International Journal of Applied Chemistry (IJAC)



Volume 11, Number 3, (2015) 






Studies on Structural Properties of Copper Deposits by Using XRD Technique in Electroless Deposition
pp. 237-244
P. BalaRamesha, P. Venkateshb, A. Sampathb and K. Senthilarasan

Diagnosis Of Non Linear System Sensor Faults Using Data Driven Approach
pp. 245-256
K. Ezhilarasi,S. Muthumari and S. Jayalalitha

Impact Of Urban Pollution On Ground Water Quality: A Model Study From Part Of Vijayawada, A.P., India
pp. 257-274
SS.Asadi, D.Satish Chandra, P.Hima nandhini, T.Eswar rao, U.Rakesh, T.Alekya and V.Sravani

Effect of Key Parameters on Bio Ethanol Production From Country Mallow and Water Hyacinth
pp. 275-287
Muhammad Auwal Ahmad, Bello Usman Bagudo, AD Tambuwal and Ahmad Uba

Ultrasound Assisted Thermal Decomposition Of Potassium Peroxomonosulphate In The Presence Of A New Di-Site Phase Transfer Catalyst
pp. 289-296
Subramanian Loganathan, Varathan Selvaraj and Venugopal Rajendrana.

Adsorption Of Metal Ions From Water Using Arrowroots (Pontederia Rotundifolia) Biomass
pp. 297-311
Joan M. Tenge, John K.Lusweti, Ng and wena A.G. Magaka

Synthesis, Spectral and Biological Activities of Zn(II) Complex with Schiff’s Base Derived from Phenyl Acetyl Urea and Salicylaldehyde
pp. 313-320
P. Durairaj, T. Maruthavanan, S. Manjunathan and K. Rajasekar


Assessment Of Soil Quality For Land Resources Management Using Geospatial Technology: A Model Study From Prakasam Distract
M. Satish Kumar, SS. Asadi and S.S. Vutukuru


Effects Of E-Waste Pollutants And Obligatory E-Waste Management Scenario In Global Context


P.Chandrakumar and R.Gopikaramanan


The Effect Of Stearic Acid And Triethanolamine (Tea) On Physical And Chemical Properties Of Cosmetic Emulsion Using Coconut Oil As Raw Material
pp. 343-349
Eni Widiyati, AH. Bambang Setiaji, Totok Eka Suharto and Triyono


Microwave Heating Study Of Rice Bran Oil Blended With Mustard Oil
pp. 351-362
Prachi Srivastava and R. P. Singh

Morphological studies of Ni3Pb2S2 thin films by means of scanning electron microscopy technique
pp. 363-369

Microwave Assisted Synthesis, Structural Elucidation and Biological Significance of Riluzole Derived 2-Hydroxy Naphthaldehyde and Its Transition Metal Chelates
pp. 371-387
D Smita Revankar, Jyoti C Ajbani1 Veerabhadra Swamy and M. Revanasiddappa




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