International Journal of Applied Chemistry (IJAC)



Volume 14, Number 2, (2018) 





Influence of Noise Generator Characteristics on the Adequacy of ModellingNoise-Eliminating Codecs with Low Density of Parity Checz
Yiming Xing

Improvement of the TMS Deployment Methods on Ships and Offshore Plants

Yiming Xing

Case Study to Analyse Problems and Issues in IBS Building Maintenance

Xiaojuan Ban

Geochemical characteristics and circulation of geothermal fluids in the southern Xining basin, NE Tibetan Plateau, China

Chong Guo

A Survey on Data Correction of Observation and Prediction Using Machine Learning: Preliminary Study for Optimizing Oil Spill Model

Hao Tian

Organizational-Economic Mechanism of Financing Strategic Investment Projects at the Regional Level in Regions with Poor Infrastructure

Hao Tian, Peifeng Liang, Hao Chen and Dengxin Hua

The Continuity of Astrolabe as a Multipurpose Astrofiqh Instrument

Yikun Zhang, Qing Yan, Xiaokun Wang, Xiaojuan Ban and Yalan Zhang





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