,  Nartey,V.K,  Brimah, A.K.


Determination of the Fatty Acid and Anti-Oxidant Vitamin Profile of Nigerian Rubber and Palm Kernel Seed Oils

pp. 21-25

Oriji, O.G,  Nartey,V.K,  Brimah, A.K.


Comparative Study Of Molecular Interactions In Binary Liquid Mixtures Of Acetophenone With BMK,Chlorobenzene, Cyclohexane At 308 K

pp. 27-43

D.Ubagaramary, Dr.Kesavaswamy, Dr.Muthu Vijayan Enoch


Physical Fixation of Antimicrobial Substances (AS) into Polyester Fibers Manufactured from Recycled Chips

pp. 121-133

Shalaby, S. E.; Saad M. A.; Al-Balakocy; N. G.; Abo-El Ola S. M.; Beliakova, M. K.


A Decision Support Spatial Distribution Model To Assess Heavy Metals Concentrations Using Geomatics

pp. 45-62

SS. Asadi , M.V.Raju, K. Yugandhara Reddy , B.V.T. Vasantha Rao


Synthesis And Characterization Of Processed Zirconium Basic Sulhpate (ZBS)

pp. 63-72

Endang Susiantini and Herry Poernomo


The Effect of Activation Time on The Chemical Structure and Quality of Activated Carbon From Coconut Shell Charcoal Using Zncl2 Activator

pp. 73-83

Djefry Tani, Bambang Setiaji, Wega Trisunaryanti, Akhmad Syoufian


Comparison of Photophysical Properties of 4-Methyl-6-Methoxy and 4-Methyl-7-Methoxy Coumarins

pp. 85-98

Sanjay Kumar


Sequential Separation and Determination of Ruthenium, Rhenium and Osmium From Their Mixtures

pp. 99-109

Shakuntala S. Sawant


A Review of The Commercial Potential of PEM Fuel Cells

pp. 111-119

Mr.R.Gopikaramanan, Mr.S.Ramesh, Mr.R.Praburaja, Dr.K.Baskar









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