International Journal of Applied Chemistry (IJAC)



Volume 18, Number 1, (2022) 





Analysis of Phosphate Adsorption Using Ferrihydrite with Diffusive Gradient in Thin Films Method
pp. 1-13
Khairuddin, Ruslan, Husain Sosidi, Nindya Andarini, Widya Oktriviani, Meiva Toda'a and Van Hindersen Kaope

Green Synthesis, Characterization and their Biological Activities of Schiff’s Bases of Certain Benzothiazole Derivatives
pp. 15-26
Mubashshir Ahmed, Seema Kothari and Manohar V.Lokhande


The Supremacy of Amphiphiles: Annihilating the Coronavirus
pp. 27-33
Tejas Joshi

Quantum Chemical Computational Studies of Chlorophenylthiazolylnaphthylmethanone
C. Brilla & T.F. Abbs Fen Reji


Green synthesis, characterization of substituted benzothiazole Schiff’s Bases and their biological activities
pp. 49-65
Mubashshir Ahmed, Seema Kothari, and Manohar V. Lokhande

Computational Analysis of 5-Aryl-3-(Napth-2-Yl)-1h-Pyrazole
pp. 67-74
J. Jenisha, J. Jeba Lenet and T. F. Abbs Fen Reji

Formic Acid Production from Palm Oil Empty Fruit Bunches
Jianxin Chen

Treatment of Industrial Mineral Oil Wastewater - Optimisation of Coagulation Flotation process using Response Surface Methodology (RSM)
Xin Wei

The Formation, Effects and Control of Oxides of Nitrogen in Diesel Engines
Yu Zhang