International Journal of Applied Chemistry (IJAC)

Volume 3  Number 2 August (2007)






A Modified Spectrophotometric Procedure for the Determination of Pyruvic Acid in Onions Using Benzaldehyde Derivatives
pp. 85-94 (10)

Authors: Ahmad H. Alghamdi, Yussef F. Alghtani, S. A. Al-Tamrah

Complexation of cations Pb(II), Cd(II) and Hg(II) by a new copolymer based on Acrylic and Crotonic acids in aqueous media
pp. 95-105 (11)

Authors: Messaoud Chaib and Salah Bassaid

Adsorption of Cr(VI) and Cd(II) on charcoal from Alep pine: effects of simple chemical and thermal post treatments
pp. 107-118 (12)

Authors: Messaoud Chaib and Fatima Hattab


Production of Furfural from Cotton Stalks
pp. 119-126 (8)

Authors: Ehab F. Abadir


Kinetics of dissolution of clinker components in some aggressive solutions
pp. 127-138 (12)

Authors: M.I. El Saidy, M.F. Abadir, H.H. El Sersy and O.A. Ibrahim


A Study of Probing the Mechanism of Acylation Reactions and Fries Rearrangement by Polyphosphoric acid (PPA)
pp. 139-144 (6)

Authors: Mostafa Gholizadeh


Synthesis and characterization of mono- or di- valent cations substituted rare earth phosphates and their electrical properties
pp. 145-160 (16)

Authors: A.A. Hanna, A.F. Ali, S.M.A. Mousa, M.A. EL-Sayed




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