International Journal of Applied Chemistry


Volume 2, Number 2  (2006)




Antimicrobial activities and physico-chemical properties of the essential oil from Amomum subulatum

pp. 81-86 (6)

Authors: Syeda Rubina Gilani, Imran Shahid, Maria Javed, Shahid Mehmud, Rauf Ahmed


Adsorption of Mercuric Ion by Marine Algae Enteromorpha

pp. 87-102 (16)

Authors: Hassan H. Hammud, E. M. E. Mansour, Sami Shaalan, Ali El-Shaar and E. Khamis


Synthesis of some Pyrimido[5,4-c]cinnoline and Triazepino[6,5-c]cinnoline Derivatives

pp. 103-114 (12)

Authors: Fatma E M El-Baih, Makarem M S Koraa and Ghafeera H Al-Hazimi


Determination of Trace Amounts of Nitrite Ion by Kinetic-Spectrophotometric Method on Acidic Media Based on Reduction of Cresyl viole

pp. 115-124 (10)

Authors: Avat (Arman)Taherpour and Madjid Ramazani and Siman Mahdizadeh


Quantitative Structural Relationship Between Randić Index of Alkylcyanobiphenyl Homologues as Calamatic Liquid Crystals With Transition Temperatures Nematic and Smectic-C Mesophases

pp. 125-136 (12)

Authors: Avat (Arman) Taherpour and Khojasteh Kheradmand


Nondestructive moisture determination in aspirin formulation by partial least squares regression and near infrared diffuse reflectance spectroscopy

pp. 137-148 (12)

Authors: Parul Singh, Ranjana Mehrotra and H.C. Kandpal


Study of the contamination of titanium alloys by hydrogen and oxygen during the analysis by atom probe

pp. 149-156 (8)

Authors: L. Hadjadj






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