International Journal of Applied Chemistry (IJAC)



Volume 15, Number 1, (2019) 





Health risk assessment of dissolved heavy metals in some selected water samples: Dakahlia, Egypt

pp. 1-18

A. El Sayed El Wasif, Sh. M. El Dafrawy, S. M. Nour El Din Moalla and M. M. El Defrawy


Pentadinyl-1,3)-5-(3,4-dihydroxy-butynyl-1)- thiophene and stigmasterol from the chloroform extract of the root of Blumea aurita var. foliolosa

pp. 19-24

Emmanuel K. Oppong and Ruby Hanson


Allophane of Gamalama Volcanic Soil Surface Modification Using Sulfuric Acid: Study of the Effect of Sulfuric Acid Concentration

pp. 25-31

Nur A. Limatahu, Nur Jannah Baturante, St. Hayatun Nur Abu and Nurul Aulia Rahman


Ensuring Identity of Dynamic Properties of Medium By Vibroabrasive Machining
Juan Zhang

Model Approach To Interactive System Software Development
Daoli Huang

Numerical Modeling of Heavy Oil Displacement By Hot Water
Hung-Yu Chien

Morphological Characteristic of Hydraulic Fracturing According To The Results of Microseismic Research
Pieter Robyns

The Rate of Soil Formation In Regenerative Ecosystems With Various Combinations of Substratum and Vegetation Conditions
Bram Bonné







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