International Journal of Applied Chemistry (IJAC)



Volume 17, Number 1, (2021) 





Improving Quality and Yield of Various Salts/Double Salts Crystallized During Solar Evaporation of Sub-soil Brines Using Sodium Sulphate Containing Effluents
pp. 1-17
Rahul J. Sanghavi, Rakesh Dobariya and Arvind Kumar

Recovery of Phosphorus and Potassium from Industrial Effluents: Preparation of Magnesium-Potassium-Phosphate (Struvite-K) Fertilizer using Sea Bittern or Bittern based Salts
pp. 19-32
Rahul J. Sanghavi, Rakesh Dobariya, Sameer Bhatti, Sumesh C. Upadhyay and Arvind Kumar

Synthesis and characterization of PEO:Sr/CuO polymer nanocomposite films and study of their optical, electrical and viscosity properties
pp. 33-49
Hosaholalu Balakrishna Uma, Malahalli S. Vijaya Kumar and Sannaiah Ananda

UV, FTIR and DFT studies of Pyrazolines in polar protic and polar aprotic solvent mixtures
pp. 41-53
Walmik B. Shirsath


Fabrication of zirconyl chloride doped polyvinyl alcohol / polythiophene (PVA-Zr-PTh) nanocomposite thin films by chemical polymerization method
pp. 55-67
Anand Patil and Nirdosh Patil