International Journal of Applied Chemistry (IJAC)



Volume 12, Number 2, (2016) 






Preparation and Characterization of Nickel Oxide Thin Films: A review
pp. 87-93
Ho Soonmin

Determination of the Most Effective Concentration of Deet and Permethrin in A Mosquito Repellent Soap and Assay of the Active Ingredients
pp. 95-105
Farlane Mtisi, Champaklal T. Parekh, Aoyi Ochieng and Haleden Chiririwa

Mechanical properties of electrospun CNF/PVA nanofiber mats as reinforcement in polymer matrix composites
pp. 107-119
N. Danni, T. Sasikumar and A. Ahamed Fazil

Liquid chromatography-mass Spectrometry Dereplication Strategy for Isolation of Oligostilbenes
pp. 121-128
Nurhuda Manshoor, Mohd F.Fathil, Muhammad H.Jaafar and Mohd A. S. A. Jalil

Volatile Aroma Compounds of Green Chili Pepper Treated with Different Heat Drying Processes
pp. 129-138

Void Coalescence and Texture Analysis of Various Indian Stainless Steel Sheets Formed Under Different Stress Conditions
pp. 139-156
K Pandian and K Manonmani

Evaluation of removal study of pb (ІІ) from aqueous solution onto polyaniline nanocomposite (prepared in situ by oxidative polymerization of aniline in presence of natural Bentonite)
pp. 157-174
Mohammed A.K. AlSOUZ, Alaa, Abdullwahid, Jaleel Shanshool, Ali J. Salim, Taha Najim, Muntadhar Salih Sultan and Fadhel Rukhis Hafedh






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